10 Lesser Known Good Colleges of Germany

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Apr 11, 2020 18:42 IST

The biggest challenge for a study abroad aspirant is not choosing the right country…but rather choosing the right college. What adds to the woes of this pursuit is the lack of information about different colleges. The lists often share the top-ranked universities and not everyone gets through the top 10. The idea behind making it through to the dream destination is finding the right mix of colleges you can apply to. Often, the list would include the top colleges…and then some colleges that are not top ranked but enjoy a steady reputation in the industry. Here’s a look at 10 such universities in Germany that may not have the rank, but have a reputation to match.

To begin with, it becomes important to mention here that Germany as a country enjoys an enviable reputation when it comes to education. The top ranked Universities in Germany are amongst the top 200 of the top universities of the world. A commendable addition and a prelude to this list is that almost all the public universities in Germany enjoy a world recognition and rank amongst the top 500 of the world. The high focus on research is a factor that is prevalent across universities in Germany. So, while the top universities are excellent choices, the list below gives you an equal opportunity to enjoy the many advantages of pursuing your higher education from Germany.

(Please note that the universities listed below are randomly placed in this order.)

1. Braunschweig University of Technology, Burnswick

The oldest Technical University of Germany, Braunschweig University of Technology, Brunswick was established in 1745 and enjoys a reputation at par to many top-ranked universities. Traditional in its approach, the university has a steady focus on research and inclined towards teaching. Being a public university and situated in a relatively lesser populated town of Brunswick means a lower cost of study, which makes this an economical and wise choice for international students.

2. University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart

A popular choice amongst many international student, the University of Stuttgart is an excellent choice for study abroad aspirants who wish to study in Germany. Ranked amongst the top 300 universities of the world (source: QS Top Universities of the World 2015), it promises the same German Excellence. In fact, 20% of the total students enrolled in the university are international students. A favoured choice for engineering and natural sciences, it also draws large number of Indian students.

3. Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen

Ranked amongst the top 250 universities of the world, this is another excellent destination for international students. It is the largest research-intensive University of Germany with over 30,000 students. It was ranked 7th best German University in terms of Academic Performance.

4. University of Cologne, Cologne

If credibility is a concern, nothing beats the oldest university and University of Cologne is one of the oldest in Germany. Set up in 1338, the university is the German founding member of the Global Alliance in Management Education and amongst the many merits also enjoys the reputation of Nobel Prize-winning faculty like Kurt Alder and Peter Gruenberg.

5. Philipps University of Marburg , Marburg

Located just a 100km from the town of Frankfurt adds to the many advantages of studying from Philipps University of Marburg, Marburg. Established in 1527, the university has distinguishes faculty and world-class facilities and enjoys a stable reputation in the industry.

6. University of Ulm, Ulm

Moving to the younger universities, the University of Ulm is a great example of exceptional performance and excellent facilities. Ranked amongst the Top 50 under 50 Universities of the world, this is a great place to study. If engineering is what you are interested in, the university has reserved a mention as the 5th best university in Germany for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

7. University of Mannheim, Mannheim

It is a top player in the world of Management Education. Mannheim School of Business has been ranked as the number one B-school for German-speaking region by the Financial Times rankings for 2015. Acknowledge worldwide for its innovative teaching pedagogy, the university is a great choice for students planning to pursue their higher education from Germany.

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8. University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth

Another young university that deserves a mention is the University of Bayreuth. Its innovative and world-class research-oriented approach has won it a place amongst the Top 100 under 50 universities of the world. Looking within Germany, the university is amongst the Top 10 Public Universities of Germany and its management program ranks at an excellent 12th position.

9. University of Konstanz

If rankings matter then this university does not disappoint. Ranked 35th in the Top 50 under 50 and 273rd in the Top Universities of the World, this is one name that needs no recognition. Excellent facilities, applauded faculty and innovative research-oriented curriculums all add to the university’s excellent placement amongst the best colleges of the world.

10. University of Bremen

Recognized as one of the 11 centres of excellence, this is a university which is acknowledged amongst the best of Germany. Ranked 45th in the Top 50 under 50 Universities of the World, this relatively young university has soon achieved great success. A strong international perspective, innovative and research-oriented teaching methods and a dedicated system all make it a university that promises you everything you expect out of a German Institution of higher studies.

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a year ago

I am Tarun
I have a CGPA of 7.5 in Engineering Physics, and I would like to apply for a master's in Theoretical physics, I have a publication, 1 internship, and 2 summer schools from very reputed universities.
What are my chances of getting into a good German university?

Reply to TARUN



2 years ago

Iam adharsh
Can u help me by giving the details of college to mba in germany which is budget in fees with better good placements?

Reply to ADHARSH U v


Rahul SinghaStudy Abroad Expert

2 years ago

Hello Adharsh. you can check out popular MBA Colleges along with fee and eligibility criteria here: https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/germany/mba-colleges-dc

Hi my name is Biren
my CGPA 8.47 In MECHANICAl engineering(GTU)
My IELTS score is 6.5
I want to go Germany/Australia/Canada
Which is better for One year industrial training programme like PG
I Have no more money. I want study with part time job.


6 years ago

hi my name is mitul
i completed B.TECH Automobile engineerin with 6.11 CGPA
and my score in DEUTSCH A1 level exam is 82%
so can i try to masters program in germany?

Reply to


Rahul Umesh

6 years ago

I wanted to know if I've got a chance to study masters in mechanical or automobile engineering in Germany.
My UG aggregate comes up to 55% . What do you think will be a good GRE / IELTS score for me?

Reply to Rahul Umesh


Kanika Khurana

6 years ago

Hi Rahul,
Your aggregate is very low and mechanical engineering is very competitive in Germany. You can try with the lesser known colleges mentioned above. However, your better chances would be to get a very good GRE of about 320 and IELTS above 6.5 and apply in USA.

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