5 Best Student Cities in Australia

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Aishwarya Bhatnagar
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Updated on Oct 26, 2022 17:51 IST

There are many things that calls students to its shore and while world class education is one of them, to many it is the lifestyle and better living conditions that call out. Adjudged as one of the most student friendly destinations, there are ample opportunities for international students in Australia. Universities are stretched around the continent country that have something unique to offer to everyone. But what about the cities? We all know about the tourist destinations of Australia…but what about cities from a purely student perspective? Let’s find out about the top 5 student destinations in Australia, the top universities in the city and how much does it cost to stay in one.

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A picture of Sydney Opera house is synonymous with Australia! So no wonder that Sydney continues to be a top destination for people from all over the world visiting the country. And the same applies to students from around the world as well.

Sydney is all about the best of Australia. A signature carefree lifestyle, famed nightlife, authentic Australian cuisine and the best of Australia’s Universities. Home to two of the Group of Eight Universities, Sydney has a healthy student population. Some of the top universities of Australia locates in Sydney include

But what about the costs? Like across the world, on campus accommodation would be much cheaper even in Australia and especially in a city like Sydney. While a student accommodation in one of the University managed residences would cost you around AU$ 300 per month for a non-catered room. A single room private accommodation in the city centre on the other hand can be as expensive as AU$ 2000 per month. A student can, however, manage on a much lower budget and find suitable student accommodation if they start rather early.

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This is perhaps one of the best known cities of Australia and with good reason. A healthy student population from around the world as well as a diverse cultural set up makes it the multi-cultural capital of Australia. Perhaps a bit mellower than Sydney, it is by no means a dull place to be in. A vibrant city, you would find people enjoying excellent restaurants as much as sports bars. And when we talk about education, it is at par with Sydney.

It is home to the Top Ranked University of Australia. The Melbourne Business School is amongst the Top Business School in Asia and Australia and has an international recognition. Here’s a list of some of the top universities of Melbourne

Apart from them, some of the lesser known but good colleges of Australia are also located in this city.

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On the cost of living index, Melbourne is slightly cheaper than Sydney, but only slightly. While the university accommodation more of less cost the same, a private single room apartment in the city centre would cost you anywhere upwards of AU$ 1,400 per month. Also, the entertainment costs are equally varied and can be maintained when need be.


It is the fastest growing city of Australia and for all the right reasons. A rather liveable and likeable city, the economic centres of the city showcase of diaspora of cultures from across the world. What adds to this city are a number of exotic and beautiful beaches…

Let us, however, not for once forget that while the city offers a life after work and plenty of opportunities for fresh graduates due to its booming businesses, it is also an excellent destination for students. A list of multiple top universities add to that fact. Some of the more famous one include

On a comparative scale, we can say that Brisbane is perhaps as costly as Melbourne, perhaps a bit more so. The good news for students, however, is plenty of opportunities to find cheap accommodation are available. The key, as always, is to start your search earlier than you normally would.


This is a quaint city in Western Australia and does not compete with any of the above when it comes to nightlife. In fact, it might be well to say that it is hardly the city if nightlife, fun and parties is what excites you. It is a quiet place, with friendly and hospitable people, peaceful market places and enough café’s, parks and recreation places to keep you busy. This adds to the fact that the beaches are yet unspoilt and offer a beautiful spectacle to those who like to introspect and enjoy the marvel of nature.

Another thing which a student would get in plenty in this city are good universities offering excellent world class education. Some of them include,

The city also offers distinctly high standard of living and has comparable costs to the cost of living in Australia. The rentals might be higher but a student should be able to find comfortable student accommodations that average at the national average.


Adelaide is famous for its beautiful beaches and its vineyards. It is the upcoming wine growing region of Australia and has many special spots that attract the food enthusiasts from across the world. Add to that a vibrant cultural diversity and the city is anything but a dull place to be.

On the positives that add to the cities many advantages as a student destination is its low cost of living…or shall we say comparatively low cost of living. A single room apartment, for instance, can be found at a relatively cheaper rental of AU$ 1,200 per month or sometimes as low as just below AU$1,000.

Don’t worry about the universities in the city. Though not well known, there are many lesser known good colleges in this city that would promise you a great career ahead. Some of them include names like

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