Advanced Placement: All you need to know

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What is Advanced Placement? It is a program created by the College Board accepted in the US and Canada. This program offers university-level courses and exams which students can take while they are in high school. Many schools offer AP courses, however, even if a school does not offer AP courses, students themselves can prepare for the exam and appear for the test at any local test center.

Why students take AP Exams?

Numerous universities in the US and Canada recognize qualifying the AP Exam score of 3 or more on a scale of 5 for credit or Advance Placement. AP indicates that the student has mastered the university-level knowledge while studying in school. It is accepted in more than 70 countries. It facilitates a candidate's entry to top colleges.

Who can take Advanced Placement exams?

High school students across the world take Advance Placement exams to earn college credit and placement. The exam is administered in May every year. However, students need to register early for these exams. Those who want to give the exam in May 2020 have to register in October-November 2019.

Registration process for AP

  • Students should create a College Board account to register for the AP exam online.
  • Students need to pay test centers directly for the exams.
  • Once the seat is confirmed, students will receive an admission ticket from the test center.
  • Once the student registers for the exam online and pays the test center, the Registration is final.
  • Even if the student has aid to the test center but has not completed the online registration for the AP, the student will not be able to give the exam.
  • For complete registration, the student needs to do both these things.

Advantages of AP Exam

Various universities give credit or Advance Placement to students who qualify the AP Exam scores of 3 or more. If a student has scored 4 in the English Language and Composition test, then he/she may become eligible to skip the university's English Language 101 course. The more number of classes a student skips with the AP Exam scores, the more money he/she will save on tuition.

Students can even skip the introductory course through qualifying AP Exam scores, in that period of time, students can attend other classes which will be counted in their degree. Students can utilize this time for earning a double major, or doing an internship or they can graduate early as well.

AP for UK universities

Students can apply to universities in the UK through UCAS along with their AP results. AP Exam scores will give them an edge over other applicants. Top universities like Oxford accept AP Exam scores.

AP Exam Preparation

AP Exams comprises of MCQs or Essay questions and most of the exams are two to three hours long. AP courses help students by imparting the knowledge which they can utilize in their college. Students can prepare for the AP Exams themselves without taking the AP course as a precondition.

AP Exam Scores

AP Exam scores are released to students, colleges, and universities in July every year. Students need to visit the AP website to view their scores. Colleges and universities receive the AP Scores through the official AP Score Report sent by the AP Program. First Score Report sent by the AP is free, students can order online by paying charges to send score reports to additional universities. Students also have the option to withhold or cancel their scores.

AP Exam Registration for 2020

Those aspirants who wish to give this exam should register by early November 2019 for exams which are going to be conducted in May 2020. However, registration deadlines and fee vary according to the test center. Some test centers are also accepting late registration fee with a surcharge.

AP Exam Registration

AP Exams are administered only in May each year and aspirants are required to register for it in advance. There is a two-part registration process.

  • Aspirants must have a College Board account to register for exams online through the My AP system.
  • Aspirants can pay the test center directly for the exam.
  • Aspirants will receive an admission ticket from the test center once the seat is confirmed.

The registration process is not complete until the student completes the online registration and pay the fee to the test center. Even if the candidate has paid the fee but not complete AP's online registration, the candidate cannot sit for the test.

Test centers for AP Exams

Registration fees and deadlines vary by the test center. Candidates need to contact the test center for the registration instructions and details.


Test Center Name

Offers Late Testing


Ahmedabad International School



Spring dale Senior School



Bangalore International School






Chirec International School



The Emerald Heights International School



Jayshree Periwal High School

Contact center for info





City Montessori Inter College



Sat Paul Mittal School



Mussoorie International School

Contact center for info




New Delhi




Alliance World School



The Galaxy School



Oakridge International School


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