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Deakin University placements record 85% of graduates and 94% of postgraduates finding a full-time job after graduation in 2018. Around 50% of the graduates claimed to have found an on-campus placement at Deakin University. The placements at Deakin are offered through DeakinTalent which acts as a Career Services Cell, aiming to bring 200+ employers and students in touch through its job portal and introducing students to pursue a career while studying. 

The average salary reported for Deakin’s graduates was AUD 65,000. The highest salary was reported at AUD 153,800 for a manager-level position and the lowest salary was recorded at AUD 42,000. Internships are also offered at Deakin University. Students can apply for an internship throughout the year based on their preferences. 

Deakin University Placement Highlights 

Graduate Outcomes Rate 


Average Salary 

AUD 65,000 

Total Employers 


Employment Portal  




Highest Salary Degree wise 

MBA: AUD 107,000 

Top Employers 

KPMG, IBM, MYOB, PwC, etc. 

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Deakin University Graduate Outcomes 

The graduate outcomes at Deakin are divided into graduate and postgraduate responses for better clarity. The following sections throw more light on what all was recorded in the graduate outcomes survey for the graduates of the class of 2018 at Deakin. 

Undergraduate Graduate Outcomes

Around 43% of the fresh graduates of Deakin University responded to the graduate outcomes survey and 85% of the students were employed full-time. There were 31% of those graduates were working on multiple jobs and only 32% of them were pursuing higher education. 

  • These graduates were working in 204 job roles in 156 industries. 
  • Students were recruited across 21 different countries globally. 
  • 26% of the total graduates at Deakin found jobs through internet ads. 

Postgraduate Graduate Outcomes  

After graduating from Deakin University, around 58% of the postgraduates responded to the graduates' outcome survey. From that survey it was found that overall 94% of postgraduates of Deakin were employed, 85% of the students found a full-time work opportunity within four to six months of graduation and only 5% of the students chose to pursue education. Other than this, the graduate outcomes survey also says that Deakin’s postgraduates were: 

  • Working in multiple jobs, around 26% of them. 
  • Employed in 255 different occupations across 188 industries. 
  • Recruited across 16 countries globally. 

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Deakin University Top Employers 

There are over 200+ employers who recruit graduates from Deakin University. Some of the top and well-known employers which offer placements at Deakin to recent graduates annually are tabulated below: 

Deakin University Top Employers 

InternMe Australia 

Just In Time Personal Training 

Kieser Geelong 

NJF Wellness 

Page Group 

The Kraft Heinz Company 

Victorian Public Service 


West Carr & Harvey 

Westpac Group 

Peters Ice Cream 

Professionals Australia 

Protocol Education 

Renewable Energy Society 

Save Resources Inc. 

Thales Australia 

The Australian Industry Group 

Westpac Group 

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority 

Income Solutions 



Laminar Capital 


LBW Chartered Accountants 

LDB Accountants & Advisors 


Make it Mine 


Millennium3 Financial Services 

Moore Stephens 


National Disability Insurance Agency 

National Mercantile Pvt Ltd 

Newland Migration Law Services Pty Ltd 

NSW Government 

Orange Wealth 


PFG Financial Services 

Reece Australia Pty Ltd 

Renewable Energy Society 

Rising Tide 

Robert Bosch Australia Pty. Ltd 

Roskow Independent Advisory 

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Deakin University Graduate Salaries 

The salaries of the class of 2018 graduates of Deakin University can be understood by segregating them into two broad sections. These are as follows: 

Deakin Degree Wise Salary 

  • MBA: AUD 107,000 
  • Master’s: AUD 72,000 
  • Master’s in Finance: AUD 71,000 
  • Bachelor’s: AUD 68,000 
  • Bachelor of Science: AUD 67,000 
  • Other Degrees: AUD 42,000 

(Source: Emoluments) 

Deakin Job Role Wise Salary 

Based on the salary data from PayScale, the following job roles bagged by Deakin graduates got them the given corresponding salaries: 

Job Roles of Deakin Graduates 

Average Salary 

Salary Range 

Manager, Change Management 

AUD 153,800 

AUD 91,000 - AUD 250,000 

Associate Professor, Postsecondary / Higher Education 

AUD 150,800 

AUD 103,000, AUD 180,000 

Organisational Psychologist 

AUD 149,000 

AUD 97,000 - AUD 255,000 

Senior Program Manager, IT 

AUD 148,500 

AUD 114,000 - AUD 191,000 

Agile Coach 

AUD 137,500 

AUD 103,000 - AUD 183,000 

Research Fellow 

AUD 99,500 

AUD 89,000 - AUD 110,000 

Finance & Administration Manager 

AUD 92,100 

AUD 70,000 - AUD 123,000 

The highest salaries are majorly bagged by business, engineering and Psychology graduates after graduating from Deakin University. 

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Deakin University Internship 

Deakin University internships are offered to its admitted students, which is through DeakinTalent. This brings various employers on-campus for Deakin’s students and recent graduates through a common platform to pursue an internship for the experience. Employers may vary per area of study or in some cases, one employer may be hiring students from various study backgrounds. As far as the services of DeakinTalent are concerned the following milestones have been accomplished to date: 

  • 7,400 students have got their resumes reviewed as part of DeakinTalent’s services. 
  • DeakinTalent has been able to encourage 16,000 students to pick up a career while studying. 
  • 7,000+ students have attended employer-related events on campus. 
  • There are over 5,000 students who also participated in a talent development program. 
  • Each year, 10,000+ jobs are advertised on DeakinTalent’s job portal for its students and graduates. 

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Deakin University Talent EEExpo  

DeakinTalent Experience and Employment Expo (EEExpo) is an event which is conducted by DeakinTalent. This event is conducted to bring employers to Deakin’s campus and to encourage students to pursue internships, volunteering activities and vacation work, graduate courses or short courses in Australia and/or witness international experiences.  

There are various events, fairs and sessions conducted at Deakin by hundreds of employers. Students are free to connect with prospective employers and join them for an experience in terms of internship. Also, upon graduating, students can take advantage of these events to bag their dream job roles and work with reputed employers immediately after graduating from Deakin University. 

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Deakin University Internship Employers 

There are numerous employers which come each year to Deakin University and attend DeakinTalent’s EEExpo to offer students from various study areas a part-time job opportunity in Australia. Following is a list of employers differentiated based on study areas: 

Employers at EEExpo at Deakin University 2018 

Architecture & Built Environment 

Computing & Information Systems 


Australian Federal Police 

Hacer Group 

Hamilton Finley 

Harris HMC 

Hill Start International 

Heineken NZ 









Royal Geelong Yacht Club 

Humanities, Social Sciences & Languages 

Social Work 

Commerce & Business 


Teach for Australia 


Tribal Campus 


40k Globe 

Spark Deakin 

The Asthma Foundation of Victoria 

The Australian Industry Group 

Victorian Public Service 




Growth Tank 

Acacia Consulting Services 


Education & Teaching 

Health Sciences & Allied Health 

LBW Chartered Accountants 

Level Crossing Removal Authority 

Maddens Lawyers 

National Mercantile Pty Ltd 

Newland Migration Law Services Pty Ltd 

Prospero Teaching 

Point-to-Point Education 

GSL Education 

Step Teachers 

Teach Now 

Knox Private Hospital 


Medical Developments International 

NJF Wellness 

Peak Physique 

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Deakin University Placement FAQs

Q. What is the average salary of an MBA graduate at Deakin University?

A. The median full-time salary of a Deakin postgraduate student in business and management in 2018 was reported at AUD 115,000 after three years of graduation. While the salary reported by those who immediately bagged a job was reported at AUD 100,000. This data was published in the Graduate Outcomes Survey of Deakin University in the year 2018.

Q. How much do Deakin graduates earn based on their job roles as per Emoluments?

A. As per Emoluments data, Deakin graduates pursuing the following job roles earned the corresponding salaries:
  • Executive Management & Change: AUD 99,000 
  • Program & Project Management: AUD 92,000 
  • Finance Control & Strategy: AUD 86,000 
  • Financial Services: AUD 77,000 
  • Architecture, Design & Real Estate jobs: AUD 70,000 
  • Compliance, AML, KYC & Monitoring: AUD 69,000

Q. What is the SPARK Deakin Accelerator program at Deakin University?

A. SPARK Deakin Accelerator is a startup support program at Deakin University that offers funding, office space, network of global mentors and free legal advice to early stage entrepreneurs graduating from Deakin. Since the program’s inception in 2015, SPARK has backed 45 founders whose 20 startups have provided value to over 11,000 customers and generated over AUD 3 million revenue and created 143 job opportunities as well.

Q. How far has Deakin University placement been able to satisfy the graduates?

A. There are 84% of graduates who shared their response on the graduate outcomes survey admitting that they were satisfied with the Deakin’s placements on-campus. Most of these students were able to find a placement through Deakin as soon as they graduated.

Q. Within what time span did Deakin University graduates find a full-time job?

A. Within a span of four to six months after completing their courses, 73.41% of undergraduates and 85.4% of postgraduate coursework graduates of Deakin University were in full-time employment.

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