Bachelors of Humanities Colleges in Abroad: Courses & Fees

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Shikha Kumari Study Abroad Expert
Updated on Jul 22, 2022 15:39 IST

Humanities colleges offer a unique experience for students with a passion for humanities. These colleges are located in different parts of the world, which provides students with the opportunity to live and study abroad.

There are many benefits to studying abroad

  • Students can be exposed to new cultures and learn about different societies

  • Students can gain international experience that will help them get ahead in their careers

  • Students can participate in volunteer programs 

Highlights for Bachelors of Humanities Colleges Abroad

Total number of Bachelors in Humanities Colleges Abroad 

616+ Approx

Bachelors in Humanities Cost Abroad

(INR 15 Lacs tuition fees + INR 8 Lacs living expenses) approx. for a year

Top Specializations

Ethics and Philosophy, Religious Studies, Gender Studies, Liberal Arts, History, Political Science

Admission Process for Bachelor’s degree (subject to university)

12th Marks + Application letter + Letter of Recommendation + Transcripts + IELTS/ TOEFL Score + Statement of purposeResume

Top 10 Bachelors of Humanities Colleges Abroad

The list below features top 10 Bachelors of Humanities Colleges Abroad with their QS University rankings 2022 for Arts and Humanities:


QS Humanities Rankings 

University of Oxford 


University of Cambridge 


Harvard University 


University of California, Berkeley 


Stanford University 


Yale University 


Columbia University 


New York University


The University of Edinburgh 


University of California, UCLA 


(Source: QS) 

Bachelors of Humanities Colleges Abroad Cost/Fees

The cost of study abroad can vary depending on the school, the country and your personal situation. There are many scholarships, grants and loans available to help with the costs but it is still important to do your research before deciding where to study abroad. If you are considering studying abroad, it is important that you do your research before making the decision. However, on an average, a Humanities degree at Bachelors level costs around INR 15 Lacs for a year. Living expenses also vary depending on your choice as well as where you live while studying abroad. This can be somewhere around INR 8 Lacs for a year. 

Student visa cost for Abroad

The cost of studying abroad is a huge burden for students and families. The visa application process is also cumbersome and time-consuming. The student visa cost is different for every country. 

  • For Canada: around CAD 150 (INR. 9210) for Indians. 

  • For UK: £348 ( INR 33,021).

  • For France: €99 (INR 7974) and an additional charge of €50 (INR 4027) as processing fee. 

  • For US: USD 350 SEVIS fee (INR 27,943) plus a visa application fee of USD 160 (INR 12,774)

Bachelors of Humanities Courses requirements for Abroad- eligibility criteria

The requirements for a humanities bachelor degree vary from country to country. However, the most common requirement is the completion of at least 120 credits. Some countries also require a certain number of credits in specific subjects like language courses. 

The most common eligibility equirements are: 

  • 12th Std. Marks

  • English proficiency: TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based), IELTS score of 6.0, or equivalent, with no band less than 6.0

  • 2-3 Letter of recommendations

  • A statement of purpose (SOP)

  • Transcript

Work permit after Bachelors of Humanities Courses Abroad

  • The post-graduate work permit of Canada is a temporary work permit that allows foreign graduates to work in Canada after they complete their studies. It is granted for up to three years, and it can be extended by applying for an extension before it expires. The applicant must have completed at least one year of full-time study or equivalent part-time study in the five years before applying for the post-graduate work permit.

  • The post-study work visa for the UK is a new type of visa that international students can apply for after they finish their studies and want to stay in the country. The post-study work visa has been introduced as part of the government’s drive to improve immigration policy and increase skills levels in Britain. 

  • In the US, a temporary work permit known as the The H-1B visa is a type of visa that allows US companies to hire foreign workers. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the agency that grants H-1B visas.

Bachelors of Humanities Courses Abroad Scholarships

There are several scholarships available to study Bachelors in Humanities Courses Abroad. These scholarships are open to all students who are pursuing a Bachelor's degree in humanities or social sciences and are interested in studying abroad for at least one academic year. Some of the scholarships include:

  • Australia Awards Scholarship

  • UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarship 

  • WMF Empowerment through Education Scholarship for Developing Country Students

  • Bruce K. Lee Scholarship 

  • James Barrett Grant 

Bachelors of Humanities Courses Jobs and Salaries Abroad 

Humanities majors are in high demand in many different fields because they have skillsets that are useful across multiple industries. There are many different jobs within the field of humanities. As a result, there is a lot of variety when it comes to the type of work that can be done in this field. The most common jobs available in the field of Humanities are: 

  • Teacher 

  • Researcher 

  • Writer 

  • Professor 

  • Editor 

  • Librarian 

  • Historian 

  • Archaeologist

According to Payscale, the average salary with a Bachelors in Humanities degree is USD 67,000. 

Top Recruiters for Bachelors of Humanities Courses Abroad

A bachelor's degree in the humanities is an essential asset for a job in the field of human resources. The top recruiters for this degree are employers in the public sector, including government agencies, non-profits, and educational institutions. Some of the top recruiters that hire Bachelors in Humanities graduates are: 

  • University of Oxford 

  • University of Cambridge 

  • University of Edinburgh 

  • The Louvre

  • The British Museum

  • Uffizi Gallery, Florence

  • United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Bachelors of Humanities Courses Abroad FAQs 

Q. What is the duration of a Bachelor’s of Humanities Courses Abroad?

A. The duration of a Bachelors in Humanities degree is usually 3-4 years abroad.

Q.What are the important subjects taught in Bachelors of Humanities Courses Abroad? 

A. Some of the core subjects taught are Ethics and Philosophy, Religious Studies, Gender Studies, Liberal Arts, History, Political Science, etc.

Q. What are the admission requirements for applying to Bachelors of Humanities Courses Abroad?

A. Admission requirements for applying to Bachelors in Humanities Courses vary depending on the college. Some of the required admission documents are 12th Class Marksheet, a completed application form, and a letter of recommendation. Most of the Universities ask for IELTS scores as well.

Q. What are some of the common jobs available after completing Bachelors of Humanities Courses Abroad?

A. After completing a Bachelors in Humanities courses abroad, there are a lot of opportunities that one can take up. Some of the common jobs available are  Teacher, Researcher, Writer, Professor, Editor, Librarian, Historian, Archaeologist, etc.

Q. How much does it cost to pursue Bachelors of Humanities Courses Abroad? 

A. The cost of pursuing a Bachelor’s course in Humanities depends on the university. Tuition fees are typically around INR 15 Lacs for a year abroad. 

Q. Can I get an IELTS waiver while applying for Bachelors of Humanities Courses Abroad? 

A. If your medium of instruction has been English previously, you can apply for the waiver depending on the university.

Q. What is the average salary after pursuing a Bachelors of Humanities Courses Abroad?

A. The average salary of a Bachelor’s in Humanities graduate abroad is USD 67,000 for a year.