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Akanksha Malhotra Study Abroad Expert
Updated on Jul 27, 2022 12:21 IST

Before starting the journey of becoming an Engineer, it is important to find a good university to study abroad. Countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore are some of the best locations to study B.Tech. More than 1000+ universities abroad offer Engineering courses. It is an undergraduate course that is usually offered as a 4-year course in abroad. International students are inclined towards pursuing Engineering from abroad because the universities offer a wide range of specializations. In addition, studying Engineering in a university abroad will help you attract lot of job opportunities with a higher renumeration.

Engineering in Abroad Highlights



Total no. of B.Tech universities abroad


Top Specializations

Computer Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, IT and Networking, Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Exams required


Top Engineering Universities Abroad by QS Rankings

Given below is the list of the top universities to pursue B.Tech abroad. The ranks given below are as per QS World University Rankings 2022.


QS World University Rankings 2022 (Subject-wise)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


University of Oxford


Stanford University


Harvard University


Technical University of Munich


University of Toronto


The University of British Columbia


University of Waterloo


McGill University


Texas A&M University


(Source: QS)

Top Engineering Universities Abroad by THE Ranking

Check the top universities offering B.Tech worldwide.


THE Rankings

Harvard University


Stanford University


University of California – Berkeley Campus


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


University of Cambridge


University of Oxford


National University of Singapore


University of Toronto


University of British Columbia


(Source: THE)

Top Specializations for Engineering Abroad

Check some of the top specializations for Engineering abroad given below.

  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • IT and Networking
  • Electronics & Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Animation & Design

Engineering in Abroad Cost

The cost of B.Tech abroad varies by country and university. If a student wants to study B.Tech in the USA, then it may cost around Rs 35 lakhs for the first year. This amount includes tuition fees and living expenses. Likewise, if a student wishes to study Engineering in the UK, then it may cost him / her around Rs 24 lakhs including the tuition fee and living expenses for the first year. Similarly, the cost of B.Tech for the first year in Canada will cost you around Rs 28 lakhs.


Student Visa Cost for Engineering Abroad

The cost for a student visa abroad will vary from country to country. In order to pursue B.Tech abroad, students must have a study visa. Check all the requirements to get a study visa to study abroad here

Engineering in Abroad: Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply for B.Tech abroad, students are required to meet the below-given requirements:

  • Must have passed class 12th
  • Must have English language proficiency scores of IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE
  • Must have also appeared for SAT or ACT

Scholarships for Engineering Abroad

International students who do not want to apply for an education loan for studying Engineering abroad can apply for scholarships available to study B.Tech abroad. Scholarships can be need-based and merit-based with different amounts. Check some of the popular scholarships given below:

Engineering in Abroad Salaries

As per, the average salary of an Engineer salary in the US is $68,959 per year. In the UK, as per, the average Engineer salary is £42,500 per year. According to, a professional who holds a degree in Engineering in Canada will get $66,713 per year.

Engineering in Abroad FAQs

Q. Which country is best for Engineering?

A. USA and UK are the top locations to pursue Engineering. Apart from this, Canada and Australia are also good locations to study Engineering in abroad.

Q. Is it worth studying B.Tech abroad?

A. If you are keen on learning new things, taking on new challenges, and solving problems in an innovative way, then studying Engineering abroad can benefit you.

Q. What is the duration of the B.Tech course abroad?

A. On average, the duration of the B.Tech course is 4 years. However, the duration could vary from university to university. 

Q.  Can I apply for any scholarships to study Engineering abroad?

A. Yes, there are many scholarships available to study Engineering abroad. You can check the comprehensive list of scholarships given on our website to study B.Tech abroad.

Q. Should I study Engineering in India or abroad?

A. In India, there are many good colleges B.Tech. However, studying Engineering abroad will help you witness a quality education. With various funding and scholarship options available, it is a good choice to study B.Tech abroad.

Q. What are the best universities to study Engineering abroad?

A. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Oxford, Stanford University, Harvard University, etc are some of the best universities to study Engineering abroad.

Q. List the popular specializations available for Engineering abroad.

A. Some of the popular specializations available to study Engineering abroad are Computer Science & Engineering, Civil Engineering, IT and Networking, Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc.

Q. What are the eligibility requirements to study B.Tech abroad?

A. To study B.Tech abroad, you need to have passed class 12th. Apart from this, you need to have English Language proficiency scores of IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. Also, you need to have scores of SAT or ACT.

Q. Is Canada good to pursue B.Tech?

A. Keeping in mind the country’s quality of education, cost of living, and lifestyle, 3 cities in Canada namely Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are ranked amongst the best cities in the world for international students wishing to study B.Tech in Canada.

Q. Can I stay back abroad after completing my B.Tech?

A. Yes, you can stay back abroad after completing your degree from B.Tech. For this, you need a post-study work visa. This will be applicable as per your chosen country.

Q. What is the average salary of an Engineering in the US?

A. According to, the average salary of an Engineer in the US is $68,959 per year.