Campus France: What it is and what it does

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Campus France

What is Campus France? 

If you are planning to pursue your higher education in France, chances are you must have encountered the term Campus France. While the word is suggestive, it also leaves a question in your mind about what the organization does? What all it offers to international students? And perhaps most importantly, what is Campus France?

The answer is fairly simple and if need be to define it in one sentence we can simply say Campus France is a one-stop shop for international students planning to pursue higher education in France. Be it a bachelor’s or a masters’ degree, a research programme, or even a certificate diploma. Campus France is a government agency that works under the French Ministry of External Affairs. They provide counselling sessions and organize workshops round the year for international students looking to study in France. These sessions are designed to provide all the necessary information about the programmes offered by the French institutions. These sessions help students in deciding whether they want to go for a particular programme in France or not. Campus France is a public institution that engages in promoting French higher education abroad and welcoming international students, researchers, and scholars to France. It also manages scholarship programmes and encourages international mobility.

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Campus France is a public institution that was created by the merger of a not for profit organization Campus France Agency under the regulation of the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Established in the year 2010, the agency is tasked with ensuring the easy passage of international students into France. It also assists French Students with their study abroad concerns. Hence, simply put, Campus France is an agency/ organization, working under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research that assists in the movement/ mobility of students in and out of the country.

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What does Campus France do?

As already mentioned, Campus France is a one-stop destination for students planning to study abroad…be it, international students, planning to study in France or French students planning to study abroad. Either way, the job of Campus France is to facilitate the same. Looking from the perspective of an Indian Student planning to take up higher education – undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, or diploma programs, here’s what all Campus France would help you with.

Campus France also makes mobility easier for French students as well. They also advise French students to study abroad. The agency promotes the Erasmus programme in France. French institutes offering higher education are encouraged to collaborate with European institutes so that their students can benefit from funding and complete some of their studies in another country in Europe.

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Campus France Helps you with

Providing Information about the various colleges/ courses

Campus France has a wide range of listed universities in France that a student can research through. Since most of the universities are government-funded in France, almost all universities are listed on the Campus France website. It helps you search the different programmes available as per the language of choice as well as region.

Assisting with Scholarships and Grants

Campus France also assists students with various scholarships open to international students. Apart from sharing the information, the agency is also responsible for handling the procedure and ensuring the effective distribution of relevant funds to the students in a timely manner.

Handling the Applications from Foreign Applicants

Relevant especially for students from India, the path to applying to a French University or institution of higher learning is now through a CEF Procedure. Categorized into different countries, CEF Procedure essentially is an online application process wherein Indian Students can apply through a centralized agency which would then in turn pass on the application and relevant details to the chosen institutes. Campus France is that centralized agency. In a nutshell, then, Campus France is a central organization that would assist you in filing your application form, assessing the recognition of your documents and sending the information to the colleges of your choice.

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Interviewing International Students on behalf of the University

Once you set up an account under the CEF Procedure with the Campus France website, they would reach out to you to conduct a preliminary interview. The interview covers a wide field of requirements including your language proficiency, your personal reasons for applying to a particular university and also a brief bio of yourself. This interview is then recorded and passed on to the universities as part of the application process.

Assisting with Student Visa Applications

Students applying for a French Student Visa can do so via the Campus France website. The same would guide you with the necessary documents, the kind of income proofs required and also appraise you with the kind of visas and eligibility requirements.

French Language Courses

Campus France, in collaboration with various language institutes also provides candidates with the necessary certification for language proficiency in French. Tasked with mobilizing the French Education System, the organization also promotes the language and helps with the same in any manner possible. It is important to note here that Campus France, however, does not conduct the Language Proficiency Exams for French Languages. They are conducted by Allianz Francaise in India.

Accommodation Research and Assistance

Extending their services, Campus France Agency also helps international students with finding suitable accommodation at or near the university applied to. Read: Cost of Living in France for Indian Students

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Apart from the above, the basic task of Campus France is to promote French Education to the world. It accordingly carries out various information sessions for international students interested in and assists them in any manner possible. The same is done by means of different events in the countries it has offices at. One of the major areas of interest is the propagation of Research Education in the country and hence conducts various events and sessions to educate and attract researchers from around to world to come to France for their research.

To sum up, from an Indian perspective, the organization offers all the solutions to any sort of query a student might have. So simply put, if you plan to reach out to France, the first step is logging on to Campus France’s India Website: and creating your account. Following that, the team of Campus France would help you every step of the way. So, log in and fly out.

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