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Updated on Jul 22, 2022 11:43 IST

Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for higher studies and settling down. So many universities are available that offer Diploma Courses in Canada. These courses are available in multiple disciplines with a nominal fee structure. Foreign candidates get many advantages while pursuing diploma courses in Canada.

Universities in Canada provide excellent education at an affordable budget that attracts students from all over the world. They allow students to work while studying the program to explore things and earn some pocket money. If you are looking to get admission to this program then you must need to check your criteria to study abroad.

Diploma in Science Courses in Canada Highlights

Total Diploma in Science Colleges in Canada

30+ (approx.)

Diploma in Science Cost in Canada

1st Year Average Tuition Fee – INR 14.85 lakh

Average Living Expenses - INR 6.23 lakh (Per Year)

Top Specializations

Geology, Health Science, Biotechnology, Food Science, Pharmacy, etc.

Admission Process

IELTS Score + Letters of Recommendation + Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Types of Diploma in Science Courses in Canada

Diploma in Canada in Science Courses available in two different types that candidates can do.

  • After 12th – UG Diploma includes the courses like Engineering, IT, Management, Pharmacy, Media Technology, etc.  
  • After Graduation – PG Diploma is a one-two year program that helps students in enhancing their skills and employability chances.

Top 10 Diploma in Science Universities in Canada by QS Rankings

Studying for a diploma in science from Canadian universities is still the dream of many foreign candidates. Every year, so many applicants plan and apply for admission to learn the diploma program in the science stream. We have listed below the top 10 Diploma in Science Universities in Canada.


QS Ranking (Science) 2022

University of Toronto


University of British Columbia


McGill University


University of Waterloo


University of Alberta


Université de Montréal


University of Calgary


University of Ottawa


McMaster University


Queen’s University at Kingston


(Source: QS)

Top Diploma in Science Universities by US News

We have listed below some of the top Universities in Canada for studying the Diploma in Science program. Applicants can check the current ranking of all the universities that are declared by the US News Ranking.


US Ranking (Science) 2022

University of Toronto


University of British Columbia


McGill University


Simon Fraser University


University of Montreal


McMaster University


University of Ottawa


University of Waterloo


University of Alberta


University of Calgary


Western University


(Source: US News)

Diploma in Science Specializations

The Diploma of Science courses is available in different specialization in Canada. We have listed below some of the popular fields where candidates can apply to complete their Diplomas.

Health Science


General Studies

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)


Biology (Sciences)


Food Science

Chemistry (Sciences)

Applied Science



Diploma in Science Fees in Canada

Universities in Canada offer the best diploma program to international students at a low tuition fee.

  • The average 1st-year tuition fee for Diploma in Science Courses is INR 14.85 lakh.
  • Average living expenses in Canada for international candidates are INR 6.23 lakh yearly.

Student’s Visa cost for Canada

The student visa cost for Canada is CAD 160 required to fill out the Visa application form. International applicants who are looking to study in Canada are required to attach a visa during the process. Foreign students required a study permit before entering Canada.  

Diploma in Science Colleges in Canada: Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who have good academic records, no educational gaps, good TOEFL scores, and fulfill financial requirements have a great chance to secure a seat at the University of their choice. The admission may vary according to the program and university. We have listed below the basic criteria that Indians as well as other international aspirants need to follow.

  • Complete 12th class with a good score.
  • Applicants must hold an appropriate diploma or bachelor’s degree or work experience acceptable to the admission committee.
  • Non-English speaking countries students must take any of the following exams i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and Duolingo.
  • Foreign students also need to submit their Letter of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose to complete the admission process.

Work Permit after Diploma in Science in Canada

Yes, Canada Post-Graduate Work permits are available for international students after completing the diploma program. Getting a work permit while studying in Canada depends on the program and its duration. A maximum of three years of PGWP is given to students after completing the diploma in Canada. Applicants must apply for the PGWP within 180 days after completing the degree.

Diploma in Science Scholarship for Canada

Scholarships in Canada are available for international students. There are over programs through which applicants get a scholarship based on the criteria. It will give much relief to students and help them to complete their diplomas on a low budget. Applicants are requested to check their eligibility once before applying for the scholarship in Canada.

Diploma in Science Jobs & Salaries for Canada

International students get better job offers with impressive salary packages. After completing the Diploma in Science, candidates are eligible to apply for jobs in multiple profiles. We have found below some of the highest-paid profiles for students who have completed their diplomas in Canada.  

Job Profile

Average Salary (in CAD)

Software Developer


HR Coordinator


Marketing Coordinator


UX Designer


Project Manager


(Source: payscale)

List of Top Publicly Funded Universities in Canada

We have found some of the famous publicly funded universities in Canada. These universities are known for their quality diploma program and affordable tuition fees. Check below the list of top publicly funded universities in Canada for Diploma in Science courses.


1st Year Tuition Fees (in lakh)

Memorial University of Newfoundland


Conestoga College


George Brown College


Centennial College


Dalhousie University


(Source: studyabroad.shiksha.com)

Top Diploma in Science Recruiters in Canada

The recruiters hire students who are studying for the Diploma in Science in Canada after the program. They get better salary packages with lots of other accommodations. We have listed below some of the popular recruiters that allow international candidates to work with them

  • McMaster University
  • Bureau Veritas
  • SGS
  • Government of Saskatchewan
  • BASF
  • Elk Island Public Schools
  • Intertek

(Source: Indeed)

Diploma in Science in Canada FAQs

Q. Is Diploma in Science in Canada a good choice?

A.  Yes, Diploma in Science in Canada is a good choice for Indian students. Canadian universities offer the best educational program on your budget. They also provide the best job opportunities after completing the course.

Q. Which are the low-cost universities for Diploma in Science Courses in Canada?

A. Memorial University of Newfoundland, Dalhousie University, Concordia University, Queen’s University, Northern Lights Colleges, etc. are some of the low-cost universities for Diploma in Science Courses in Canada.

Q. Will I get a job opportunity after a diploma in science in Canada?

A. Yes, you will get better job opportunities after completing the diploma in science in Canada. The Canadian education degree is globally accepted, that discover so many job opportunities as per your expertise.

Q. What is the cost of studying in Canada?

A. Applicants can complete their Diploma in Science courses in approx. INR 14.85/- lakh per year. Most Canadian universities offer the program for just INR 4 lakh per annum. Candidates can check the Cost of studying in Canada for the complete detail.

Q. How do I get admission to Canadian Universities to complete a diploma in science?

A. International students are required to meet the admission criteria to get entrance to Canadian universities. Complete the higher secondary education, graduate degree, and take any of the following tests i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.

Q. Is Diploma in Science cheap to study in Canada?

A. As compared to other countries like the US, UK, etc. Canadian universities deliver the Diploma in Science to international students at a low cost. Students can complete their course in under INR 15 lakh per year.

Q. Why do international students love to study in Canada?

A. Canadian universities are famous for their high-standard education system. The degree offered by the universities is recognized globally which helps students in getting better job opportunities. Student’s Life in Canada, academics, hostels, etc. was perfect for international students.

Q. Which diploma courses are the best in Canada?

A. CS & IT, Accounting, Business Administration, Engineering Management, Agriculture science, etc. are some of the best diploma courses available in Canada. Students can select any of the courses and complete them after matching the admission criteria.

Q. What is a 1-year diploma called in Canada?

A. The 1-year diploma is a Graduate Diploma in Canada. Those candidates who have already completed a degree take a diploma of 1 year.

Q. Can I get PR after completing my diploma in Canada?

A. You need to complete a two-year diploma course from Canadian universities to get a PR. Applicants are required to work in their related field for a minimum of one year after completing the PGWP.

Q. What is the duration of Diploma courses in Canada?

A. The duration of Diploma courses in Canada ranges from 1 to 3 years. Applicants can apply for admission at top Canadian universities to complete the program. 

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