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Humber College is known for its polytechnic way of learning during which the students are provided work-integrated learning environment, helping them to become industry-ready. With the great emphasis on putting theory into practice, the college offers experiential teaching methods, simulation labs and work placements, bridging the gap between classroom and real work environment. The college has an impressive employment rate as it provides career-focused learning, making the students acquire required skills needed for gainful employment. Being one of Canada’s most diverse colleges, Humber College has more than 6,000 international students from almost 138 countries. A leader in post-secondary education, the college offers more than 200 full-time programs, including degrees, certificates and diplomas. Humber College is also committed to becoming the healthiest campus in Canada, ensuring the well-being of its students, environment and community. For international students who are looking for skill-based learning in a multicultural environment, Humber College can be a promising choice.

Courses Offered


What all courses are available to international students?


Humber College offers wide range of courses based on areas of interest as well as credentials. On the basis of credentials, the international students can choose from the courses outlined below:

  • Advanced Diploma
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Diploma
  • Honours Degree (Bachelors)
  • Ontario College Certificate
  • Ontario Graduate Certificate
  • English for Academic Purposes

 The students can also select the course as per their areas of interest listed below:

  • Applied Technology and Engineering
  • Business, Accounting and Management
  • Children and Youth
  • Community and Social Services
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Emergency Services
  • Fashion and Esthetics
  • Foundations and Language Training
  • Health and Wellness
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Information, Computer and Digital Technology
  • International Development
  • Justice and Legal Studies
  • Media, Public Relations and Marketing
  • Music and Performing Arts
  • Skilled Trades and Apprenticeships

Humber College provides assistance to the students in finding the programs of their choice. In case, the students find it difficult to select a program, then Humber Career Finder can be a great tool which can help them match their interests with the programs available at Humber College. The college also extends additional support by letting students connect with Recruitment Advisor who can help in solving queries regarding admission process. The students can also get connected with program coordinators and admission officers who can help them make conscious decision regarding the course.


Humber College offers Applied Research and Innovation where students investigate the new entrepreneurial opportunity to achieve a practical outcome. The students who are interested in research can join the Research Assistant Online Tutorial which can help them learn the fundamentals of research and offer them work opportunities as research assistants.


Eligibility & Documents Required


What are the eligibility requirements?


In order to be eligible for a program at Humber College, every international applicant (from non-English speaking countries) needs to provide proof of English proficiency by undertaking any one of the English proficiency tests such as IELTS Academic exam, TOEFL, Pearson Test of English (Academic), CAEL test or online Duolingo English test.

Along with English language proficiency tests, an international applicant needs to fulfill certain program-specific requirements which vary as per the programs specified below:

Humber College

Source: Humber

Note: To know the specific admission requirements, applicants are recommended to visit the exact course page of the official website and check the ‘Admission Requirements’ page.


What all documents are needed for application?


For application, Humber College requires the scanned copies of original certified secondary school graduation transcripts for diploma and degree programs. For postgraduate programs and degree programs, the scanned copies of Transcripts of Study of any college or university are required by the college.

For Post-Secondary Diploma or Certificate and Graduate Certificate Programs, the applicants are also required to submit backlog summary as maximum backlog attempts accepted differ as per the course applied for.

If the international applicants are in final year of high school or college/university, they need to include a letter from the institution stating program completion date. Most importantly, the international applicants are required to submit the result of English language proficiency tests.

The applicants must ensure that all the documents must be accompanied by a notarized, official translation into English (where applicable).

Note: Application to some programs may require additional documents, including a portfolio, audition, letter of intent, writing samples, references, etc. The applicants are recommended to check the exact requirements mentioned on the official website of the college.


Application & Tuition Fees


Is there any application fees?


For applying to Humber College, an international applicant needs to pay a non-refundable application fee of CAD 75 through credit card (Visa or MasterCard).


What is the fee structure of courses offered by the college?


The fee structure offered by Humber College varies as per the program applied for. Along with the tuition fee, international students are charged for health insurance when they are enrolled in any program of the college. The international students are required to pay the mandatory health insurance once per academic year. The health insurance fee for programs starting at Fall, Winter and Summer is CAD 420, CAD 280 and CAD 140, respectively.

The program-specific yearly estimate of tuition fee inclusive of health insurance as per the year 2020-2021 is given below:


 Annual Tuition Fee (in CAD) 


15,874.00 – 14,502.50

Bachelor’s Degree Program

18,910.00 – 19,807.00

Advanced Diploma

18,910.00 – 23,601.00

Certificate of Achievement

9,690.52 – 23, 601.00

Ontario Graduate Certificate

17,027.00 – 29,500.00

Ontario College Certificate

15,874.00 – 23,601.00

Source: Humber College

Note: The international students are recommended to check the exact tuition fee of a specific course from the college website.

In order to confirm seat at Humber College, the international students are required to pay the full amount of first semester tuition as the tuition deposit. The students are required to pay the full fees prior to the registration. For making tuition fee payments, Humber’s online payment platform, Flywire is used by international students.


Scholarships & Financial Aid


Is there any scholarship or financial aid available for international students?


Humber College provides scholarships to international students in order to recognize their academic achievements, community involvement, leadership skills as well as to lessen their financial burden. There are two kinds of scholarships available for international students:

International Entrance Scholarships

This scholarship is available for students joining diploma, advanced diploma and graduate certificate programs at Humber College. This merit scholarship of CAD 2,000 is awarded to 10 undergraduate and 10 graduate international students with excellent academic performance in the senior year of high school, college or university.

The scholarship is given on first-come, first-served basis to meritorious applicants who have accepted the admission offer and paid the full tuition fees. Only the first-time students enrolled for full-time academic programs are eligible for this scholarship. In order to apply for this scholarship, the interested international students are also required to submit personal statement of interest, including GPA and two reference letters.

Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship

These scholarships are available to the non-transfer students coming directly from high school and enrolling for undergraduate degrees. These scholarships are given on the basis of academic achievement and ranges from CAD 1,500 to 4,000. Such scholarships are also renewable as these can be reissued if the students achieve 80 per cent or above in each year of bachelor’s degree.


Humber College also offers a number of bursaries to international students, mainly on the basis of financial need along with academic excellence, community involvement and extracurricular activities.

Along with scholarships and bursaries, the international students can also expect few awards based on their academic and other accomplishments.

Note: The international students are recommended to check the college website for specific details on scholarships and other awards.


Admission Process


When do the admissions start?


Humber College offers admissions in Fall, Winter and Spring intakes. The application process starts mainly in mid-October and all the applications received on or before February 1 are given equal consideration in the admission process. However, applications received after February 1 are considered depending on seat availability and on first-come, first-served basis. Humber College starts making admission offers from February 1 itself. The selected candidates are required to provide offer confirmation by May 1. The admission offers made after May 1 will have specific deadline for offer confirmation. The students applying for Fall semester will have to submit tuition deposits by late June. For Winter and Spring semesters, tuition deposit due dates are late November and early March, respectively.

Note: It is recommended that students confirm the program availability and exact start date from the official college website.


What are the steps to the application process? Does this involve an interview round?


The application process of Humber College involves the following steps:

  • Initiate the process by picking up the preferred program and confirming its availability
  • Start the application by filing Humber College International Student Application
  • Complete all the sections of the application
  • Fulfil the admission requirements by submitting the scanned copies of required documents according to the preferred course
  • Complete the additional program requirements, including portfolio, audition, references, letter of intent etc.
  • Upon receiving the letter of acceptance, secure the seat by confirming interest in the college and paying tuition fees

Note: The international applicant is recommended to check the required documents by reviewing pages for the selected program.


How do I start my application?


For applying at Humber College, the international applicants need to complete Humber College International Student Application:

The application has eight main sections. The international applicants are asked to provide email address so that college can email the application filing instructions and the applicants can continue the application.

The eight main sections which applicants need to fill are mentioned below:

  • Personal Information: It requires the applicants to include details such as name, country of origin, first language, email address, contact number and postal address.

  • Academic Information: The applicants are asked to mention details about highest level of education achieved with name of the institution, starting year and competition year of that qualification.
  • English Proficiency: The applicants are required to mention how they plan to meet Humber’s English language requirements.
  • Program Choice: It requires applicants to choose three programs with one required program; in case the candidates don’t meet the requirements of first program, the college will process the application for remaining two choices.
  • Information Release: The applicants are asked about their wish to authorize an agency representative or any other acquaintance to receive communication regarding application on their behalf
  • Document Upload: The applicants are required to upload educational and English proficiency documents. The documents are uploaded as one file not exceeding 10 MB in PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, DOC or DOC X
  • Application Summary: The applicants can review their application at this stage and make changes, if needed.
  • Submission: At this last stage, the applicants need to provide the declaration that the information is true and complete, failing which application may be considered invalidated or result in a withdrawal. Also, at this step, they will be directed to a secure website for the non-refundable application fee payment so that application can be submitted for further processing.



When will I hear from the college after I submit my application?


Humber College begins processing of the applications eight to ten months before the start of a particular semester. After submitting the application, the processing may take around six weeks. As the college receives high volume of applications, the final program availability is based not on the time of submission but on the time of the processing of the application. It may happen that a program is open when the application is submitted, but it may be closed by the time of review. Also, late submission of English language proficiency score can make an international student lose the chance of admission as by that time the program may be closed. Thus, Humber College expects students to submit the applications with all the required documents well-in-time so that they can receive admission offers from the college without any delay.


Student Diversity & Preferred Profile


What are the chances to get into this college?


The admission process at Humber College can be competitive. Since the college receives high volume of application from international applicants, the processing of application is done on selective basis. The college gives emphasis to academic quality of the applicants as well as consider the diversity of the international student body. The international applicants who submit completed applications well in time along with all the required documents have better chances of selection at Humber College.


How many Indian/international students are studying at the college?


Being one among the most diverse colleges in Canada, Humber College has approximately 6,500 international students among 33,000 full-time students. The acceptance of international students can be vouched from the fact that more than 130 nationalities can be found in the college. The number of international students at Humber College is expected to increase in future as by the year 2021, the college will even have a dedicated Humber International Graduate School where the international students can enjoy the global classroom experience and specialize in business-focused graduate certificates.



Part Time Work While Studying


Can I work while studying here?


While studying at Humber College, the international students can work both on-campus and off-campus, provided they have a valid study permit and Social Insurance Number. The full-time, post-secondary international students can work on-campus under the employment of the school, a faculty member, a student organization or a private contractor that provides on-campus services to the school. The student can even run a business that is located within the campus. The international students with expired study permit or on an authorized leave are not allowed to work on-campus.

For off-campus work, the international students should be full-time students enrolled in post-secondary programs of at least six-month duration. The students are not allowed off-campus work before the study program starts. In case, the students shift to part-time in the last semester of a full-time program, then also, they are allowed to work off-campus. During the regular school term, an international student can work up to 20 hours per week. A full-time student is allowed to work full-time during scheduled breaks.

Note: The international students are recommended to refer to Government of Canada website for work conditions specified in the study permit.


Campuses & Accommodation


How many campuses does the college have?


Humber College has two main campuses:

  • North Campus
  • Lakeshore Campus

Besides these two, there is Humber Orangeville Campus which is no longer accepting program applications. Also, for international students, Humber College has set up the Humber International Graduate School, which is a new school that will commence its functioning by 2021.


Is on-campus housing available?


Humber College offers on-campus housing at the two campuses, accommodating more than 1,450 students. After been accepted at the college, the international students can apply to live in the residence by filing International Student Residence Application form. As on-campus housing is provided on first-come, first-served basis, the international students should apply for the same at the earliest possible. After the allotment of the room, the students are required to pay non-refundable CAD 500 as a deposit to the Humber Residence Department. 

At North Campus residence, the students can choose between traditional single rooms and suite style accommodation, while at Lakeshore Campus, only suite style accommodation is available. The annual cost of traditional single room is approximately CAD 6,819 and for suite style accommodation is CAD 6,812. The students will be charged extra for meal plans which ranges from CAD 2,350 to CAD 3,400 depending on the plan they choose. The on-campus housing is also available for one semester with CAD 3,735 for traditional single room and CAD 4,570 for suite style accommodation.

In case, the students choose off-campus residence, they can opt for homestays or rented houses which they can search on places4Students or other renting websites in Canada.

For an international student, the basic rent for an off-campus residence can be around CAD 500-1,200 per month. 

Note: The international students are recommended to confirm the exact cost from the college or the specific landlord before deciding on the accommodation. For an international student, there are few other expenses such as books and supplies, transportation and others. Please see below an annual estimate of such expenses incurred by a single student in 2019-2020:

Note: The yearly expenses may vary; the students are advised to plan their budget accordingly in order to meet the cost of living in Canada.


University Contact Information


Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?


In case of any doubt, the international students can contact the Humber International Centre:


Telephone: 1-416-675-5067

Contact Form:

Postal Address: North Campus: International Centre, LRC 2nd Floor, 205 Humber College Blvd. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9W 5L7

Lakeshore Campus: International Centre, Room H100A, 3199 Lake Shore Blvd. West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8V 1K8


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