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A public university, Memorial University of Newfoundland, also known as Memorial University MUN, is based in St. John's, with several satellite campuses. Founded in September 1925, and offering over 100-degree programs, MUN is one of the largest universities in Atlantic Canada, and the only one in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

The enrolment in MUN's founding year was 307 students, however, this changed in 1961, when enrolment increased to 1,400. It was this increase in its students’ capacity that the university moved from Parade Street to its present location on Elizabeth Avenue (Main campus). University also maintains a campus in Harlow, England, which was established in 1969. The campus has been a popular location for internships in education, and at present, it offers credit courses, work terms, and internships in several areas. It is one of only two Canadian universities with a campus in the United Kingdom.

Each year, over 18,000 students from over 110 countries come together to pursue their higher studies at the university. Memorial offers certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs across six campuses and online. Memorial University’s capacity and reputation for leadership in research, teaching, and public engagement are strengthened by a global network of almost 100,000 accomplished alumni across the world.

The 2015 statistics reveal that Memorial University is positioned first among Canadian universities in the International Student Barometer in the category of support from the graduate school. Additionally, the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies has revealed that Newfoundland and Labrador have the highest percentage of full-time international master’s and doctoral students in Canada. Memorial prides itself in bringing together students, faculty, and staff from Canada and other countries, building mutual respect, cultural understanding, and meaningful relationships. The university houses over 3,400 international students from more than 110 countries. Therefore, according to the university 20% of the student population is international students and nearly 40% of all graduate students are international students. The university also accommodates 125 exchange agreements in more than 40 countries.

Memorial University Facts and Figures

Source: Memorial University, Canada

At MUN over 40% of research is ocean-related. Memorial is a proud partner of the Ocean Frontier Institute, a CAD 220-million collaborative research initiative, which focuses on harnessing the vast potential of the world’s ocean. MUN prides itself on being one of the top 20 research universities in Canada and accommodating more than 1,500 graduate fellowships and 854 PhD students.Memorial University Faculty Achievements

Source: Memorial University, Canada

Memorial University Features

Source: Memorial University, Canada



Courses Offered


What all courses are available to international students?


The international students along with the domestic students can pursue certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate programs, and doctoral programs, as well as online courses and degrees offered by the university. Additionally, Memorial University is a Canadian leader with 450 online learning, offering more than 475 undergraduate and graduate courses in 40 subject areas giving students a diverse choice of where to study.


Eligibility & Documents Required


What are the eligibility requirements?


The general admission requirements of the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada for the undergraduate applicants are as follows:  

  • Higher Secondary School Certificate

  • Higher Secondary Certificate

  • Indian School Certificate

  • Intermediate Examination Certificate

  • All India or Delhi Senior School Certificate

  • Pre-University Certificate

Following are the required subject areas:

  1. English

  2. Mathematics

  3. Laboratory Science (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics)

  4. Social Studies or Modern/Classical Language

  5. Elective

Grade Requirement

The minimum overall grade of 50% in the required subject areas.

MBA Requirement 

The test requirements of the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada for the graduate applicants are as follows:

Memorial University MBA Eligibility

English Language Requirement

English is the primary language of instruction at Memorial University. All applicants must meet the English language requirements to meet the general admission requirements of the University. 

English proficiency will be based on one of the following methods:

English language secondary institution

Applicants must complete three years of full-time instruction in an English language secondary institution including the completion of English at the Grade 12 or equivalent level. 

Note: English as a Second Language (ESL) courses will not meet this requirement.

Memorial University's Intensive English Program

Applicants must complete Memorial University's Intensive English Program assessment with an acceptable score on an English proficiency test administered by the University. These programs are offered on the St. John's and Grenfell campuses.

Standardized tests

Applicants must submit an official report, confirming the achievement of a minimum required score on an approved standardized English proficiency test like TOEFL, PTE, IELTS, and Duolingo (DET). Unless otherwise indicated, the minimum English proficiency test scores are as follows:


Memorial University of Newfoundland


What all documents are needed for the application?


For applicants who are currently in high school:

  • Current, interim transcript and Grade 10 result certificate

  • Official English proficiency test result sent directly from the testing authority

  • Supplementary information required for competitive-entry programs may be required with your application

Note: Students applying for admission to nursing or fine arts, should e-mail an unofficial copy of the transcript, showing mid-year grade/progress report (issued by the school in January/February) no later than March 1.

For applicants who have completed their examinations:

A certified copy of the final official credential is sent by post or courier to the Office of the Registrar.

For applicants who have completed high school and not attended a post-secondary institution:

  • Certified copy of final official credential sent directly by post or courier to the Office of the Registrar

  • Official English proficiency test result sent directly from the testing authority

  • Supplementary information required for competitive-entry programs may be required with the application

For applicants who have attended a post-secondary institution:

Applicants must refer to the university’s applicant requirements.

The graduate application will include the required documents below:

Submitting documents

Certain graduate programs require a candidate to meet additional requirements and submit an additional form or writing samples. These additional requirements will have to be uploaded in the online application form. The certified copies can also be sent by post or courier to the below-mentioned address:

By mail/post:
Office of the Registrar
Memorial University
P.O. Box 4200
St. John's NL

A1C 5S7, Canada 

Office of the Registrar
Memorial University
Room A2000
Arts and Administration Building
230 Elizabeth Ave.
St. John's NL

A1C 5S7, Canada



Application & Tuition Fees


Is there any application fees?


Unless otherwise noted, the application fees mentioned below are non-refundable.

Undergraduate Students

Memorial University UG Application Fee

Source: Memorial University, Canada

Application fee in addition to a general application processing fee

  • School of Pharmacy (international applicants): CAD 175 

Graduate Students

Memorial University Graduate Application Fee

Source: Memorial University, Canada





What is the fee structure of courses offered by the university?


Below are tentative costs for two semesters of a bachelor's degree program at St. John’s for the 2020-2021 academic year:

Tuition and fees in CAD

Tuition Fee for International Students

 Fees (in CAD)

10 courses
(30 credit hours)



Other Expenses for International Students*

Fees (in CAD)

Campus Renewal


Student Services Fee


Students' Union


Recreation Fee


Health Insurance


*Fees listed are for two semesters.

The graduate tuition at Memorial University is among the lowest in Canada. Total program fees for most of the graduate programs of the university are outlined below:

Source: Memorial University, Canada




Scholarships & Financial Aid


Is there any scholarship or financial aid available for international students?


Yes, there are two main entrance scholarships for international students. If applicants meet the entrance scholarship criteria, they are automatically considered for one of these non-renewable entrance scholarships during application to Memorial.


The Memorial University of Newfoundland International Entrance Scholarships are valued at CAD 4,400 and are available to international applicants for both the St. John's and Grenfell campuses. The IUGS Entrance Scholarships for Undergraduate Students are valued at CAD 6,000 and CAD 12,000 and are available to applicants for the St. John's campus only.


International Undergraduate Academic Awards (IUAA)

Each Fall, Memorial University awards CAD 2,500 to the top academic achieving international undergraduate students in the previous scholarship year. To be eligible applicants must have completed at least two semesters at Memorial University as full-time students without failing any courses in the previous academic year and be currently registered full-time.



Admission Process


When do the admissions start?


Below listed are the general admission application deadlines:


Priority deadline

Application closes
(documents required)

Document deadline

Winter semester (January to April)

February 15

October 1

December 13

December 20

Spring semester (May to August) including intersession and summer session

September 15

February 1

April 30

April 30

Fall semester (September to December)

November 4 

March 1

August 13

August 20

Students are encouraged for early application as it will allow them the appropriate time for an admission decision, receive academic advice, assess possible transfer credits, and register for courses. High school students applying for the Fall semester aspiring to be considered for early entrance scholarships must apply by March 1. 

International application deadlines

International applications are not accepted following early June for the Fall semester, or the priority deadline for Winter or Spring semesters, due to the time required to apply, process the application and apply for a visa/study permit. Applicants are encouraged to apply at least 12 weeks before the start of their intended semester. 

Note: Deadlines may vary or change frequently depending on the course. Thus, applicants are encouraged to check the department’s website for exact deadlines.



How do I start my application?


To start the application, you must first click on ‘Apply’ on the university website and register to create an account. You can go through the points listed below: 

  1. Remember your login ID and PIN. Do not share your application account or submit applications for anyone else.

  2. You only have 60 minutes to complete a page, you can save using Continue or Finish Later.

  3. Complete the application in sections. Start with Name and continue using the buttons at the bottom of each page. Return to the checklist to return to individual sections.

  4. Completed sections will appear with a checkmark below. When all sections are complete ‘Submit Application’.

  5. Pay your application fee with a credit card payment (Visa or MasterCard) once you submit your application (except for current Memorial students). Pre-paid credit cards are not accepted. You will see an Application Summary and Receipt (if applicable) once you successfully submit your application.

  6. Submit only one application for the same semester. You cannot change your requested program of study online following submission.

  7. You will receive an email message from the Registrar’s Office or the School of Graduate Studies once your application has been submitted and processed.

  8. Check out your next steps after you have applied for undergraduate and graduate students.



What are the steps to the application process?


Memorial University only accepts applications when it is fully and accurately completed. Please note the online application only supports the English language. To proceed with the applications, the applicant must first click on ‘Apply’ at the university website and register to create an account.

Step 1: Full Legal Name, Permanent Address 

Applicants must fill their full legal names, including previous last name, if applicable. They must also ensure that their address is correctly mentioned, and date of birth are entered accurately in the format listed.

Step 2: Personal Information and Canadian Immigration Status

Here applicants must provide correct information related to their citizenship. Applicants must select ‘Student Visa’ if their citizenship is not Canadian and if they require a study permit to legally study in Canada. For migrated students they must select ‘Permanent Resident.’

Step 3: Category of Admission and Application

Applicants must provide information related to academic history here.

Step: 4 Campus and Program of Study

In this section, applicants must specifically select the campus and program of study. 


Applicants must carefully verify the completed sections. Completed sections will appear with a checkmark below. When all sections are complete applicants must select ‘Submit Application’.

Step 5: Application Fee

To complete the online application, applicants must pay their application fees with a credit card payment (Visa or MasterCard). After payment, applicants will receive an application summary and receipt (if applicable) to illustrate their application submission was successful.





When will I hear from the university after I submit my application?


Applicants will be contacted through email, using the address specified on the application, to acknowledge receipt of an application once processing has begun. The confirmation will include the following information: 

  • Student Identification Number

  • Program of Study Requested

  • Personal Contact Information 

  • Application Login Id and Pin

After receiving this email, applicants can submit their transcripts and other supporting documents. Application processing will begin on the following dates:

Note: Dates may vary or change frequently. Thus, applicants are encouraged to check the department’s website for exact dates.



Student Diversity & Preferred Profile


What are the chances to get into this university?


Admission to the program at Memorial University is limited and competitive. Applicants must remember that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission into the program. Every year, the university receives over 150 applications and only 24 to 30 students are accepted. 

Note: University has revealed that applicants who submit results of the Test of Written English (TWE), with a score of four or better, receive preference in the evaluation of English proficiency.


How many Indian/international students are studying at the university?


Currently, the enrollment in graduate programs at Memorial reached 4,044 students, topping the 4,000-student mark for the first time, a 5.5 per cent increase over fall 2018. The count also includes 3,762 graduate students registered in programs at the St. John’s campus, 75 at Grenfell Campus, and 207 at the Marine Institute. Undergraduate enrolment grew as well, increasing 0.4 per cent over 2018.

There are now 13,620 undergraduate students at Memorial with a total student population for all campuses of 18,558, the most since 2013.

Over one-third of its graduate students are international students coming from over 90 countries worldwide. 

University revealed that a total of 1,613 international students from 91 countries were enrolled in graduate programs in Fall 2019, an increase of 13.8 per cent over Fall 2018 and an increase of almost 300 per cent since 2008.



Part Time Work While Studying


Can I work while studying here?


Yes, students can work while studying at Memorial University. The International Student Work Experience Program (ISWEP) provides valuable work experiences for undergraduate international students and English as a Second Language (ESL) students with a valid study permit.

To be eligible for an ISWEP position, a student must:

  • Be a full-time international undergraduate student

  • Be registered in at least three-credit courses during the semester or be doing a reduced course load as an accommodation through the Blundon Centre in accordance with the Accessibility for Students with Disabilities policy

  • Have a 60% or above cumulative average or a 60% or above average in the last ten courses or may have an average below 60%, and applying with support through the Blundon Centre in accordance with the Accessibility for Students with Disabilities policy

  • Not work more than 80 ISWEP hours in a semester, or 80 hours of combined ISWEP and MUCEP positions

  • Not be on a work-term during the semester in which the ISWEP application is submitted

Note: If students drop a course and are then taking less than three-credit courses, they are no longer eligible for an ISWEP position.


Campuses & Accommodation


How many colleges and campuses does the university have?


Memorial University has five campuses, giving students a diverse choice of location.

St. John's Campus, St. John's, N.L.

The province's capital city, St. John's, is home to the St. John's campus which offers a full range of academic programs in a modern, urban setting. The campus is home to teaching and research facilities for Memorial's six faculties and six schools and serves as the university's administrative hub.

Grenfell Campus, Corner Brook, N.L.

Located in Corner Brook on the scenic west coast of the island, Grenfell Campus is a Liberal Arts and Science campus specializing in Environmental and Fine Arts programs.

Marine Institute, St. John's, N.L.

Marine Institute is located in St. John's and it is Canada's leading center of Fisheries and Marine training and one of the largest marine educational facilities in the world.

Harlow Campus, Harlow, U.K.

This small campus in England offers students and faculty a chance to study and undertake research abroad, creating a unique teaching and learning experience for everyone.

Signal Hill Campus, St. John's, N.L.

Memorial’s newest location, Signal Hill Campus, focuses on public engagement and innovation. It is designated to address 21st-century issues by connecting the expertise and ideas of Memorial University students, faculty, staff and retirees, and the people and organizations of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Is on-campus housing available?


International students have three choices related to accommodations in St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador:


Temporary Housing

Students enrolling here are responsible for securing their accommodations. The Internationalization Office (IO) encourages students to secure temporary accommodations for 3-5 days in St. John’s in preparation for securing a permanent place to live.


On-Campus Housing

All students can check in to on-campus accommodations. On-campus housing options are operated by the Student Residences’ Office. Students can apply online or contact the office at regarding on-campus housing options.

The estimated cost of living for a single full-time master’s student (2020-2021 academic year, international student)

Source: Memorial University, Canada




University Contact Information


Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?


IO staff provides critical support to international students remotely. Students can reach IO staff through emails and other social media platforms including Webex, Skype and Zoom.

Address Internationalization Office

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Global Learning Centre, Room CA-2004

57 Allandale Road (Burton’s Pond)

St. John’s, NL, Canada A1B 3S7

Phone No.: +1 (709) 864-2330: Director's Office

Email Id:




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