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The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) is a public university located in Charlottetown, Canada that helps students prepare for the real world and society. It focuses on encouraging and assisting students to acquire the skills, knowledge, and understanding required for critical and creative thinking. The institution’s mission is to provide Information Technology services and maximize the use of technology within the campus and beyond.

UPEI Facts

Not only at offering excellent education through ten of its faculties, the university is excels in producing athletes. UPEI’s athletic team is called the Panthers and has nine teams representing the university in the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) and the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS). The sports include ice hockey, soccer, basketball, rugby, swimming, field hockey, etc.

Courses Offered

What courses are available to international students?

The university offers more than 100 courses, including undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, and certificates. The popular graduate and undergraduate courses offered at UPEI are listed below:

Popular Undergraduate Courses

Popular Graduate Courses


Business Administration


Philosophy in Educational Studies

Communication, Leadership and Culture



Global affairs


Applied Health Services Research

Computer Science

Island Studies



International Studies


Medical and Biological Physics

Environmental Science


Molecular and Macromolecular Sciences

Sustainable Design Engineering

Veterinary Medicine

These courses and more are delivered through the following faculties:

UPEI Courses

International students may choose any of these courses through the aforementioned faculties.

Eligibility & Documents Required

What are the eligibility and requirements for students?

The University of Prince Edward Island has specified its eligibility criteria for Indian students aspiring to enrol in different graduate and undergraduate programs as follows:

Undergraduate Admissions

  • Students are required to have a minimum of 70% in 5 academic subjects
  • Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (CISCE), or All Indian Secondary School Certificate (CBSE), or Indian School Certificate (CISCE) is required with mark sheets
  • SAT scores may be required for a few specific courses
  • International undergraduates coming from non-English-speaking countries, such as India, need to prove their language proficiency through either of the following standardized English exam scores:

English Proficiency Tests

Scores for Arts, Science, Business and Baccalaureate En Éducation

Scores for Nursing, Radiography, Veterinary Medicine and Education

IELTS Academic

6.5 with 6.5 in writing and no band below 6.0

7.0 with 7.0 in writing and no band below 6.5


550 with a minimum TWE of 5.5

600 with a minimum TWE of 6


80 with a minimum of 20 in each component

100 with a minimum of 25 in speaking and writing and 22 in reading and listening










PTE Academic








1250 or above

Graduate Admissions

  • Students are required to have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or college
  • GRE or GMAT scores are required for different graduate courses
  • International graduates coming from non-English-speaking countries, such as India, need to prove their language proficiency through either of the following standardized English exam scores:

English Proficiency Tests

Minimum Graduate Scores

IELTS Academic

7 in writing and no band lower than 6.5


600 with a minimum TWE of 6


100 with a minimum of 25 in speaking and writing and 22 in reading and listening


85 with 3+ in speaking


5 in writing, with a minimum of 4.5 in all sections 



PTE Academic






CELBAN for Nursing only

7.5 in listening, 7 in writing and speaking, and 6.5 in reading

Note: Some of the courses may have higher score requirements or different academic and language requirements. Please refer to the intended course page on the university website to check the exact limit on each course.

What are the documents needed for the university application?

The following sets of documents are required for international admission at UPEI:

Undergraduate Documents

Graduate Documents

  • Official transcripts from the university
  • Academic CV/Resume
  • Statement of Intent
  • Three letters of references
  • Research proposal/portfolio with 2-3 supporting materials
  • GMAT/GRE score
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Financial documents
  • Copy of biographical page of a valid passport

Note: Document requirements may vary with different programs. To check the exact requirements, please refer to the intended course page on the university website.

Application & Tuition Fees

Is there any application fees?

The application fee for graduate and undergraduate programs at UPEI is CAD 50. For the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, the application fee is CAD 70. This fee is non-refundable. Students need to pay the application fee along with the admission application via credit/debit or net banking.

What is the fee structure of the different courses available at the university?

The estimated tuition fee for different graduate and undergraduate programs offered to international students by the UPEI for the academic session 2021-2022 is given below:

UPEI Tuition Fee

Source: University of Prince Edward Island

Note: Tuition fees might be different for different courses and majors. Additionally, the overall cost of the study is likely to include additional charges such as books, supplies, health insurance, student fees, living expenses, and miscellaneous expenses.

Please also note that the university reserves all rights to revise the tuition fee before a new academic session. To learn about the latest course fees, it is recommended to check the university website.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Is there any scholarship or financial aid available for international students?

Yes, the University of Prince Edward Island offers a variety of scholarships to international students. New students enrolled in full-time programs are awarded a scholarship between CAD 1,000 and CAD 3,000.


The eligibility for entrance scholarships is as follows:

  • Must have a study permit
  • Strong academic performance with an average between 90% and 100% or equivalent GPA
  • Participation in extracurricular activities and experience in volunteering or work
  • Strong recommendations from teachers
  • Strong English proficiency skills
  • Strong potential for future academic development and leadership

The popular UPEI scholarships are as follows:

1. Academic Excellence Scholarship – The scholarship is offered to students demonstrating solid academic excellence. The value of the scholarship is based on merit and score. The scholarship awarded is:

  • CAD 500 – Average 80 – 84.99 %
  • CAD 1,000 – Average 85 – 89.99 %
  • CAD 2,000 – Average 90 – 94.99 %
  • CAD 3,000 – Average 95 – 100 %

2. Stewart Buchanan Memorial Award – A scholarship of CAD 2,400 is offered to students who need financial help or assistance. It is offered to students enrolled in the Veterinary program.

3. Allan Curran Engineering Award – A scholarship of CAD 1,100 is offered to students enrolled in the Sustainable Design Engineering program at the university. Preference is given to those in financial need.

There are various other awards and scholarships that the university offers international students that students might find useful.

Note: Scholarship deadlines and amounts may vary with progressive years. For more details on the scholarship application process and deadlines, please visit the university’s scholarship webpage.

Admission Process

When do the admissions start?

International students may apply to the University of Prince Edward Island in either of the following intakes:

UPEI Admission Intakes

The tentative deadlines for international applications are:


Application Deadlines*

Undergraduate Applicants




Early December

Graduate Applicants

EMBA/MBA in Global Leadership


Global Affairs

End April

Applied Health Services Research

Early March




Early July

*Deadlines vary depending on the course and can change frequently. We encourage you to check the university’s website for exact deadlines.

What are the steps to the application process?

International students can apply to various undergraduate and graduate programs using the university’s admission portal. The step-by-step process of UPEI application is as follows:

Step 1: Visit

UPEI Application Steps

Step 2: Create an account if you are a new user.

UPEI Application Steps

Step 3: Start an application.

UPEI Application Steps

Step 4: Fill in your personal information such as email address, date of birth, name, contact details, and demographic details such as citizenship, city, residential address, veteran status, etc.

UPEI Application Steps

Step 5: After filling in all the details, review the certification/application and submit it.

UPEI Application Steps

Next, wait for the result.

When will I hear from the university after I submit my application?

International students might hear from the university within 4-6 weeks after submitting the application. It might take longer for specific programs. Students can check their application status by logging in to the admission portal.

Please note that decisions are announced online and all the student-specific communication from the university is done via email. Hence, students must register with an active email address to keep a track on all university notifications, especially in their spam folder. Aspirants may also check their application status on the official admission portal.

It is also recommended to stay updated with any announcements related to modifications or requirements in the admission process by remaining active on the university website.

Student Diversity & Preferred Profile

What are the chances of getting into this university? What is acceptance for international students?

The university is moderately selective. All applications are assessed individually based on both academic and non-academic achievement. The university considers the academic average, merit, interview scores, school records, work experience, scores, etc., to review the performance of the students.

The requirements for all the programs are different. Some programs might require interviews and auditions for admission. Students must meet the minimum requirements to get admission to the university.

International Acceptance

International students who excel at academics and surpass their country-specific eligibility criteria with relevant experience related to the field have higher chances of admissions. Those who merely meet the requirements have average chances of being selected at the university.

It is important to establish that whether national of international, all applicants are judged based on their profiles and candidatures. The more suitable a candidate is, higher are the chances or admission.

How many Indian/international students study at the university?

The university accepts more than 1,400 international applications from all over the world each year.

UPEI International Students

According to UPEI Student Diversity Data of 2020-2021, the university enrolled the following number of students:

Student Type

Estimated Headcount

Total students




Professional program students




Total full-time students


Total part-time students


Total international students


Source: University of Prince Edward Island

UPEI Student Diversity

As per the same data, the total students enrolled at UPEI in 2020-2021 can be segregated as follows:

UPEI Student Body

Source: University of Prince Edward Island

This share of total of 28.5% international students come from more than 90 countries.

Part Time Work While Studying

Can I work while studying here?

Yes, the university allows all national and international students to work on and off-campus while studying at UPEI. International students can work for 20 hours per week during the regular semester, and during breaks, students can work full-time. It is essential that employment does not interfere with a student's academic program.


Students with conditional admission are not authorized to work. The eligibility criteria for international students are:

  • Students must be enrolled in a full-time program at the university
  • Must be enrolled in a program longer than six months
  • Have a valid work permit along with either Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or electronic travel authorization (eTA)

Interested students may find various job opportunities at the university’s website. The university offers various opportunities for students in all fields of study.

Find Jobs

Students can contact the departments or check the listings on the website. The vacancies include student research assistant, casual student assistant, receptionist, staff assistant, sales associate, accountant, etc. Jobs also include taking up roles in dining work, lab work, etc. Students can also source off-campus job opportunities through job portals such as LinkedIn or Indeed.

Note: International students are advised to check the conditions of working in a foreign country on their study visa. They are also advised to confirm any specific instructions on the same from their respective departments and faculties. Under no circumstances should they be found compromising with the law and order of the country.

Students must also get familiar with the rules and regulations of working in a foreign country and learn about the minimum wages they are entitled to. For more details, students can check the on and off-campus opportunities on the university website. Also, refer to the Canada Student Visa Guide.

Campuses & Accommodation

How many campuses does the university have?

The university has three campuses, viz.

UPEI Campuses

1. Charlottetown, Canada

The main campus of UPEI in Charlottetown of Prince Edward Island is famous for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-tech buildings, including residence halls, libraries, sports centres, etc., the university is excels in producing athletes.

2. Cario Campus

The Cairo campus is located in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt and is popular for offering four-year degrees in the following majors:

UPEI Cario Degrees Offered

Specializations/Focus Areas

Bachelor of Business Administration via Faculty of Business

Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Organizational Management

Bachelor of Science in Mathematical and Computational Sciences via Faculty of Science

Video Game Programming, Business Analytics, and Data Analytics

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering via Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering

Mechatronics, Sustainable Energy, Bioresources

3. St. Peter's Bay, Canada

The St. Peter’s Bay campus in Canada is under construction. Covering a 45,000-square-foot of land, this campus would offer cutting-edge research facilities with excellence centres for the UPEI School of Climate Change and Adaptation and the UPEI Climate Lab. It is being designed to help the senior scholars and visiting faculty to research, innovation, and collaborate.

All the campuses under the university are international. It means that international applicants may get a place in their dream course through either of the colleges on either of the campuses.

Is on-campus housing available? How much does it cost?

Yes, the university offers on-campus housing facilities to interested national and international students. On-campus facilities allow students to choose from three residence halls:

  1. Bernardine Hall
  2. Bill and Denise Andrew Hall
  3. Blanchard Hall

Dining and Facilities

The facilities of residence halls include bed, long mattress, desk, chair, dresser, closet space, carpet, blinds, air conditioning, laundry, common rooms, study rooms, etc. For dining on-campus options, students are offer either a 5 or a 7-day meal plan each semester included with residential halls.

Meal Plans

The plan costs are as follows:

Plan Type

Semester Cost (in CAD)

5-day meal plan


7-day meal plan


Source: University of Prince Edward Island

Accommodation Rates

The room rates for on-campus residential halls are listed as follows:

Residence Halls

Meal Plans Offered

Semester Costs (in CAD)

Bernardine Hall


Single room – 5,762

Double room – 5,038

Bernardine Hall


Single room – 5,858

Double room – 5,134

Bill and Denise Andrew Hall


Single suite – 6,116

Double suite – 5,938

Triple suite – 5,938

Bill and Denise Andrew Hall


Single suite – 6,212

Double suite – 6,034

Triple suite – 6,034

Blanchard Hall


Private bedroom – 3,424

Source: University of Prince Edward Island

Note: Living costs vary depending on students’ lifestyle choices. Additionally, housing and dining rates are subject to change with progressive years. To know the exact costs of on or off-campus accommodation, please check the university’s accommodations webpage.

University Contact Information

Whom should I contact in case of doubts?

In case of doubts or queries, students may contact the university at the following address:


Address: University of Prince Edward Island, 550 University Ave, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4P3, Canada

Telephone: +1 800 606 8734

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