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The University of Toronto (U of T) was founded by a royal charter as ‘King’s College’. The Church of England served as its patron till 1850 when the University adorned its present name by becoming a secular institution. Now, it comprises 11 colleges each as a collegiate university. It is known to be amongst the world’s top research-oriented universities encouraging inventions and innovations. With a leading team of teaching and research faculty, the University of Toronto hosts more than 5,60,000 graduates. In 2018-19, it received CAD1.38 billion from various sources to sponsor research aspirants. Also, it hosts more than 1,000 organisations and student group across all campuses. U of T is the alma mater of two of Canadian PMs: William Lyon Mackenzie and Lester B. Pearson (Noble Laureate) and some notable personalities in the fields of Mathematics, Economics, and Medicine: John Charles Field (Fields Medal), Harold Innis (Staple Thesis), Frederick Banting (Nobel laureate), and Roberta Bondar (Canada’s first female astronaut).

Courses Offered


What all courses are available to international students?


U of T offers over 700 UG programmes in various disciplines and more than 300 graduate programmes. To know more about the University and courses offered, download the prospectus: PDF


Eligibility & Documents Required


What are the eligibility requirements?


English Language requirements for UG are as follows (some programmes may have a higher score range, check the University’s website for these details):

University of Toronto (U of T)

English Language requirements for PG are as follows (some programmes may have a higher score range, check the University’s website for these details):




What all documents are needed for admission?


Generally, the following documents are required by U of T but may vary depending on the course and programme selected. 

For UG aspirants, the following documents are required which will be directly submitted through the OUAC website:

  • Transcripts for all secondary and post-secondary studies
  • English language proficiency scores (IELTS or TOEFL or C1: Advanced or C2: Proficiency or DET)
  • Notarised translations of any academic document which is not in English or French
  • Resume/CV may be required
  • Financial documents
  • Scholarship letters, if any

For PG students:

  • Transcripts for all secondary and post-secondary studies
  • English language proficiency scores (IELTS or TOEFL or DET)
  • Standardised test scores (GRE or GMAT)
  • Notarised translations of any academic document which is not in English or French
  • Resume/CV
  • Essays/SOP
  • LORs
  • Financial documents
  • Scholarship letters, if any


Application & Tuition Fees


Is there any application fees?


The UG application fee is CAD180 (through OUAC) and the PG application fee is CAD120, non-refundable.


What is the fee structure of these courses?


The fee structure differs depending on the programmes and courses. The table below is an estimation of tuition fee for international students provided by the University.

Note: Tuition fees do not include compulsory non-academic incidental fees. Usually, PhD students pay tuition fees equivalent to those of domestic students. Please check the department website to know about the exact fee structure as it keeps changing every year.


Scholarships & Financial Aid


Are there any scholarships or financial aid available for international students?


U of T offers a wide array of scholarships for all programmes and courses.


Admission Process


When do the admissions start?


For undergraduate programmes, the application process begins from September-October and the deadline is usually till early November while the final deadline differs depending on the subject/course. While some subjects have mid-January as final deadline, others may be extended till February or April. As the seats fill in quickly, the University advises students to submit their applications as early as possible. Some programmes may even close before the final deadline. To know about the exact deadlines of a particular course, please visit the University’s website.


For PG courses, U of T has three sessions: Fall, Winter, and Summer. However, not all courses are offered in every session. Thus, it is advised to check the official website to know in which session a specific course is being offered. Generally, the registration for Fall Intake starts from July and the deadline is between late-August to September. For Winter Intake, registrations begin from December till mid-January and for Summer Intake, registrations start between April-May. As the deadline varies depending on the programme and course, please refer to the programme page for details.


What is the application process for UG?


The application process for all UG courses is handled through the OUAC website (Ontario Universities’ Application Centre). All international students need to fill the OUAC 105 Application (refer image below) through which they will be able to apply to the University of Toronto as well. There is no separate or direct entry to the U of T. Before registering on the OUAC website, ensure that all documents are complete and as per requirements. If any document or score is missing, they reject the application.



What is the application process for PG?


PG applicants can directly apply to the U of T through its application portal and the follow step-by-step procedure. All the required documents should be ready at hand along with the exam scores as per the department requirements. Some PG programmes may have an interview round as well. If a candidate is selected for this round, the University will contact them directly and share tips for interview preparation.

Applying through U of T Online Application System

The applicant needs to register as a ‘new applicant’ after which they will be taken to an instructions and FAQs page. Read the instructions carefully as it contains all the details about the application process.

Application form link:




Agree to all their T&Cs and click next to get to the Admissions Application Form page. There will be eight sections in total and remember not to leave the application incomplete else all the progress could be lost. Save the application after filling each sections. Do note that the system automatically logs out if there is 20 minutes of inactivity. Remember that no changes can be made to the information after paying the application fee.



When will I hear from the university after I submit my application?


Ideally, the University shares its decision regarding UG admission by February as most of the deadlines close by mid-January. However, there is a chance that a candidate may receive a reply much earlier if the programme seats fill in quickly before the final deadline. As PG programmes have various intakes, expect a response within a month after the final deadline is over.


Student Diversity & Preferred Profile


What are the chances to get into this university?


U of T is one of the most reputed universities in the world. The only way to get in is to have above-par scores and well-written application documents such as SOP and Essays.



How many Indian/International students are studying at the university?


U of T welcomes international students from over 159 countries and regions. Currently, the top five countries are China, India, United States, South Korea, and Hong Kong. In Fall 2019-2020, a total of 1,553 students from India got admitted in U of T.



Part Time Work While Studying


Can we work while studying here?


The University has a work-study programme that allows students to work while studying. It offers paid on-campus jobs where students can apply for jobs in their respective departments. This would allow them to gain deeper knowledge in their chosen field while strengthening their skills-set and giving them an edge over other job seekers in future.


Campuses & Accommodation


How many colleges and campuses does the university have?


U of T has three campuses, namely: St. George, Mississauga and Scarborough. They also follow the college system and have the following colleges associated with them:



Is on-campus housing available?


U of T offers on-campus housing for everyone given that the freshmen fill in their housing application as per the given schedule. The accommodation application will have a separate deadline, and the students have to submit it before the given date. Each campus has a different deposit and housing fee structure. Please check their respective websites for more details. Also, there is an application fee for on-campus housing, which is approx. CAD 250-350 (depending on the campus), non-refundable. Apart from this, students may choose meal plans as per their liking or have their meal at nearby restaurants. Various restaurants like the Pita Pit, Subway, Booster Juice, grab-and-go kiosks, etc. are present on the campus. Students may also stay off-campus as it is well-connected with surrounding areas. One can use the bus, subway, streetcar lines, GO trains, bike trails, or a campus-to-campus shuttle to reach the University.


University Contact Information


Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?


Contact Enrolment Services for any admission related query.

Address: University of Toronto, 172 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 0A3


St. George Campus: 416-978-2011

Mississauga Campus (UTM): 905-569-4455

Scarborough Campus (UTSC): 416-287-8872


For UG

Contact No: 416-978-2190

Raise query:

For PG

Contact No: 416-978-6614



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