Do the visa officer know about admits?

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Updated on Jan 30, 2020 17:39 IST

Getting education abroad involves a lot of steps. One of the biggest hurdles that any aspiring international student has to overcome is to acquire their Student Visa for studying abroad successfully. While planning to continue education abroad, it is imperative to have a visa. Without it, you will not get an entry to the foreign land and permission to stay there for a prolonged period.

Once you have to apply to the universities where you want to pursue your higher education and the next step is to complete all the prerequisites for getting your student visa. There will be some places where you gain acceptance and others where you might face rejection. It is a regular aspect of choosing to pursue your education abroad. The question lies whether the visa officer knows about which universities you have gained admission and which of them have rejected you.

The answer to that question is ‘ NO.’ A visa officer will not know how many colleges you have applied for admission. It is always better, to be honest about your applications. The approval of your Visa does not depend on how many colleges or universities you have applied to and have been accepted or rejected.

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The approval of your Visa depends on the answers that you give to the visa officer. Another key factor for your visa approval is your financial status and the type of school you are applying to. These are the basic things that you need to answer with utmost honesty during your visa interview. The visa officer will know what you tell him or her. The officer may crosscheck the information that you provide and based on what you say may refer to the college to which you have applied and will be attending.

Things to make sure during the visa interview

There are certain things that you should keep in mind when attending a visa interview. The visa officer will wish to know whether you are planning to reside in a foreign country after completion of your education at the college or university which you have applied for admission. You must prepare convincing points to make the visa officer understand your aim of going abroad is mainly for educational purposes and not residential. You should be able to convince the officer that after completing your education, you will be heading back to your home country.

Another point is that the university that you have chosen promises you a work permit that will enable you to get a job and work in a foreign country after graduation. In such a situation, you must let the visa officer know about the situation. It does not matter if you have face rejection by multiple universities and colleges and gained approval by a couple of colleges. It will not be a factor of the outcome of the visa interview and whether or not your Visa is approved.

In general, the visa officer will not know about your admits and rejects beforehand. Only upon your indulging the information will the Visa Officer (VO) know about them. The visa officer may crosscheck your claims to assess your visa approval better. No matter what the case is, it is strongly advised for you to be honest during your visa interview, about which universities you applied to, from where did you get admission or rejection and reasons if the Visa officer asks. Please don't give even a single chance to Visa Officer to doubt you. Give all possible information with utmost honesty.

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