Understanding the Education System in the United States

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Education System in USA

US Education System

The US education system provides varieties of choices for international students. Early childhood education in the US is followed by primary school (popular as Elementary School in the United States), Middle School, Secondary School (popular as High School in the United States), and post-secondary education. Many students pursuing their higher studies in the US must be surprised to know that the US has no educational system. The Federal government can influence education only by the funding it offers, but this is limited.

However, starting the search for the best educational institution for their child, an individual should know about tutoring in the U.S. This will help parents to arrange their children’s education according to it. The USA is one of the best places to get higher education; choosing the best institution for your education is most important. The below blog will help parents by briefing them the complete information about the education system.

Different stages covered in Indian Education System are:

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  • Primary
  • Secondary   
  • Higher Secondary
  • Graduation
  • Post-Graduation/Masters

Major stages covered under the US Education System are:

  • Elementary school
  • Middle School
  • High school
  • Post-secondary (college)

As you see above the multiple stages of the education system of India and the USA. There is a huge difference between the US and Indian education systems.

Accreditation & Quality Assurance in the USA

Accreditation is the process used by the US Education System to ensure that the institutes meet and maintain the minimum standard of quality education. Schools, Post-secondary Institutions, and other institutions participate in accreditation. Federal and state governments acknowledge accreditation as the component by which institutional and automatic authenticity is guaranteed. In other words, certification by a recognized accrediting authority is accepted as the U.S. likeness to other countries abroad.

Types of Accreditation in the USA

  • School-Level Accreditation
  • Post-secondary Accreditation
  • Federal Recognition & Approval
  • Diploma Mills & Fraud
  • Other Quality Assurance Provisions

Types of Higher Education Institutions in the USA

  1. State College or University

These types of colleges or universities are supported and run by a state or local government. The US comprises 50 states, each state-run at least one university or college for providing quality higher education to students at low rates. E.g. The University of California or Texas A&M University.

  1. Private College of University

A branch of the government in the USA runs these colleges and universities. They are always in demand among international students to study in USA. These private U.S. universities and colleges are smaller in size than state schools.

  1. Community Colleges

Community colleges offer two-year certification or associate degrees, which are transferable. Generally, Community college graduates transfer to universities or four-year colleges to complete their degrees. They are allowed to share the credits that they have earned in the community college.

  1. Technology Institutes

Technology Institutes offer at least four years of education to students in science and technology. Some institutes have graduate programs while others offer short-term courses to students.

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Difference between Indian and American Education System



No flexibility

Flexibility in selecting subjects

Stress on academic performance

The stress of exploring the concepts

More focus on theoretical learning

Sports and extracurricular activities are given due importance

Use of traditional teaching methods

Use of the latest technological methods in teaching

Pros of the US Education System

  • Diversity

The US offers a range of courses and majors in the English language to international students. Students can choose any area to study from top Universities in USA. The US Education system has many diverse programs that attract students from all over the world.

  • Flexible Education

The US Education system is one of the most diverse systems for international students to study abroad. US universities offer the program with proper practical knowledge. Students get up-to-date facilities and technologies at universities in the United States.

  • Students Life

Because of the high academic standard, most US Universities attract students from all around the world. Students will get a chance to meet with top-notch professors who offer better knowledge to them.

Cons of the US Education System

  • Tuition Fees

One of the major cons of the US Education system is its high tuition fees for the high standard of quality education. The education cost in the USA is the highest in the world because of some popular universities it has like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, etc.

  • Admission Process

Students have to follow a complicated admission process to get into US Universities. They must have strong academic records to be eligible for the top universities. US Universities ask for admission tests such as SAT, ACT, MCAT, TOEFL or IELTS, etc.

  • Social Benefits

The major cons of studying in the US is the finite accessibility to benefits like social security, healthcare, etc. offered by the Government for US citizens.

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Hi MAhesh, Cloud Computing, MIS, Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction and Data Science are some of the subjects that can be taught in Computer Science. However, subjects can vary from university to university. Please refer to the list of universities that offer MS in CS in USA and loo...Hi MAhesh, Cloud Computing, MIS, Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction and Data Science are some of the subjects that can be taught in Computer Science. However, subjects can vary from university to university. Please refer to the list of universities that offer MS in CS in USA and look at what they are offering in detail:

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