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As is the rule with any exam, you need to be at the TOEFL testing centre at least half an hour early to get settled. Make sure you visit the centre address a day before so you know where to go. While entering, there is usually a security screening to make sure no one cheats. There will be provisions for lockers or a second room where you can keep your phone and other things that are not allowed into the testing centre, which brings me to my next topic.

What to bring

Everything you need for the exam will be provided at the exam centre. You need to carry your registration number/admit card, ID (passport in case of Indian students). Since TOEFL is a computer-generated exam, you don’t need to bring paper and a pencil; they are anyway provided at the centre in case you need to make notes. You are allowed to bring water and snacks for a break.

It is recommended that the snack you bring has a bit of sugar/glucose in it. It could be a sweet protein bar that will satiate your hunger for a longer time. Make sure you don’t overdose on sugar, as that will affect your concentration.

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During the Test

You will be provided with paper for taking notes and a pencil. For the Listening and Speaking section, you will have headphones with an attached microphone with which you will be recording your answers. There will be a 10-minute break halfway through the exam, after the Reading and Listening sections. That is just enough time to snack a bit and stretch your body. In case of an emergency, you can take breaks during the test but the clock will continue ticking.

After the Test

When you are finished, you can collect your belongings and leave the test room. You can leave early if you want.


  1. You don’t need to stress about TOEFL as if you have been taught English since childhood, you shouldn’t have issues performing well.
  2. Before starting the Reading section, take a minute or two to compose yourself.
  3. Don’t study on test day. It will only stress you out rather than do any good.
  4. Solve lots of practice tests.
  5. Most computer test centres are air-conditioned, so wear comfortable and warm clothes. You don’t want cold feet (literally) on the test day.
  6. For the Writing section, you get only 20 minutes. They may seem adequate, but they are about enough to proofread your essay only once. So be quick!
  7. You need to concentrate hard during the Speaking and Listening sections. The headphones provided will not be noise-cancelling ones, so you need to listen hard.
  8. You don’t need to yell into the microphone, your response is best recorded in natural tone and volume.
  9. Try not to hesitate while speaking. It is hard, but you have to practice speaking in a continuous flow. If you become blank during speaking, take a pause for a couple of seconds and resume.

Keep these simple tips in mind and attempt the TOEFL exam with a calm mind. If you have any other suggestions please write them down in the comments section bel

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