Duolingo English Test Slot Booking 2023: When and How to Book a Slot


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Updated on Mar 13, 2023 22:35 IST

Duolingo Test Booking is done at the time of registration. Duolingo English Test is a completely online test that can be taken anytime, anywhere. One needs to book the slot for taking the Duolingo exam. One can book the Duolingo slot at the time of registration. As it is an online test, candidates need not visit a test center or take an appointment to take the DET exam. Once the Duolingo registration process is complete, candidates have 21 days to take the Duolingo English test. The test taker can take the test anytime during these 21 days. However, candidates need to make sure that they follow Duolingo's guidelines and rules completely, as Duolingo is quite strict regarding its policies. In this article, we will inform you everything about the Duolingo Slot Booking.

Also, you need to prepare for the test in advance, so, you can attempt the exam within those 21 days or you need to book them again. The candidate has to pay the Duolingo fee every time he books the exam. Apart from booking the test, candidates also have the option of cancellation and rescheduling the Duolingo English Test. Test takers have the choice to either cancel or reschedule the whole or part of the test. Apart from this, certain conditions are imposed once the candidate has attempted the test once.

Duolingo English Test Slot Booking

Candidates need to first register for the Duolingo English test. You need to pay a Duolingo test fee of $49 to complete the registration process. After this, you can book the test anytime within 21 days. For Duolingo test booking you need to log into Duolingo's official site. If you are ready then you can attempt the Duolingo English test a few minutes after the Duolingo's registration process.

Unlike other English language proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE, Duolingo can book the slot just a few minutes before taking the Duolingo exam. Before booking the slot make sure you meet all the test requirements like a working computer/laptop, Windows or macOS, a front-facing camera, a microphone, speakers, a reliable internet connection, and a quiet well-lit room. Steps to take the Duolingo English test.

  • Step 1: Visit the official Duolingo English test site
  • Step 2: Login as a user
  • Step 3: Fill in the details
  • Step 4: Click on 'Start the test'

Duolingo English Test Slot Booking Fees

When we look at the Duolingo English test slot booking fee than it is quite less in comparison to IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE fees. According to Duolingo, it is a convenient, fast, and affordable test. The Duolingo test fee is $49. Also, one can results to as many schools as you want for free.

Duolingo Slot Booking and Reschedule Fees

Slot booking fee


Reschedule fee


Cancellation fee


Reschedule or Cancel Duolingo English Test

Duolingo exam can be cancelled or rescheduled anytime. If the candidate doesn't attempt the test within the awarded 21 days then the test automatically stands canceled. And for any kind of cancellation, no fee is refunded. The candidate just has to complete the registration process for taking the exam. In case of a reschedule, a candidate has to register for the test again and the period of 21 days starts again. So, practically one registers for the test again. Below mentioned are the steps to reschedule or cancel the Duolingo exam.

  • Step 1: Visit Duolingo's official site
  • Step 2: Login as a register user
  • Step 3: Go to the test cancel option
  • Step 4: Submit your details and select 'Cancellation'
  • Step 5: Log out after confirming

Right time to book the Duolingo time slot

Although candidates get 21 days after booking the Duolingo test to attempt it, however, we suggest you book it when you are fully prepared for it. As you need to pay every time you register for DET. Even if you have 21 days, one should be clear when you will be taking the test. Also, Duolingo delivers the scores within 48 hours, so, one need not wait for the score report for too long. Apart from this, also make sure that all the equipment are fully-functional and you have a decent internet connection before starting with the exam.




Marchee Nyanh

2 months ago

I need the official email for the test

Reply to Marchee Nyanh


Aloysius Albertin

6 months ago

What is the official page to book the test?

Reply to Aloysius Albertin


Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert

3 months ago

Hi, we have given the official page link in the above article.

I want to do Ms In USA, does writing Duolingo add value to my profile? and can I get admission to a good university by showing my Duolingo score?

Reply to mohammed samiullah


Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert

7 months ago

Hi, just the Duolingo score won't be sufficient for securing admission to an MS program in the US. You need to fulfill all other requirements of the university.


parvinder kaur

9 months ago

After book the exam. How much days the exam is valid to attempt. Please reply me?

Reply to parvinder kaur


Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert

9 months ago

Hi Parvinder, you need to take the exam within 21 days of purchase.



10 months ago

Is any of negative comment on Quora about Duolingo English test true ?

Reply to Aman


Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert

10 months ago

Hi Aman, someone may have negative experience but if the university is accepting Duolingo marks then you can take the exam.

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