GMAT 2022 Preparation Tips: Section Wise GMAT Preparation Plan, Study Material & Best Books


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Piyush Kohli

Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert

Updated on Jun 7, 2022 17:00 IST

Preparing for GMAT isn’t that impossible of a task as it is made out to be. All you need is a focus and clarity of action. You can choose to study on your own or you can join a coaching center. Both these methods work perfectly fine, it all depends on your priorities.

To choose the best method on how to prepare for the GMAT you first need to look at your criteria and decide accordingly. To be able to study on your own effectively, you need good GMAT books and resources, along with study material, motivation, and self-discipline. If time is a constraint and one needs professional guidance to ensure a competitive edge in GMAT exam preparation, then joining a coaching center for GMAT is the better option.

5 Best Practices to prepare for the GMAT?

Those who are going to give the GMAT exam 2022 can go through these top 5 GMAT preparation tips.

  1. Learn all about the test sections and frame your study plan accordingly
  2. Candidates should frame a proper GMAT study plan and follow that judiciously
  3. Gather GMAT prep material online and offline. There are a lot of online GMAT prep materials that you can use to prepare for the GMAT test
  4. As it is a limited-time test, develop skills that will come in handy while giving the test. Find your weak area and work on it, so, it will not affect your performance on the entire exam
  5. Practice more and more! As they say, practice makes a man perfect, you need to apply this while preparing for the exam and once you are complete with your preparation go for the free GMAT sample papers. It will help you in finding how well you are prepared for the test

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GMAT Study Material 2022

If you take the route of self-study to prepare for GMAT, there are the best books for GMAT preparation 2022 along with study materials and GMAT study plans available to help you. GMAC has its own official study guide and free software. Refer to the following GMAT guides and books to help create a study plan -

  • The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 2022 – This exam guide includes more than 900 questions from past GMAT exams, a diagnostic section to help you assess where to focus your efforts, and invaluable test-taking tips and strategies to help you get the score you want. 
  • Free GMATPrep Software – this software includes ninety free questions – 30 Quantitative, 45 Verbal, and 15 Integrated Reasoning – with answers and explanations, tools to create your own practice question set, two full-length practice tests with answers, etc.
  • Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides - This set includes: GMAT Roadmap; Fractions, Decimals, & Percents; Algebra; Word Problems; Geometry; Number Properties; Critical Reasoning; Reading Comprehension; Sentence Correction; Integrated Reasoning & Essay.
  • Kaplan GMAT 800: Advanced Prep for Advanced Students - Tips for test-taking, proven strategies for getting a perfect score of 800, and focused guidelines for tackling each question type all combine for the ideal preparation tool for the most ambitious student.

Section-wise preparation tips for GMAT

Learn how to prepare for the GMAT and go through the GMAT exam preparation tips section-wise. Learn about the GMAT exam pattern and syllabus and plan your routine strategically covering topic by topic. Making slow progress but continuous efforts will help you achieve a GMAT score of 700 or above.

GMAT Preparation Tips: Integrated Reasoning section

  • This section includes 12 questions with a time of 30 minutes. Ideally, a test taker should complete the section in 25 minutes and keep the last 5 minutes for revising and also keep an eye on unsolved questions if any
  • Make sure to cover every topic whether, graphics interpretation or table analysis, so, you can attempt the GMAT test confidently
  • Go through the books and study material to prepare for the test

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GMAT Preparation Tips: Quantitative section

  • This section includes 31 questions and a time limit of 62 minutes
  • Cover questions related to Data Sufficiency and Problem-solving while practicing
  • In an ideal situation, you should complete the questions in 55 minutes and keep the rest of the time to visit the unsolved questions and revision
  • Memorizing the mathematical formulas used in these topics will help in increasing the speed
  • Practice both easy and tricky questions to cover the entire GMAT syllabus


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GMAT Preparation Tips: Verbal section

  • A total of 65 minutes are allotted for the Verbal Section of the GMAT test during which you need to solve 36 questions
  • This section tests your English language skills and usage. For the Verbal section enhance your grammar with grammar books and read newspaper editorials
  • The section will have questions from various topics like reading passages, critical reasoning and idioms, synonyms-antonyms, sentence correction, and subject-verb agreement
  • Cover all these topics while preparing and using different guide books as this section will also test your reasoning and analytical skills

Read: GMAT preparation tips: Analytical Writing Assessment

GMAT Preparation Tips: Analytical Writing Assessment

  • A total of 30 minutes are allotted to the Analytical Writing Section
  • Try to wrap up the writing assignment in 25 minutes and spare the last 5 minutes for revising the written content
  • Develop habit of reading and try to read topics from different areas
  • Read newspapers that will be of great help to prepare for the Writing section
  • Read articles that argue on relevant topics and also highlight examples
  • Try to remember important points in a topic and practice continuously, so, you can use them while writing
  • Practice writing on different topics and highlight argumentative points
  • Try to increase your speed, so, manage time efficiently

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These preparation tips will help you understand how to improve your GMAT scores to get into better colleges. Getting a great score on the GMAT exam isn't a difficult task, and just requires proper planning and preparation.

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How much time do you need to spend to prepare for the IELTS test?

Preparing for the GMAT is time taking. Frame a strategy and plan how much time you require to prepare to get the desired test score. It may take 3 months or 120+ hours to prepare for the test and review the complete GAMT syllabus once.

Is 1 year enough to prepare for the GMAT test?

One year is a long enough time to prepare for the GMAT test. You need at least 3 months to prepare for the GMAT exam 2022. Many students prepare for more than three months, as consistent efforts will bring the desired results. One can understand the fundamentals and concepts and prepare effectively in this time.

Student Success Stories for GMAT

Here are some student success stories and tips to help you understand how to get a high score on GMAT:

GMAT Preparation FAQs

How to take a free GMAT Sample Practice Test?

Although there are a lot of sources available online to prepare for the GMAT exam, however, candidates can access free GMAT practice tests on the GMAC site ( They need to download the GMAT prep software and create an account and get GMAT practice tests.

Can anyone get a perfect 800 score on GMAT?

Getting a perfect GMAT score i.e. 800 is not at all easy and not many test takers achieve this feat. Out of almost 2,00,000 test-takers annually, only a handful of candidates able to get a perfect GMAT score. With consistent efforts and perfect strategy, one can get a good score, however, getting a perfect score is quite difficult.

Where Can I get GMAT Prep Material for free?

There are various sources where one can get GMAT prep material for free. Below are some of the sources to get free GMAT prep material:
  • The official GMAT website ( offers tips to prepare for the exam.
  • Veritas prep offers free GMAT lessons and free tools that will come in handy while preparing for the exam.
  • Manhattan Prep offers free GMAT online prep tools that are very useful for candidates preparing for the GMAT exam.

Which skills are tested in the GMAT?

GMAT tests different skill sets like the ability to think critically, ability to analyse data and draw conclusions using reasoning skills. So, one needs to develop these skills to get a decent score in order to get admission to their dream B-school.

Where can I get free GMAT practice tests?

Candidates can get two full-length GMAT practice tests by GMAC on its free GMAT prep software. Once you create an account, you can download the software and access both the tests. Candidates also get overall 90 free GMAT practice questions including 45 Verbal, 30 Quantitative, and 15 Integrated reasoning questions.

When to take free GMAT practice tests?

Candidates should start doing free GMAT practice tests once they reach a stage where they have finished half of their preparation for the test. Also, once you are finished with your complete preparation then you should do a free practice test every 3-4 days before the real test.

Can I prepare for the GMAT on my own?

There are different ways to prepare for the GMAT exam including online courses, private coaching, and in-person classes. At times, timing or pricing can be an issue for some candidates, for them, self-study can be a good option.

Can I use a calculator in the GMAT exam?

Candidates are not allowed to bring their calculators for the exam. Test centers themselves provide candidates with a basic calculator that can be used during the Integrated Reasoning section only. Candidates are also offered markers and note boards for doing the calculation in the Quantitative section.

How can I take the GMAT mock test?

One can take the GMAT practice test anytime, however, make sure you take the exam in the same way as you are going to take the real test. If you are going to attempt the Writing section first then do the same in the mock tests as well. Do not take extra time, and complete the test in one sitting.

How can I prepare for the GMAT exam at home?

There is a lot of GMAT study material available online which you can access and start preparing. Those who do not want to go for coaching/tutoring can study at home and can prepare for the GMAT test on their own. Make sure to prepare a sound strategy to prepare effectively. Also, give practice tests once you are through with the preparation. It is always better to understand your weakness and work on them.

Is the GRE exam easier than GMAT?

The GMAT test might be easy for those go prefer logical problems instead of Geometry as there are more Geometry questions in the GRE. Also, the Quantitative section is harder in the GMAT in comparison to the GRE. The verbal section in the GRE can be difficult for non-native English speakers. Candidates can go back and forth in the  GRE test, whereas in GMAT one doesn't have the freedom to save and return to each section during the exam.




Sreya Susan Solu

8 months ago

I am applying for PG in the English Literature and Creative Writing course. As GRE/GMAT includes the Maths portion, business-related-like analytical thinking parts, I want to know if GRE/ GMAT is for MBA only or everyone should take it?

Reply to Sreya Susan Solu



5 months ago

Please check the entry requirements of the universities offering MA in English:



5 months ago

Hi Sreya, GRE is required for MS courses and GMAT is required for management or business-related courses. You need to give IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE to prove your English language proficiency for studying English Literature.


Vaibhav Mali

8 months ago

I am studying bsc chemistry, is I am able to study MBA , because I want to do my post graduation in mba

Reply to Vaibhav Mali


Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert

8 months ago

Hi Vaibhav, good MBA colleges prefer candidates to have certain work experience for studying MBA. Please refer to the below URL and check the entry requirements of the universities offering MBA abroad:


Akash kumar ray

8 months ago

what things should be on profile to get high changes of geeting schlorship and admission into top b schools.

Reply to Akash kumar ray


Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert

8 months ago

Hi Akshay, as such there is no set format, but you should have good academic record and relevant work experience. Please refer to the below URL and learn how to prepare a resume for MBA applications:, get...Hi Akshay, as such there is no set format, but you should have good academic record and relevant work experience. Please refer to the below URL and learn how to prepare a resume for MBA applications:
Also, getting a scholarship depends on a lot of factors like excellent academic background and strong profile. You can also check the entry requirements of the top B-schools:


Alimatu Bangura

9 months ago

I have take my Duolingo test and they said my score is on a scale of 160 what does that mean

Reply to Alimatu Bangura


Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert

9 months ago

Hi Alimatu, this means that you will be scored out of 160. Please refer to the below URL for more information on Duolingo exam:


parikshit p

10 months ago

Is 2.36 GPA eligible enough in USA for MBA ?

Reply to parikshit p


Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert

10 months ago

Hi Parikshit, please check the entry requirements of the universities offering MBA in USA and apply accordingly:

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