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GRE Preparation 2022: Candidates looking to perform well in their GRE test would be required to follow a solid GRE Preparation strategy to achieve their desired goal. This article has been solely dedicated to providing the best GRE study material 2022 for our readers. Read on to unlock the GRE study plan to score well in your next GRE exam.

Similar to other exam prep, you can choose to study on your own or join a coaching centre to prepare for the GRE exam. The decision lies entirely to you, as you need to see whether you have enough time and resources for both. Newer methods of studying are gaining popularity, like GRE preparation online. It includes both self-studying and coaching class methods. You join a virtual classroom and you learn in the comfort of your home. To choose the best method on how to prepare for GRE you first need to look at your criteria and decide accordingly.

Top 10 GRE Preparation Tips

A lot of students are confused and ask, How to study for the GRE? We are going to dive right in and discuss the best GRE study material for them. Study abroad expert, Rachael Brandt writes the top 10 Tips and Tricks for the GRE, which are

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Know what you're getting into
  3. Take lots of practice tests
  4. Start studying vocabulary
  5. Focus on your subject
  6. Don't ignore the other subject
  7. Use good materials
  8. Know question types
  9. Keep an error log
  10. Plan on taking the exam twice

Effective GRE Preparation Strategies

Section-wise GRE Preparation Strategies: The first section on the GRE is always the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section. This section comprises two analytical writing tasks -- an analysis of an issue task and an analysis of an argument task. These two tasks are timed separately and you get 30 minutes to complete each task. This section is followed by two Verbal Reasoning sections, two Quantitative Reasoning sections, and an unidentified unscored section which may be either a Verbal Reasoning section or a Quantitative Reasoning section. For students to master the section-wise preparation for GRE, we have Subhajit Bandyopadhyay, Academics - Head (Emeritus) writing about the Section-wise Preparation Tips for GRE for our readers - a must-read.

Download this guide to read it offline

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What is the Best Way to Prepare for GRE?

Candidates should note that there is no set template for preparation. What might work for Person A does not have to necessarily be right for Person B and vice versa. Hence, we have through this article provided a list of multiple learning techniques and we expect our readers to select the one that most suits their needs and follow the same to score better in their GRE exams. 

How Can I Prepare for GRE at Home?

Candidates should not get confused about preparing for GRE at Home and preparing for GRE for the test centre. As both the tests are the same, only the test environment is different. A lot of times, test takers could get overwhelmed. Candidates should note that ETS - the conducting body of the GRE exam has started conducting the GRE test at home for candidates who are looking to appear for the GRE test from the safety of the home. Candidates who do not have a conducive environment at home or the necessary system requirements can appear for the test from the GRE test centre if the COVID-19 local restrictions allow.

How Long Does it take to Prepare for the GRE exam?

This is again a very personalized question. While some test takers may take two to three months to reach their optimum level of preparation for their GRE test, others could take a longer or shorter duration to study. Hence, there is no set time frame. Candidates are encouraged to schedule their GRE tests only once they have completely prepared for the GRE test. 

How to Study for the GRE in One Month

If you are focused and confident about your GRE prep, a 30-day GRE study plan will work out great for you, as long as you have the required time. You will need to dedicate at least 2-3 hours a day on average; that too, only if your basic math concepts are clear. If they are not, you’ll need more hours per day. Also, if you are good at certain sections, you can skip the sections you know you don’t need to review. So essentially this guide can be customized to your strong and weak areas.

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GRE Study Material 2022

When you're preparing for the GRE, it can feel like you're awash in a sea of advice. Some of it is good, some of it's bad, and some of it's just plain unhelpful. So, let's narrow it down. What can you do now to ensure you get the best score before your exam? Here we have provided section-wise GRE preparation tips and tricks for our readers. 

When to start preparing for GRE? 

GRE prep tips: Analytical Writing

GRE prep tips: Quantitative section

GRE prep tips: Verbal Reasoning section

GRE Preparation Online

Whether you are planning to pursue a master’s course in law, business, or any other graduate course, you need to take the GRE test, which is accepted by thousands of schools across the globe. For the benefit of our readers, we also have a very dedicated GRE sample papers section for candidates to visit for the latest GRE study material. Here, the study material available is online and the GRE study material has been sourced from the most reliable sources and is in tune with the current GRE Exam Syllabus and GRE exam pattern.  

The GRE Test evaluates the candidates on their verbal, analytical, and mathematical skills. Whereas, the Subject Test focuses on judging the candidates’ abilities in specific areas. The GRE General Test is taken by students from various educational backgrounds and it provides schools with common selection criteria for comparing candidates' qualifications. We have collated the latest GRE sample questions and brought them together for our readers. They can be found below.

Solve GRE questions papers here:

GRE Practice Test

GRE Analytical Writing Practice Test

GRE Quantitative Practice Test

GRE Verbal Practice Test

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Online GRE Prep

One big question everyone preparing for the GRE faces is figuring out how to start the GRE preparation. Some prefer good old private tuitions, coaching classes, or self-studies, the most recent favourite among students is online prep courses. If you are confused between coaching classes or online prep, here are a few points clarifying why online exam prep is suddenly a rage among test-takers internationally.

  1. Convenient and customizable
  2. Personalized lessons
  3. Learn at your speed
  4. Evaluation
  5. Cost-effective

GRE Preparation Material (section-wise)

As mentioned earlier, the GRE exam is made up of multiple sections that come together to make the GRE test. Read on as we provide important section-wise preparation tips for candidates looking to prepare for the GRE exam. 

How to prepare for GRE Analytical Writing?

The GRE Analytical Writing section is designed to assess critical thinking and analytical writing skills, which is reflected by your ability to express complex ideas clearly and effectively while maintaining a coherent and focused discussion. Many students lose sight of the fact that the test does not evaluate their content knowledge. So what opinion you provide has no right or wrong answer.

1. Note that your AWA tasks will be selected from the pool of tasks, which has been published by ETS at However, don't even think of practising writing your responses to all the topics and tasks. Writing your responses while taking the full-length practice tests should be enough, but do get the essays scored and review them.

2. Refer to the Official Guide to know the specific instructions one of which will accompany each AWA task. There are only six instructions relating to the issue task and eight instructions relating to the argument task. You must address the issue and the argument according to the specific instructions accompanying each task.

3. Do practice writing the AWA responses while taking every practice test.

4. Do have a template in mind for writing your AWA responses; that will help you sail through the AWA section with ease so that you are able to tackle the subsequent verbal and quant sections with full energy and zeal.

5. Do not forget that in the argument task you are not supposed to comment or discuss whether the statements in the argument are true or not. You should not state whether you agree or disagree with the position stated. In other words, you must not express your own views on the subject. You are just required to evaluate the soundness of the argument according to the specific instructions accompanying the argument.

How to prepare for GRE Verbal Reasoning Section?

The Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE is often seen as difficult as the mathematics portion due to a big amount of vocabulary included. The purpose of the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE is to assess your comprehension of written material and your ability to evaluate it. The GRE Verbal Reasoning test also measures your skill in analyzing sentence structure and your understanding of relationships between words and concepts.

1. Appreciate the importance of vocabulary in the verbal section of the GRE remembering that the words that you should know must be the sort of words that are likely to appear on the GRE. At the same time, no set of words is ever enough for your GRE prep. Keep learning words till such time you take the GRE exam. Learn the secondary meanings of the words as well.

2. Don't use only just one technique to learn all the words. Do maintain a vocab journal (register), use flashcards, use etymology, use mnemonics, use vocab games, and also do use online apps and tools to learn words.

3. Along with words, do learn how to answer the Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion questions. Just learning words will not suffice; you must also know the techniques that you should use to solve the Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion questions.

4. Never plug in the answer choices in the blanks to solve Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion questions. Focus on clues and triggers (if any) to come up with your own word or phrase and then use the process of elimination.

5. Remember that the two credited responses in a sentence equivalence question need not necessarily be synonyms.

How to prepare for GRE Quantitative Section?

The Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE General Test examines your basic mathematical skills, understanding of elementary mathematical concepts, and ability to reason with numbers and to solve problems with quantitative methods.

1. Do not ignore Math fundamentals. Although there may be very few questions solely based on math fundamentals, it may be impossible for you to solve several maths questions unless you are thorough with math fundamentals.

2. Give due importance to the math topics that are tested more extensively on the GRE rather than the topics from which there are likely to be fewer questions. For example, give more importance to the number system, averages, percentages, and ratio-proportion, etc. rather than to permutation-combination and probability. You can start paying more attention to the latter topics after you have mastered the former more commonly tested topics.

3. Refer to the Official Guide and take a look at the list of all the math topics that may appear on the GRE; make sure you master each and every topic.

4. Keep in mind that although GRE doesn’t test you on esoteric math concepts, questions are often tricky. You should, therefore, learn to identify and avoid trap answers.

5. While you do have a (drop-down) calculator to use in the quant section, remember that it provides you only basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (and square-root). Further, the calculator is not very easy to use, but you must use it when necessary. Therefore, start using the calculator from the very beginning for practice, but remember that very often the moot point to determine is whether or not to use the calculator.

Top 6 ways that technology can help with GRE Preparation

Learning is no longer limited to classrooms, tuition teachers, and the library. With the perks that accompany the advancement of technology, the avenues opening up for learning are aplenty. In fact, even preparing for standardized tests such as GRE has become far easier than before, thanks to technology.

  1. Personalized Learning
  2. Mobile learning
  3. A Variety of learning techniques
  4. Online Tutoring
  5. Online Simulation Tests
  6. Online discussion forums

Best Books for GRE Preparation 2022

GRE study material: If you take the route of self-study to prepare for GRE, there are a lot of GRE preparation material and GRE study plans available to help you. The official ETS has its own official study guide and a mobile app. Refer to the following GRE books and guides to help you create a study plan -

  • The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test, Second Edition - Both the book and eBook feature two actual, full-length tests, hundreds of authentic GRE test questions, explanations for many answers, test-taking strategies, sample essay responses with reader commentary, and more.
  • The Official GRE Guide app - It gives you access to authentic test questions with answers and explanations, plus valuable test-taking tips and strategies. The Official GRE Guide app is the most accurate and informative GRE revised General Test preparation available in an interactive, electronic format.
  • Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions, Volume One - this guide includes an authoritative overview of the GRE Analytical Writing measure, complete with sample writing tasks, and scored sample responses.
  • Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions, Volume One – This book offers 150 never-before-published Quantitative Reasoning questions with complete explanations. It also includes a review of the math topics you need to know for the test.
  • ScoreItNow! Online Writing Practice Service for the GRE revised General Test – This service is a web-based tool that can help you sharpen your analytical writing skills and prepare for the Analytical Writing section of the GRE revised General Test. 
  • Manhattan Prep - They offer 8 test-taking strategy guides, focusing on each of the tests content areas including Algebra, Fractions, Decimals & Percents, Geometry, Number Properties, and Word Problems.

GRE Subject Test Preparation

Candidates can check out this way as we update our readers with the best GRE preparation material for their GRE Subject Tests

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Exam Day Tips for GRE

This is the most important day for the test taker as all the days of preparation and hard work would culminate in your performance on the GRE Exam day. Hence, candidates are advised to follow important GRE Exam day tips to be able to perform their best on the day of the exam.

GRE Preparation Tips FAQs

What is a good GRE score out of 340?

There is no such thing as a good GRE score. Every university would have its own GRE Score cut-off and students are required to achieve scores equal or higher than the set grade. Candidates should note that higher GRE scores would automatically increase their chances of securing a seat in the university and also make them a front runner for any scholarships being offered by the university.

Is GRE easy to crack?

For a candidate who is well versed with the GRE syllabus and who has prepared well for the GRE exam with total sincerity and enthusiasm would be able to crack the GRE exam.

What is a good score in GRE?

There is no such thing as a good GRE score. Every university would have its own GRE Score cut-off and students are required to achieve scores equal or higher than the set grade. Candidates should note that higher GRE scores would automatically increase their chances of securing a seat in the university and also make them a front runner for any scholarships being offered by the university.

What does the GRE registration cost?

Indian nationals would be required to pay US $213 to register for the GRE test. Special requests such as late registrations and rescheduling come with an additional cost as is mentioned in the article above.

Is 302 a good GRE score?

There is no such thing as a good GRE score. Every university would have its own GRE Score cut-off and students are required to achieve scores equal or higher than the set grade. Candidates should note that higher GRE scores would automatically increase their chances of securing a seat in the university and also make them a front runner for any scholarships being offered by the university.

Can you pass the GRE without studying?

Candidates are highly recommended to prepare for the test before booking their GRE test slot.

Does the GRE really take five (5) hours?

Absolutely not. The total testing time for the GRE General Test is around three hours and 45 minutes, plus short breaks.

Is it better to guess or leave blank on GRE?

Candidates should note that if no questions are answered for a specific measure (e.g., Verbal Reasoning), then you will receive a No Score (NS) for that measure.

How can I prepare for GRE at home?

The Internet has definitely made the world small. Candidates can take the help of the internet to refer to information from the official GRE website that is both genuine and updated to the latest GRE syllabus. Candidates can also refer to our preparation guide and also use textbooks available online and offline and on the official GRE website.

What is the best way to prepare for GRE?

Personally, I feel the best way to prepare for any test including GRE would be to have a plan in mind. The plan should include a timetable that should cover the entire syllabus and also leave ample room for solving practice papers. Extra attention should be given to topics that are difficult for the candidate while at the same time solving easy sections.

How long does it take to prepare for the GRE test?

This is entirely at the discretion of the candidate. While students who have appeared for the GRE test before and are on their second attempt would take lesser time preparation time than first-time test takers. Putting a number would be technically not right.





3 weeks ago

If I have great GRE scores but my all over application is not good enough like CGPA and all will I get admitted in top universities?

Reply to Anushi


Rahul SinghaStudy Abroad Expert

3 weeks ago

Hello Anushi. You have to understand that competition among the top universities is fierce. So, though you have a good GRE score, you may not be able to make it to the top universities due to your overall academic performance. However, you could still get in touch with our counsellors for admissi...Hello Anushi. You have to understand that competition among the top universities is fierce. So, though you have a good GRE score, you may not be able to make it to the top universities due to your overall academic performance. However, you could still get in touch with our counsellors for admission to universities abroad:


sai tarun

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do I need to write GRE to study in Australia?

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Hello Sai. The GRE requirement would entirely depend on your University admission guidelines and is not destination specific. If the university requires GRE scores as part of the admission process. you are required to appear for the same.



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Is gre at home accepted in Canadian Universities?

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Hello Hayat. If you have any follow-up questions, do let me know.



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If we attempt gre at home ,will it be accepted in Canadian Universities ? Recently heard for few people,the scores got is attempting it at home a good option?

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Hello Hayat. It is difficult to say about Canadian Universities in general. You will have to check the application/admission guidelines of each university to understand what all universities accept GRE at Home exams and who doesn't.



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Which all german colleges can I get into with quantitative analysis 152 and verbal 144?

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