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Q. How can I cancel my GRE score?

A. Through GRE Score Select, candidates can select which score they want to report to the particular program they are applying to. Therefore, candidates need not cancel their scores in order to avoid reporting them. Although, candidates have the option to cancel their scores. After answering the last question, candidates will receive the option of cancelling their scores. If the candidate opts for cancellation, not just one section but the complete test will be cancelled.

If one section went good but the other was not so good, then don’t cancel the test otherwise the score for even one section won’t show up. Also, your score will be displayed once you accept them. Moreover, you won’t be able to cancel your scores once you viewed them.

After seeing the score, you can select the colleges/courses you want to send your scores to. Also, the exam fee won’t be refunded after cancellation.

Q. Is there any age limit for appearing for the GRE Exam? What is the eligibility criteria for appearing for GRE General Test?

A. As such, there is no age limit mentioned by the ETS, the body that conducts GRE. Anyone, who wants to pursue a master’s degree can go for GRE if it is required by the college/university they are applying to.

All those who want to pursue a masters or business degree can opt for the GRE General Test. Applicants from different academic backgrounds can give this test. 

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Q. Where I can get prep material for GRE?

A. The aspirants can get both free and paid GRE General Test preparation material from the official website of the GRE. With the help of preparation tools like POWERPREP® online, candidates can experience the feel of the actual test with the same test-taker friendly-design features that one will encounter on the test day. Students can experience features like an on-screen calculator, moving back and forth between questions, and changing answers within a section. Practising these features will help the aspirants in developing time management strategies and will make them familiar with the type of content they are going to see on the test day.

The aspirants can also get free study material for GRE Subject Tests from their official website. Those who registered for a subject test are advised to download the free practice book of the subject one wishes to appear for. The GRE Subject Test practice book comprises a full-length test and answers key and test-taking strategies along with the information which will make them familiar with the test.

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Q. Can the GRE score be checked online?

A. The scores of both GRE General and Subject tests can be viewed online. Generally, ETS, the body that conducts the GRE, declares the scores of the GRE General Test after 10 -15 days of the test. The official scores can be viewed in the ETS Account created by the aspirants at the time of registration.

Also, the result of the GRE Subject test is declared almost after five weeks after the test date. Candidates are informed through email, so they can check their ETS account and send the official score reports to the score recipients.

Q. How to send GRE Score Reports to the colleges/universities/institutions?

A. In the case of the computer-delivered GRE General Test, scores the candidates are asked to designate four score recipients at the test centre. They can select not to send their score reports at that time and send them at later date by paying an additional fee.  

In the case of a paper-delivered test, the candidates are asked to designate four score recipients at the time of registration. Candidates can choose not to report the scores at that time and send the latter by paying the additional fee.

Q. How can I order Additional Score Reports?

A. Additional Score Reports can be ordered online, through the mail or by fax. The aspirants are charged a fee of $27 for sending Additional Score Reports to every score recipient. Moreover, aspirants have the option of selecting the most recent, all or any specific test scores for GRE General or Subject Test. Also, the Score Report request cannot be changed, cancelled or refunded once submitted.

Q. How can I change the location and time of my test?

A. The aspirant should change or cancel the test registration no later than four days before the test date or his/her test fee will be fortified. If the candidate cancels the exam within the above mentioned time period, then he/she will be refunded half of the original test fee. Apart from this, if a candidate reschedules the exam, then he/she will be charged $50.

Q. How many times one can take the GRE General and Subject Test?

A. Candidates can take the computer-based GRE General Test up to five times in a rolling 12-month period. Also, the candidate can retake the exam once every 30 days.

The GRE Subject test can be taken as frequently as they are conducted. Also, candidates can take this exam many times if they think their true ability is not reflected.

Q. What is the difference between GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test?

A. Candidates looking to pursue masters opt for the GRE General Test whereas the GRE Subject Test measures candidates’ ability in a particular subject. Before registering for the Subject test, a candidate should always check with the college/program where one is applying actually requires a GRE Subject test or not. Only then a candidate should give the subject test, else there is no need to give the subject test along with the general test.

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