Reasons for Rejection of France Student Visa

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France has over the years become one of the top studies abroad destinations among Indian students because of its state-of-the-art quality education complete with world-class infrastructure and student-friendly policies. The international student-friendly university campus, part-time work optionspost-study work permit and a large pool of Indian students have made France a viable destination for Indian students wanting to study abroad.

Candidates wanting to enter France for the purpose of education would require to apply for a France student Visa. Candidates on successful possession of an admission letter from any French university/college are required to submit their application for a France Student Visa. While most of the student visas are processed within the set time limit, at times the student visa process can take longer to process and other times the visa application may get rejected altogether. Students should not worry about their visa application being rejected as students can always reapply a second time for their student visa. They should just remember to not make the same errors as they had made in their previous visa application.

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List of reasons for France Student Visa Rejection

Today we are going to talk about some common mistakes that can be easily avoided while submitting your France Student visa application.

Insufficient funds

Candidates going to France are required to be able to pay their tuition fees, their living costs and every other necessary expenditure while living in the country. By law, candidates would be required to show funds that cover their tuition and living expenses for a year or for the entire duration of the course (whichever is longer) and funds must have been significantly old in the account. A lot of times, these intricate details are left out by the candidate or taken lightly thus, leading to their Visa rejection. Candidates are advised to show more funds then the requisite amount by the authorities as this gives confidence to the profile of the student.

Inadequate or fake documents

A lot of times, candidates underplay the importance of supporting documents. Along with their Visa Application form, candidates are expected to submit supporting documents to make their application stronger. Candidates should be extra careful to note that all the documents required by the agency must be submitted in order and attested if necessary. The documents should be in English and according to international standards. Candidates should never provide documents that are fake or include forged signatures or fake proofs. Their visa application form is bound to be rejected as the authorities will find out the eventually about the ill practice adopted by the candidate. Candidates are advised against adopting any such unfair means.

Falling short on academic achievements

Candidates looking to apply among the top universities in France are required to show academic achievements to be able to meet the exceptional academic standards maintained by the country.  If students are unable to match such standards, it could lead to the cancellation of their France Student Visa application. The student visa could also be rejected if the issuing administration feels the student would not be able to cope with the prevalent education system or the student could experience a language barrier once in the country.

Providing Inaccurate Information

The most important document for the students applying for the France Student Visa is his France Student Visa Application Form. A lot of times, candidates provide inaccurate information which becomes the reason for the rejection of their Visa application. The Visa Application Form could be a complex document for first-timers and candidates could tend to misinterpret questions. Hence, the probability of making an error is huge and this should be avoided under all circumstances.

Language Barrier 

A lot of the universities in France would require candidates to know the basics of the French language. Universities and colleges that teach in the English language would require candidates to know English, they would at the time of admission requirements to appear for one of the English language proficiency tests to prove their English language skills. The best way around this would always be to know a little French. Most schools in India offer students to study a third language. Students should opt for French. Even if the university you are taking admission to is all English, knowing French could take you a long way during your job search in the country.

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Know the Host Country & Course

Candidates would definitely be required to explain their reason to choose France as a destination of choice and a particular course. Hence, it is important for candidates to make sure that they know and provide the accurate reasons for choosing France as a study destination above other destinations and they should also have a reason for opting for that particular course. Candidates should note that they are not looking for Wikipedia answers. They should be able to provide genuine reasons for their choices.

The Intention of Returning is Paramount 

Candidates should always have a backup plan ready back in India. Students should note that they are only traveling on a student visa. They would get a post-work-study visa and if things don’t work in their favor they would be required to come back. So they should be able to convince the authorities that once the legal tenure of stay is over they do plan to come back. Unable to show an intention that confirms return to India after his stay could lead to the cancellation of the application.

Lack of interview skills

The interview round for France Student Visa is extremely crucial and is a deciding factor for your student visa. Candidates should be able to exude confidence and charisma at the time of their interview. Candidates who go half-prepared or provide hesitant answers often miss out on the opportunity of getting their student visa. Candidates should be prepared with all the information as the interviewer expects the candidates to be aware of the country, state, city, university and study programs. Candidates who are facing problems with their France Student Visa can contact our state-of-the-art counseling team for getting their doubts cleared. Candidates should never display rude behavior, uncouth tendencies or use harsh language at any point of the interview as any misbehavior during the interview would lead to the cancellation of your application.

Candidates who have got rejected can always reapply for their France student visa after the cooling period is over. Cooling period of visa is the time required to be maintained between the submissions of two visa applications.

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