Geothe Institut in India: What is it and how can it help you?

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Srishti Chatterjee
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Updated on Apr 11, 2020 18:20 IST

When a thing of Germany or German Language, the student in India often comes across the name of Max Mueller Bhavan. The German Cultural Institute, also known as the Goethe Institute in India is a known centre for learning German and gaining certification in the same. But what about your study in Germany plans? How can the Goethe Institute help you in your journey to the land of ideas? Read on to know more about Goethe Institute or Max Mueller Bhavan and how it can help you.

A Centre for Cultural Exchange

Essentially put, Max Mueller Bhavan is a centre for Cultural Exchange. But what does that mean? It means it has been set up to promote German Culture and especially language in the country. And it is not merely in India. The Goethe Institute has been set up by the Federal Republic of Germany with the mission to promote German Language and Culture across the world.

In other words, it is a place that can tell you all about Germany. Designated counsellors and educators work with the centre to help educate people from around the world about the country, its cultural heritage, its languages and society as well as its political structure. It is an information centre which would give you every information about the country, as is relevant to a foreigner.

German Language Training and Testing Centre

As such, it is responsible for facilitating the right learning of the language. It is done by a variety of means. One of them is obviously direct coaching. There are designated centres set up all across the country and you can go and enrol in the same.

Apart from teaching the language, the institute is also the designated centre for conducting the standard and widely accepted German Language Proficiency Certificate – TestDAF. This might be necessary for you in case you are planning to take up a German taught program in Germany.

While the above two are directly linked with a student, the Goethe Institute also facilitates proper German Coaching by affiliating and certifying cultural societies and centres in the country. And if you are planning to study German in Germany, this is a place which would help you get there.

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How can it help?

Well, there are a number of ways. As it is a centre for exchange, it facilitates a lot of things. More importantly, it is a partner to DAAD – The German Academic Exchange Service which helps international students from all over the world to study in Germany. Let us list what all you can expect to get out of the Institute as a study abroad aspirant,

  1. Information regarding the country and its education sector
  2. Information regarding the examinations required
  3. German Language training and coaching
  4. Writing the German Language Proficiency Examinations (in India as well as Germany)
  5. Assistance with Scholarship based Information
  6. Assistance with selecting universities in Germany
  7. Helping with understanding the visa requirements
  8. Liaising with DAAD to assist a student get in touch with the right channels
  9. Information about the costs involved and funding options available
  10. Information about various accommodation alternative in Germany

Simply put, Goethe Institute can be an important first step to understanding what all it takes to study in Germany. However, it is important that it does not coordinate with the universities, nor provide funding nor help you with the visas. For that, you would have to get in touch with DAAD and reach out through Universities in Germany. It is, in other words, an Information Desk. It would tell you everything, guide you and assist you.

So start your journey to Germany and its excellent promises for education by simply walking to your nearest Goethe Institute and learning all about the country. For other information, we are always there! Check out all about Germany, the study structure, the scholarships and lot more on Shiksha Study Abroad Country Page.

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5 years ago

The Very nice blog helped me out. but I am working in MNC company. I want to get a job in Germany. So which certification I should do DSH or TestDAF and till what level.

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4 years ago

TestDAF TDN 3 is sufficient.

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