Top Common Reasons for rejection of Germany Student Visa

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Mar 25, 2022 22:00 IST

Germany Student Visa Rejection

German Student Visa Rejection – Germany is one of the most sought after study abroad destinations for Indians and students globally due to its low tuition fees. Anyone not living under a rock would be aware that public universities in Germany charge low or no tuition fees for students pursuing graduation and post-graduation studies. Aspirants are only required to pay a minimal administration fee every year as their education fee for public universities. Due to this very reason, every year lakhs of students apply to Germany for higher education. However, the dreams of a lot of aspirants prematurely come to an end when their German Student Visa is rejected. After closely discussing with our Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellors, we list the main reasons for Germany Student Visa Rejections.

Top Reasons for German Student Visa Rejections

Unable to meet Financial Requirements

While the tuition fee is waived off in the case of a public university and candidates are only required to pay a minimal administration fee per year. However, candidates are required to be financially stable to be able to live in the country and cover their other expenses such as living costs in Germany. To take care of this, the government of Germany has introduced the Blocked Account, where candidates are required to keep the money for their monthly use. Often candidates overlook this very important factor leading to their rejection of a German student visa.

Falling short on Academic Achievements

Candidates looking to apply in public and private universities are required to show academic achievements to be able to meet the exceptional academic standards maintained by the country. Students are unable to match such standards leading to the cancellation of their German student visas. The student visa could also be rejected if the issuing administration feels the student would not be able to cope with the prevalent education system in Germany.

Insufficient Language Skills

One of the biggest factors for German visa rejection is the inability to meet language skills. Candidates who are applying to German public universities would be required to have basic German skills. The candidate would be required to be able to read, understand and speak the basic German language. A lot of times, if the selected course is taught in German, the interview would also be conducted in German. Candidates would be required to know both the German language as well as be fluent in English providing proof of language proficiency for both. This is a major factor and a reason why German student visas are rejected. Check out how to write the Cover Letter for German Student Visa.

Lack of Interview Skills

The face-to-face interview for your German student visa is extremely important and is a deciding factor for your student visa. Candidates who go half-prepared or provide hesitant answers often miss out on the opportunity of getting their student visa. The interviewer expects the candidate who wishes to study among the best universities in Germany to be aware of the country, state, city, university and study programmes. Candidates who are facing problems with their German Student Visa can contact our state-of-the-art counselling team for getting their doubts cleared. Need more tips related to Visa Applications? Check out Interview tips for a student visa.

If your Visa application has been rejected once, you might want to refer: What to do if your student Visa gets rejected?. You can also write to us in case of any queries regarding any doubts you could have around the visa process. Note: The Visa Application Service is entirely independent and no organization can affect the decision of the same. Kindly bear this in mind. 

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Monica Raju


how can i learn german from India? does shiksha have any such teaching programs for german language?

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Rahul SinghaStudy Abroad Expert


Hello Monica. Shiksha does not have any teaching programs. But you can always refer to the German embassy/consulate official website for official German-language centres recommended by them. it is always advisable to opt for their courses as you will be guaranteed quality.

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