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The effectiveness of a country's leaders is best measured by examining the well-being of that country's citizens.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider ways in which the statement might or might not hold true and explain how these considerations shape your position.

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Going hard-on while encouraging the idea that a leader’s success entirely depends on the welfare of his subjects viz. freedom, security, public health etc. could be a dangerous stance to take. The person chosen to lead a country is expected to demonstrate unique, rare qualities-- the ability to see beyond the present scenario for one. The effects and consequences of the actions and the laws rolled in are often long-term regardless of what the general public opinion is. It is very rare that a leader is accepted and loved by all. While one of the primary requirements of fulfilling a leader’s job is to be able to bring significant improvements to a citizen’s well-being. There are many other aspects that come into the picture because prosperity and success are relative terms and are dependent on those other aspects. But again, if the common people of the country are leading a life in misery, leadership becomes ambiguous. 

Leaders, while having little control over the general public opinion, can influence laws that can enforce the security of its citizens-- strict traffic laws to ensure safe driving, Food and Drug Enforcement Administration to keep a check on the quality of food production and facilitate the betterment of the nation’s overall health among others. Moreover, military plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of a nation’s citizens against intruders. Leaders across the globe invest heavily on their armed forces, developing weapons, investing time, and resources into the training soldiers, yet this is oftentimes forgotten or rather taken for granted because we don’t witness it on a daily basis. Also, the Prime Minister or the President can’t always be bothered by the troubles of every fading minority or tribe, institution or an individual citizen. Hence it is safe to say that the term ‘well-being’ of the citizens is a subjective entity and depends on what is being judged.

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One of the most recent trending movements with regard to civil rights is about same-sex marriage. It could be advocated that based on a leader’s stance on this aspect and their ability to fulfill it, it could be reflective a citizen’s welfare. Their competence in understanding both sides of the argument and at the same time sorting its relevance in the country’s constitution would then become the benchmark of a country’s effectiveness. Being able to grant every citizen their rights is a certain paramount aid in their well-being. 

But again, not every law or right is accepted with solidarity by everyone involved. For instance, no person would make any objections in the laws made to protect civil rights, curb women's suffrage, improve health care, etc. But it is impossible to appease everyone on matters such as denuclearization, barring immigrants, or same-sex marriage as in this case. All of us have unique views, beliefs, something that has been passed on to us by our guardians, or the communities and the citizens choose to stick and live by them. As a consequence, a leader's caliber in enforcing laws and providing rights to their subjects may upset some and anger others. 

Measuring the impact the leader has in the country while keeping the content of their subject, could prove to be a better parameter for the well being, overall.

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