GRE vs GMAT: Which Exam Should You Take?


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Every applicant faces this daunting task of selecting the appropriate exam, GRE or GMAT? In this comprehensive analysis, you will come to know about the difference between both the exams. We will compare both the exams so that you can conclude which exam is best suited to your needs.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is accepted in most of the Graduate Schools globally and especially in the United States. Whereas, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is accepted in most of the Business Schools across the globe, preferably in the United States. In this post, we will tell you how both the exams differ from each other and also we will answer all your queries related to GRE and GMAT. Students should do thorough research about the schools before applying, so they can figure out which exam is appropriate for them. Always remember that it is the university and not the country which requires GRE. You can check the complete list of schools who accept GRE at their official website. Therefore, students should research their preferable schools and check the range of scores they require to get admission.


GRE is attempted by students who want to get admission in graduate schools. Students applying to graduate schools in order to pursue a Masters of Science (MS)MBA or Ph.D. courses appear for this exam. It is a computer-based test. Earlier, potential MBA students do not have any choice other than GMAT, but now, even the top graded schools like StanfordDukeNYUHarvardYale, and MIT accept GRE scores; and with time, more business programs will join the queue.


GMAT is a standardized test which is attempted by those looking to join any business school. As the name suggests, students who wish to pursue MBA, Master of Finance or Master of Accountancy, or any management related program take the Graduate Management Admission Test. GMAT is acceptable for pursuing more than 6000 programs in 2100 universities across the globe. Notably, this is a computer adaptive test and not computer based. Here, the student gets one question at a time and the difficulty of next question is decided as per the accuracy of the previous answer. If you talk about India, more than 90 Management Schools accept the GMAT scores. One advantage of giving GMAT is that the aspirant can appear or reappear for the exam after every 16 days. However, one can appear for the exam up to five times a year.

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As such there are no specific criteria for writing GMAT Test 2018, however, the candidate must be a graduate from any recognized university. Similarly, there are no set guidelines or specific eligibility criteria for the GRE Test. Anyone can appear for the GRE Exam 2018 irrespective of their age and qualification. Nevertheless, candidates need to check the GRE eligibility criteria for different universities and courses they are applying to pursue a graduate program. GRE and GMAT are not the sole criteria for getting admission in your desired university. Candidates need to check the complete eligibility criteria mentioned by their choice of universities. One thing students should keep in mind before they register for GRE is to have a valid passport. Your passport is considered as a proof of identity at the exam centers. So, applicants should obtain a valid passport before registering for this exam.

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Difficulty Level

The GMAT is suitable for those who possess strong quantitative and analytical skills. Those struggling with quants will definitely find the GMAT Math challenging. GMAT is preferable for those who are efficient in solving complex problems with the help of data present in charts, tables, and texts. Whereas, GRE is considered a better option for those who possess strong vocabulary skills. Non-native English speakers will find the verbal section of GRE harder, as GRE grills the aspirants on the basis of tough vocabulary.

Test Structure

The GRE exam evaluates the candidates on the basis of their Analytical, Mathematical and Verbal skills. On the other hand, GMAT exam comprises of four sections Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative and Verbal skills.


The cost for registering for GRE is $205 and GMAT is $250. Also, in the case of GMAT, aspirants can change the center or reschedule the exam by paying $50 more.

Scores Validity

Scores for both the exams remain valid for a period of five years.

You can evaluate which exam caters best to your requirements. Apart from evaluating these two exams, we suggest you conduct a thorough research about the eligibility criteria of the universities and programs you are targeting. Also, always check which career you want to pursue as many employers also consider the test scores in job applications. Now after analyzing all the nitty-gritty of both the exams, you are good to go to give your career the long-needed jump.

Key highlights for GMAT vs GRE:




Conducted by

Graduate Management Aptitude Test conducted by GMAC is a standardized & computerized adaptive test which is generally accepted for entrance to B-schools across the world

Graduates Record Examination, conducted by ETS is a standardized aptitude test for admissions to post-graduate degree courses around the world

Accepted by/ for

All reputed business schools for admission to its postgraduate programs in management

All reputed universities for a variety of postgraduate degree programs including management

Test Structure

Analytical Writing Section with one essay (30 minutes)
Quantitative Section (75 minutes)
Verbal Section (75 minutes)
Integrated Reasoning (30 minutes)

Analytical Writing Section with 2 essays (75 minutes)
2 Verbal Sections (30 minutes each)
2 Quantitative Sections (35 minutes each)
Experimental Section (either Verbal or Quantitative) (30 minutes)

Test Format

Computerized adaptive test

Both paper and computerized adaptive formats are available

Score Range

200 - 800 in 10 point increment

130 - 170 in 1 point increment

Score Validity

5 years

5 years





After every 31 days to a maximum of 5 attempts in a calendar year

After every 21 days to a maximum of 5 attempts in a year (continuous rolling 12 month period from the beginning of the first test)

Good Luck!


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