How Are Scholarships Awarded?

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Apr 11, 2020 18:55 IST

Every scholarship has different eligibility criteria. If a student meets those minimum requirements, they are awarded the sum amount of the scholarship. Let us understand what could be the eligibility criteria for all kind of scholarships - 

1. Academic requirements – If your scores and GPA are high enough, you will automatically get the scholarship. These numbers could be different from one scholarship to another. One thing to note is that if the scholarship details mention a 'minimum requirement of grades' and you have the same score, it does not mean you will get the scholarship. A minimum requirement is a kind of cut-off required to apply for the scholarship. Anyone who has scored more than the requirement can apply. And from that pool of students, the ultimate winner or multiple winners will be chosen.  

2. Extra-curricular activities – If you have a well-rounded profile and you have held a leader's position in any society of your college/school you might be considered for the scholarship. You must have contributed to the society in a beneficial manner through your leadership role.  

3. Diversity-based – If you belong to a minority community, religion, affiliation, orientation etc. You may be given preference over other students. For example, students from varied racial background may have an advantage, as well as female applicants.  

4. Essay based – If you were required to submit essays along with your application, then your writing skills may get you a scholarship. Usually, a topic is provided for the essay and you need to form your answer in form of the essay. More than one essay could also be required. How well you address the question and how well your answer reflects on your profile decide your chances of getting the scholarship amount.  

5. Need-based – If your family income is not enough to pay for the tuition costs or loans, you may be eligible for need-based scholarships. You will have to prove your source of income and your own academic excellence as well.


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