How to Crack Campus France Interview?

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Campus France Interview Questions: France has over the years become one of the top study abroad destinations for Indian students and rightly so. The country provides candidates with state-of-the-art education infrastructure, modern facilities and above all a student-friendly environment for Indian students which is both safe and fun to feel at home away from home.

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The interview for your France Student Visa is equally important as you will be required to convince the panel of your reasons to go abroad to study in France. Do note that the panelists are not looking to reject candidates but looking for candidates who would fit the mold or the high standards followed in the host country. No student should be allowed to go to the country having spent lakhs of money to feel lost and overwhelmed by the standards followed in the country.

So in the interview, you should be able to project yourself as a confident and apt person who would be an asset to the university you are planning to visit and to the country in the long run.

List of Campus France Interview Questions

Here are a few Campus France Interview Questions that you can expect to be asked during your France student visa interview.

Introduce your self

Generally, any interview would start with the panel asking you for your personal introduction. Candidates would be required to introduce themselves. They should talk about their education qualification, their hobbies, future plans a little about their past experience, travel experiences. Anything that uplifts the image of the interviewee in front of the interviewer. Candidates could also briefly touch on topics like their family background and talk about their siblings. If the candidate has appeared for an English proficiency test this is the time to mention the same. And if the candidate knows the French language this is a big advantage and should be mentioned to the interviewer.

Why is France your study abroad destination?

The next question would be about your decision to choose France as your study abroad destination. This is important because the candidate would have to reflect on how he intends to visit France for the right reasons. He should be able to talk about France as a student and study-friendly destination. Their post-study work allowance. Candidates should be able to do research and provide customized answers. General answers would flaw the candidates' repute. The panel is not looking for an encyclopedia on France but your benefits from selecting France from other study abroad destinations. The low cost of living in France as compared to other countries could also be one of the reasons for choosing France as your study abroad destination. 

Your reason for choosing a French University

A lot of times candidates opt for a particular university in the garb of ulterior motives. Hence, it is important for the candidate to show genuine reasons for choosing a particular university. It could the availability of a multitude of courses, the low tuition costs or a great location, a greater number of international student strengths or even an easy application process. Whatever be the reason, it should be genuine and the panel should be convinced about your decision of choosing a French University for studying abroad. 

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Course selection

Well, once the visa officers have asked you about the country, the university how far can be the questions on your course. You would definitely have to talk about your reason for the selection of your particular course. A lot of times, students who study in the same field, it’s easy to be able to prove their interests and show a definite goal. However, there are students who are not decided and there could be a change in fields (education streams) later on. So they should be able to explain the shift in preference and justify the same. Candidates should bear in mind that the visa officer is not looking to reject your Visa Application but to see that you are the right fit for the course, the university, and the country. As it would be a shame if a student was to spend money and not be able to benefit from it.

Talk about your goals

Well studying abroad is a major commitment and not something that can happen overnight. It requires months of planning and above all a goal that is required to be achieved. Hence, it is important for the candidate to be articulate about this and talk about his goals, his future plans and above all his future plans with the panel. He should be able to convince them how studying in France would only further him in his purpose to a wiser tomorrow.

Financial information

Candidates should be aware of their financial sponsors. The interview panel could pose questions about your financial backing. And they should be aware of how they would be financing themselves while in a foreign country. Students should never solely rely on the part-time work permit that is provided to all international students. They should have enough financial independence to not become a burden to the foreign country at the first sight of a glitch. These are important aspects and should be kept in mind.

Also remember

Know all about the additional services provided by Campus France from their official website.  

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