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Scoring a perfect 800 on GMAT is considered to be an almost unachievable task. However, it is not impossible. There have been many students in the past who have managed to pull off this feat and all it took them was a proper study plan which they executed properly.

How much you should study and how you should do it depends on your starting and target scores and how much time you have to study, but this article should give you a good sense of how to structure your study.  For maximum gains, you will use multiple GMAT resources, but be deliberate about how to use them so as to maximize your efficiency.

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Pre-requisites to start with

  1. Register for the exam. Unless you do it, you are never going to get serious.

  2. Get the official GMAT material (and stick to this material for 70% prep). This includes the three-book, The Official Guide to the GMAT Review, Official Quant Guide, Official Verbal Guide, and the GMAT prep software.

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Before you start the preparation

The GMAT prep software has two mock tests. Take the first one, before you start. Don't study for this test. If you absolutely must, look through a tenth-grade book on Math for an hour, not more.

Sit down for four hours, and take the test.

Don't know what to write in the AWA? Leave it blank. Don't know how to do something? Take your best shot. Don't take long breaks.

By the end of the test, you will be completely exhausted, but it will give a score reflecting what you would have gotten had you given the GMAT right then. So, what does this tell you? It tells you where you stand, and how much you need to cover.

Next, take the Diagnostic Test. It segregates questions based on a type and tells you where you stand in each kind of question (RC, DS, SC, CR etc). You will know your strengths and your weaknesses by category, and that is a tremendous advantage. If you're already good at something, then you don’t need to waste time working on it. Rather, work on improving your weak areas.

If you get a score between 550-650, you will want to start with a foundational overview. Then you can move onto comprehensive strategy guides and challenging questions.

If you're between 650-700, you can afford to skip the foundational overview and work on the comprehensive strategy guides and challenging questions.

If you're already above 700, just focus on the 700-800 level questions, and on the specific areas you need help with.

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Actual preparation

Focus on the things that you score average or just above average on the Diagnostic Test. Start with the official guide. Do 20 questions at a time, and make sure to keep a timer (2 min per question in Quant, 1:45 in Verbal). This will help you time your pace during exams.

Once you start with the Official Guide, you will soon realize that the questions, in the beginning, are easier. So to make things quick, solve the official guide from the back to the beginning, in reverse order. Even if you make mistakes, take that as an opportunity to when you make a mistake, especially in verbal, read the explanation thoroughly and try to remember the reasoning behind it. Read the explanation right after you choose the wrong option. That way, you will be able to correct your thought process because you may forget why you chose that particular answer after solving the block or after some time.

Keep some notes on the type of things that you often score wrong on. It will help you when you are revising right before the exam.

After finishing with the preparation

About 3 days before the actual exam, take the second mock test. Mainly, so that you can figure out if you are still lacking in certain areas. If you had timed yourself religiously while preparing, you shouldn't have problems managing time. The score you get will be fairly accurate, so if you do well, you can relax till the exam.

Read the notes you made while studying the day before the exam. Do look through the things you got wrong on your second mock but other than that you should be all set.

Additional tips

  • Make sure you don't miss any ‘easy’ or ‘medium’ questions. You can't score high if you miss these. Most aspiring perfect scorers focus all their time on the most complex and confusing questions they can find. It is advisable to only focus on these once you've mastered the easy and medium questions.

  • Practice as many questions as you can, and more specifically, find free CAT practice tests to take. The type of questions you see in CAT isn’t very different than the GMAT ones. Additionally, all the practice will help you learn to pace yourself which is vital. You need to realize that not finishing questions because you've run out of time will penalize you double and there's no going back to check questions if you finish early, so pacing is everything.

  • Come up with a schedule and be disciplined about it. Make a list of what days you plan to study and block out 'x' hours for those days and just make sure that you stick to the schedule that you've laid out for yourself.

  • Make sure to get plenty of rest, not just the night before, but throughout the study process.

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