How to Send GMAT Scores to Schools


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How to Send GMAT Score to Schools

GMAT Score Report

GMAT is a challenging exam and the stakes are definitely high. On the test day, students tend to panic, and we totally understand this. However, if you have prepared well, you need not panic. You must realize that you have given your absolute best, and that there was nothing more that you could have done. Once you have taken the GMAT, you receive two GMAT scores: Unofficial and Official.

  • Unofficial GMAT Score: Your unofficial GMAT score will be provided to you immediately after you have completed the test. It will include your Quantitative, Verbal, IR, and Total score. It will not have your AWA score.
  • Official GMAT Score: Your official GMAT score will be made available to you within 20 days from the date of exam (if you have taken the exam on the test center), and within 7 days (if you have taken the exam at home). This will include your Quantitative, Verbal, AWA, IR, and Total score.

How to Send GMAT Scores to Schools

Student must note the following process:

Sending GMAT Score on the day of the test:

  • When you are at the test center to take GMAT, you will have the option to select up to five B-schools to send your scores to for free. You select the codes of the recipient colleges before you start your exam.
  • The fee for sending your scores to 5 B-schools is included in your registration fee
  • Once you have selected your college/ institution, you cannot change. Hence, you need to decide beforehand where you wish to send your GMAT score to.
  • If you have taken your exam online (not at the test center), you must send your scores within 48 hours once it is available on your account
  • A lot of students taking the GMAT exam don’t utilize this opportunity because they don’t want to submit the GMAT score to the colleges without first considering if they are good enough or not. Therefore, it would wise to select the colleges before exam only if you are confident you will get an amazing score.

Sending GMAT Score after the exam:

  • If you have not chosen 5 B-schools on the day of the test, you will have to send Additional Score Report on a chargeable basis
  • Each Additional Score Report will attract a fee of USD 35

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So how does this process of sending scores actually work? Once you select a college to share your scores with, they are simply given permission to view your record. The colleges have access to the online scores database and your scores become available to view once they decide to check them. So nothing is mailed to the schools immediately.

The colleges don’t check the scores until you submit the complete college application. They will verify your score if they might consider admitting you.

So what is the best thing to do? Pick five schools for no charge at the testing center. These should be the shortlisted colleges you wish to get into. If you retake the exam again after some time, pick five different colleges. If you score higher, the new score will be considered valid. So once you send your college applications, you can use the GMAT scores to maximum of 10 colleges.

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How to Send GMAT Scores to Schools FAQs

Q. How many schools can I send my GMAT score to on the day of the test?

A. You can send your GMAT score to 5 schools on the day of the test.

Q. Will these 5 scores on the test day attract any fee?

A. The 5 test scores that you send on the day of the test will not involve any fee. These are included in your registration fee.

Q. Do I have to pay any additional fee if I send my GMAT score to more than 5 schools?

A. Yes. Every Additional Score Report attracts a fee of USD 35.

Q. When will I receive my official GMAT score?

A. If you take your GMAT test at the center, you will receive your official score within 20 days. If you take your online (remotely-proctored), you will receive it within 7 days.

Q. Will my unofficial score contain my GMAT AWA score as well?

A. No. Your unofficial GMAT score card will not contain GMAT AWA score. AWA score will be reflected in your official score card.
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Pragati Tiwari

2 years ago

If I take my GMAT exam now and apply for admissions after two years, would that be a wise thing to do?
Also in that scenario, should I opt for sending the GMAT report at the test centre or not?

Reply to Pragati Tiwari


Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert

2 years ago

Hi Pragati, GMAT scores are valid for five years, so, you can go for the GMAT exam now and seek admission later. Also, as you will be applying after two years, then you can send the scores yourself at the time of application.

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