How to send GRE scores to colleges


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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Apr 6, 2020 18:29 IST

One important thing to know about your GRE fee is that it enables you to send your scores to up to four colleges or scholarship programs. If you are taking the computer-delivered GRE exam, then you will be asked to select the score receivers at the test center. In case you chose the paper-delivered GRE format, you will be asked to select your score receiving colleges on your admission ticket or during registration.

On the day of the test, once you complete the GRE test and view the unofficial Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores, you will be asked to choose the score recipients you wish to share your GRE exam scores with. If a college of your choice is not listed, ask the administrator at the test center for list of unlisted institutions. After the test, you can order Additional Score Reports for $27 per college.

So how does this process of sending scores actually works? Once you select a college to share your scores with, they are simply given permission to view your record. The colleges have access to the online scores database and your scores become available to view once they decide to check them. So nothing is mailed to the schools immediately.

The colleges don’t check the scores until you submit the complete college application. They will verify your score if they might consider admitting you.

So what is the best thing to do? Pick four colleges for no charge at the testing center. These should be the shortlisted colleges you wish to get into. If you retake the GRE exam again after some time, pick four different colleges this time. If you score higher, the new score will be considered valid. So once you send your college applications, you can use the GRE scores to maximum of 8 colleges.

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