How to Shortlist universities for MS in USA

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Piyush Kohli
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Updated on Mar 24, 2020 16:30 IST

Aspiring MS students always have this question of how to shortlist universities for MS in USA? Although there are many agents/study abroad counselors out there who can help you with this process. However, there are some factors which you should consider for shortlisting universities for studying MS in USA. Even after having a good academic record and good entrance exams, aspirants are confused about how to choose universities for pursuing MS in USA. In this article, we will inform you how to select or shortlist universities.

Some questions aspirants have while shortlisting the universities for MS

  • How to shortlist universities for studying MS?
  • How many universities to shortlist and apply to?
  • When is the right time to apply, fall or spring?
  • How to apply to universities for MS? Or what is the application process for applying to MS in USA?

How to shortlist universities for studying MS?

Always consider these factors while shortlisting a university

  • Total expenses including both tuition fee and living expenses
  • Course which you want to study
  • On-campus placements opportunities
  • Location of the university/college, if you can get off campus job there or not
  • Acceptance rate (especially of international students)
  • Can you adjust to the weather of the place or not

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First and foremost thing is to look for the university which is offering the course of your choice. Other factors can take a back seat but your career depends on it. You can do extensive research to know more about it and the job prospects after pursuing that course.

How many universities to shortlist and apply to?

Although you can apply to as many universities as you want, however, this process is not free. For one application it can cost you around US $100, so, think about the number of universities you want to apply. Apart from this, sending GRE scores and TOEFL scores also cost you. Other than the free universities which you get at the time of registering for these exams, you have to pay for each university you are sending marks to. Sending GRE score to every university can cost you US $27 and $20 for sending TOEFL score with any university. In addition to this, sending IELTS score reports electronically from IPD will also cost you INR 250.

When is the right time to apply, fall or spring?

When to start the application process to US Universities is a big concern for students looking to pursue MS in USA. Students planning to go for Fall intake, the application process for them begins by the first week of November. Students planning to go for Spring intake, the application process for them begins by September. So, you should be prepare beforehand and have all the requisites at the time of applying.

Deadlines for Fall intake for most of the universities are around mid-December. Although, the deadline for some of the universities goes up to January as well. Apart from this, few universities have deadlines until March and few have rolling deadlines. Spring deadlines vary from September to November. It is always recommended to apply early, as some universities also consider students for financial aid, which is given to students who applied early.

How to apply to universities for MS? /Application process for MS in USA?

This is the most important part of your application process. Students should be aware of the application process for USA. Also, you can reach out to our team of study abroad experts who will help you at every step of the application process and guide you throughout your journey.

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Apart from the above-mentioned criteria, there are other parameters that you should consider for shortlisting the universities for MS in USA.

Based on standardized Test Scores

You can select universities based on your GRE, TOEFL or IELTS scores. These are considered one of the most important factors in deciding the university.

Based on Fees

This is an important parameter for the prospective student. As you need to check the feasibility of going to university. Not every student can education loan or scholarship for studying abroad.

Based on course duration

Although it may not be a major concern for every student but you should consider this parameter while shortlisting the university. Those who are planning to complete the course early, make sure the number of courses/credit hours they undertake per semester should be more than the minimum credit hours per each semester.

Based on your friends/seniors advice

You can contact your seniors who are already studying abroad at a US university. This is a great way to take the feedback about everything from curriculum, quality of education, tuition fee to job prospects and other important things you need to know.

Three kinds of universities you should select

  • Safe: Under this category, you should keep the universities that match your profile easily and you have the maximum number of chances of getting admission to those universities.
  • Reach: Under this category, you keep the universities whose selection criteria match your profile and you have the chances of getting into these universities based on your profile.
  • Dream: Under this category, you keep top universities whose selection criteria are difficult and the acceptance rate is less. These universities are difficult to get into.
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