How to write Letters of Recommendation: LOR Tips and Samples

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Going by the dictionary definition, a letter of recommendation is a letter in which the writer assesses the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities, of the person being recommended, in terms of that individual’s ability to perform a particular task. Recommendation letters are specifically requested to be written about someone and are always addressed to a particular requester. Letters of recommendation are essential for admissions to institutions of higher education or scholarship eligibility.

Most of us have never written a letter of recommendation before, and the process can seem intimidating. Fortunately, all letters of recommendation involve common elements that you can master easily. The tricky part with LORs is to get the writer to format and structure the letter according to your preferences. It is advisable to give them an idea beforehand of what you expect and guide them on the path subtly. Read on to learn how.

Letters of Recommendation: Common Questions by Scholarship Experts

Sometimes a scholarship provider or college admission department will tell you what topics your letter of recommendation should cover. When they do not, it is probably best to have the letter writer talk about your strengths, his/her relationship with you, and why he/she feels you would be deserving of the scholarship or admission. The writer can even provide examples of challenges he/she has seen you overcome, significant achievements you have made, and initiatives you have taken. 

How to Write a Recommendation Letter by

Recommendation letter writing is really an art, considering the major role that these letters play in every student’s career. Also, if anyone thinks these letters are not really read by the admissions officer, they are wrong. These LORs are taken very seriously and are deconstructed and discussed. Hence, the letter’s structure and format need to be in place.

Top Five ‘Letter of Recommendation’ Mistakes by Pathfinder Careers

Just as a good recommendation letter can be an asset, a bad recommendation letter can be a hindrance. While writing such a personal piece, there are a lot of things that can go wrong unintentionally. Instead of telling you what to write, let us focus on things that you should not write. In other words, here is a look at the loopholes in a bad letter of recommendation. Read More

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Sample Letters of Recommendation by University of Michigan

Same as the application procedure, the way the LORs are written depends heavily on the institute and the course being applied. The narrative and the tone of the letter will depend on the ideology and culture of the college. Depending on the fact whether you want to appear like a college fit or not, the way the letter will be written should be modified. Here are a few examples of letters written by professors about different students. Read More

Recommendation Letter Format by Buzzle

In order to write a good Letter of Recommendation, it is important to focus on the letter’s conciseness, correctness, and clarity. Learning how to write such a letter becomes much easier if you understand the proper format of a letter of recommendation. The format given here will guide you when you are drafting such a letter.

Learn to write LORs with the help of videos by university experts

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