SOP for Canada - How to Write?

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Updated on Nov 10, 2021 16:41 IST

With the increasing number of students looking to head towards the North, Canada has proven to be the favourite destination of many international students for over a decade now. Admission to the top Canadian universities is undoubtedly based on an applicant’s academic performance, scholastic scores, and overall profile. However, some universities require the applicants to write an essay, called SOP, for complete profile evaluation.

What is SOP?

An SOP, short for Statement of Purpose, is an essay that states the purpose of a university application. It is usually a 1000-word long essay unless otherwise stated in the university guidelines. It is the most important part of application documents, and hence, requires special attention for drafting.

How to write an SOP?

A good SOP can make or break your chances of securing a seat in your dream university. The basic thing to keep in mind while writing an SOP is discussing the career goals efficiently. Check out how to write an Impressive Goals Essay.

Also, read the write tips and guidelines for writing a powerful and convincing SOP, here:

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How do I write SOP for Canada?

Writing an SOP for Canadian Universities requires you to provide detailed information on all your past experiences while highlighting the bits that are in line with the course that you are applying to.

Tip: Highlight details about the course structure, faculty/professors, facilities and student clubs offered by the university. This further adds value to your profile. Apart from this, if you have any backlogs or gap year, you would need to explain what all you did during that time Please note that Canada is rather strict about backlogs, so would need to clear all your subjects before applying and also maintain a good average.

Writing SOP for UG in Canada

UG aspirants must highlight their overall personality while writing about their experiences in the past. For an undergraduate, you must write about how your school and participation in extracurricular activities have helped you develop your overall personality. It is not only academics that play an important role in a student’s life, especially at the undergraduate level. Most universities expect their students at the undergraduate level to be involved in events and clubs outside of the classroom. Hence, they are usually looking for students who have had similar experiences in the past. See how to write a UG SOP, here.

Writing SOP for MS in Canada

Universities look for students who have had experience in conducting research work in the past, knowing that they will be able to handle the rigours of their meticulous curriculum.

Pro Tip: Use personal pronouns like ‘I’, ‘me’, in your SOP. Even when talking about group projects that you may have worked on, speak about only your contributions to the same. That is what the university is interested in learning about.

Learn more about writing MS SOPs:

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Writing SOP for MBA in Canada

MBA aspirants, before writing your SOP, make a list of all those experiences that will bring out the following aspects of your personality: leadership qualities, team skills, diversity in education/occupation, professional and personal achievements, communication and interpersonal skills, a basic understanding of business, presentation skills, and motivation, among others. The abovementioned keywords will help shape your SOP and convince the admissions committee of your candidature. In your case, school time information is not required to be exaggerated. Learn How to write an MBA SOP, here.

Writing SOP for PhD in Canada

PhD aspirants need to have a strong background in research. What sets you apart from the pool of students from all over the world applying for a seat in the university? This is where your experiences in college in terms of all the project work and research work that you have done will play an important role. Master’s/Ph.D. courses are research-intensive. However, there is a difference between SOPs for both these courses. Check out how to go about PhD SOP, here.

Lastly, for everyone aspiring for admission into a foreign university, you must write in simple and correct grammar. The use of embellished words makes one sound pompous and pretentious and it is not the route that one should take. Short, crisp sentences delivering the exact message will make your SOP an enjoyable read.

Also, read Common Mistakes to Avoid in an SOP.

Point to Remember: The ideal length of a Canadian SOP should be around 1200 words unless otherwise communicated by the university. For most universities, try to fit the entire SOP within two pages of your word document.

Refer to the Sample SOP for Canada, here.

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Good luck!

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