I chose France to experience life abroad and pursue a career change: Avni Sharma

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Rahul Singha
Study Abroad Expert
Updated on Nov 10, 2021 17:51 IST

All through my school studies no subject attracted me to an extent that I could settle for it as my career aim. So, I relied on my parents to choose one for me. As an aimless soul, I was asked to pursue medical profession where I gave 5 years of my life studying dental surgery from SDCH, Rishikesh. Not an easy task to get into a reputed and worthy course. But performing treatments and having a successful career ahead was still not satisfying. It was during my internship when I realised my inclination towards working in a managerial capacity. Though a very drastic change in profession apparently but indeed a pensive decision. Since it's never too late to set a new goal, I decided to follow my interest. It was a very crucial time of my life, changing the already set future plans. With family’s full support and help I finalised my plans to go ahead with the change.

Choosing my study abroad destination

Adding to this was my childhood dream to live life at a place which housed liberal thoughts, where one may lay back and enjoy the finer things. This is where I came across Shiksha study abroad consultancy. Explaining my plan for a career change and my affinity towards a foreign country, it was quick for them to help me spot my dream place. European countries just served the motto, wherein France was my choice being a dynamic place that provides not only a fine lifestyle but endless future opportunities as well. Of course, this was the easiest decision to choose France as my future habitat. France also known for the best business schools globally is a complete package for one who wants to thrive professionally as well as live life at their own pace.

However, it was confusing to choose the right college and course. I decided not to waste a year, so I had very little time to get into a college in France for the fall session. Already decided with management as my master’s course, and going through the core modules of all management courses available, I looked for the topics which interested me and would serve me the best in future with my medical background. Finally, I settled for International Master in Management (IMM). Criteria being that the course provided learning from well reputed professors, practical knowledge as well International market exposure to learn using knowledge in the best possible way.

Preparing for the application process

Getting into action, I prepared my resume, collected letters of recommendation from my teachers and shortlisted a few of the well known schools with the help of Shiksha. I received help at every small step, be it writing my statement of purpose or application process – everything went smoothly. Writing a convincing SOP is very crucial as it can either strengthen or weaken your application. This is where you put your tortuous thoughts into meaningful words. Following the guidelines provided and mentioning your capabilities (be it professional or personal) as well your motivation is all it takes to write a successful letter which should be convincing enough for the Institute to consider you.

Following the application acceptance comes the internal tests and interviews. The interviews were very logical, questions were related to the current profession as well the new choices made. Your short-term as well long-term plans about your future and how you will you follow them should be clear.

After interviews I got offers from many schools, and finally chose Audencia Business School, France for myself. Not only the course and its rankings were appealing but also reviews of the alumni created a real good picture. And knowing the employment statistics left no doubt about the choice made.

Dealing with Finances & Visa Process

Next step was to deal with finances, which seemed simple to me initially but later I understood the seriousness. To ensure a successful visa it is a complete necessity to assure the visa authorities that you are financially covered for the whole period of your stay. I applied for education loan and along with that showed notarised financial support documents by my parents ensuring that all my expenses are covered for whole of my stay. 

The visa interview by Campus France actually went quite smoothly. Not that they are lenient but you just need to be genuine with your thoughts and answers. Having a strong motivation, thorough knowledge about what you are getting into and having clear plans for possible future prospects will easily get you through with it. All it takes is honest and genuine answers to achieve their consent.

Actual pain in the whole process lies in this phase – final Visa process. This is when I had to put all my efforts in piling up the documents. Deciding not to leave even a small corner of doubt that may hinder the process, every damn document possible was added. This is when not you but the papers speak. And yes, after a week, wherein although I was confident but still seriously stressed – I got my precious visa.

Succinctly, for me the whole process was very quick, sometimes harsh and sometimes smooth. But the positive outcome is only what matters, and all the hard work finally paid off. Of course, the successful admission process was not possible without the help of Shiksha Study Abroad Counselors. I heartily thank them to provide me with all the valuable and highly appreciated help and providing me with the directions to follow. As handwork done in the correct direction only bears the fruit of success.

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