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The format of a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for any university is similar to this generic LOR sample. However, as per the course or programme and the type of LOR (academic or professional), the content of LOR may change. Usually, for an MS LOR, applicants should cover a specific set of skills such as research ability, teamwork qualities and analytical abilities. For an MBA LOR, qualities like leadership and decision-making should be highlighted. Similarly, certain personal and professional attributes should be highlighted per course or subject. For instance, for MS in CS LOR the following qualities should be highlighted:

  • Projects where the applicants used their technical expertise
  • What all programming languages they are experts in
  • Coding skills and where did they showcase them
  • Knowledge of different application
  • Any application developed/created, etc.

Points to Remember for LOR for MS Engineering

For applicants applying to Engineering courses, a range of qualities can be mentioned as per subject, such as:

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Depending upon the subject, you can highlight various key points of your profile as per the table given above. Do remember that this is for reference only and there can be more attributes and points added to this as per your experiences. Some additional aspects which can be covered are:

  • Areas of specialization – Design, Materials, Thermal and Fluid Power, etc.
  • Process optimization worked on
  • Projects worked on demonstrating coding skills
  • Industry knowledge and expertise
  • Team management capabilities
  • Learnings from previous experience/project and where or how was it applied to a current situation

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Sample LOR for MS Engineering

Note: The following example is of an academic LOR for MS Mechanical Engineering. 

“I am delighted to support the candidature of ABC for the MS Mechanical Engineering programme at your reputed institution. As the (designation) at (department) in (college/university), I have known him/her over the last XXX years. I taught his/her batch the subjects of _____________________ in the ___________________ semesters, respectively. Apart from this, I also had the opportunity to supervise his/her laboratory work related to these subjects. During our interaction, at a personal and academic level, I was instantly struck by his/her dedication and commitment to academics.

ABC has always been an active participant in class discussions while consistently performing well in the courses as well. He/she has been regular with his/her assignment/project/coursework submissions and managed to meet the deadlines while staying focused and interested in practical applications of the field. His/her endeavour of relating lectures in class with regular applications strengthened his/her foundation greatly which was evident in all practical sessions. Specifically, during the ______ Lab, I had given the task of ________________. While most students were struggling to complete it, he/she referred to the class notes and finished the task within the time limit. Thus, his/her knowledge of subjects like ______________ is thorough and extensive.

Presently, ABC is working on his/her final year project tiled XXXXX which is based on _________________. As the project guide, I have been in constant touch with him/her and her group of ___team members. The aim of the project is to ___________________. I am confident that with the kind of progress they are making, they will be soon ready with the _______________. Another important thing to notice here is his/her timework skills. Not only can ABC easily work with his/her teammates but also guide them along the way.

Excelling in academics is not the only feather in his/her cap. ABC is quite an active participant in event like ______________________________. He/she has performed/participated in inter-college events such as ____________________ and won many accolades. One specific event, where I was the teacher in-charge, I observed his/her good sportsman spirit.

Lastly, I feel that his/her strong grasp of (name subjects) will hold him/her in good stead throughout his/her professional life. Thus, I wholeheartedly support ABC's decision of pursuing higher studies at your esteemed institution and learn from the best. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Yours sincerely,

Full Name of Recommender


College/University, City

Contact Number

Email ID

Tips for LOR Prep

Ensure that all your skills and abilities are highlighted. The LOR should state that you are well-suited for the programme and your recommender can vouch for your credibility. Thus, it is important to select the right recommender as well whether it is a professor or your employer. A LOR from a person who barely knows you can do more harm than good. A great tip here for you: Take some time to communicate with your potential recommender.

If you have any doubts, queries or insights on this article, feel free to drop us a comment. You can also look at these related readings:

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