LOR for PG Diploma: Guidelines, Important Points, Requirement by Top Universities

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The study abroad application process can be quite a tiresome and bumpy ride if you do not know where to find the right help. One of the major steps of this process is getting all your documents in order. These documents consist of your financial documents and the application docket that include the following documents:

Generally, for an undergraduate or postgraduate programme, the important documents required are one writing sample, which can be either an essay, SOP, Personal Statement, or a motivational letter, one resume or list of activities, and 2-3 LORs. Similarly, when you are applying for PG Diploma courses, these documents should be ready in advance. While most universities do not require a resume for PG diploma courses, they do require a writing sample and LORs.

LOR for PG Diploma: Why are they important?

Even for regular courses, LORs are important as they help the admission committee to get an insight into the applicant’s personality and experiences. This further helps the committee to make an informed decision on whether to enrol that applicant or not. While the SOP or writing sample is an opportunity to convey your story from your point of view, the LORs, on the other hand, act as proof and testimonials to that story. The focus of the recommendation letter is to paint a clear picture of your experiences, skills, achievements, community services, and academic prowess, which can be done via an academic LOR or a professional LOR.

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LOR for PG Diploma: Important Points

Before writing the first draft of your LOR, it is important to check out the university and course-specific requirements for LORs. A few things to consider are:

  • How many LORs are required?: Generally, for PG Diploma courses, you will require at least two LORs. Some universities may ask for three LORs as well.
  • What type of LOR is required?: Academic or professional LORs or a combination of both can be expected. Courses that require any practical or work experience will ask for at least one professional LOR.
  • How are they to be submitted?: LORs can be submitted online as PDFs while filling the application form. Some universities may require a hard copy.
  • Format requirement: A majority of universities do not have any specific format for PG Diploma LORs. Thus, a generic LOR format can be followed. Applicants should use standard serif fonts like Times New Roman or Arial font with 11pt or 12pt font size. The word limit can be restricted to 400-600 words, and the LOR must fit on one page of an A4 size sheet, with normal one-inch margins and single spacing between lines.

Once you have all the university or course-specific requirements, it is time to choose the right recommender. This is crucial as the referee who knows you well will be able to highlight the correct attributes better. The significance of LORs rests on how well the referee knows you and about your academic or professional interests and capabilities. Academic LORs can be sourced from your professor or project guide, while professional LORs should be taken from your supervisor at work, team or project manager, or reporting manager.

While it is ideal for referees to write you a recommendation letter, some of them may be too busy to give proper time and attention, and thus, fail to do proper justice to the document. In such cases, some students have to draft the LOR for their recommenders. These drafts are then checked, finalised, and signed by the recommenders. Thus, if you are writing the LOR draft for the referees, here are some tips to keep in mind while writing:

  • The introduction should contain information about the recommender and how they know the applicant.
  • The LOR should highlight the academic and/or professional achievements of the candidate relevant to the course.
  • The candidate’s experience and supporting instances of the attributes discussed should be described briefly.
  • If the candidate was involved in any volunteer work, then this can be discussed.
  • The LOR will be impactful if it demonstrates different facets of the candidate's personality that are not covered in the resume or the SOP.
  • It should also contain an objective analysis of the applicant’s strengths.
  • The referee should be able to back up the quality of work, efforts and achievements with verifiable proof; each attribute should be supported with real-life examples.
  • The LOR should be on the official letterhead of the institution with its official stamp or seal and the recommender's original signature.
  • The LOR should not sound like a person singing hollow praises or writing lies.

LOR of PG Diploma: Requirement by Top Universities

Postgraduate diploma courses are mostly offered by top universities or colleges in countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany and Australia. Let us check out some general LOR guidelines for a few top universities in these countries:



Course: LOR Requirements


Boston University

Applied Business Analytics: 2 or 3 LORs

UC Berkeley Global

Corporate Finance: 2 LORs

University of Arizona

Systems Engineering: 3 academic or professional LORs


University of Winnipeg

Artificial Intelligence: 2 academic LORs

Thompson Rivers University

Business Administration: 1 academic or professional LOR

Royal Roads University

Education Leadership: 2 LORs (one professional)


Lancaster University

Data Science: 2 LORs (one academic)

University of Surrey

Physician Associate: 2 academic or professional LORs

Oxford Brookes University

Literature: 1 or 2 academic LORs

You can reach out to us for any queries or doubts by commenting below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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