Masters of Law (LLM) Colleges in Abroad: Courses & Fees

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Rahul Singha Study Abroad Expert
Updated on Jul 1, 2022 10:47 IST

Study Masters of Law (LLM): Pursuing a Master of Law (LLM) abroad allows candidates an opportunity to develop a range of skills and explore many aspects of human life. Graduates looking to study LLM are required to have completed their LLB and are advised to have a good understanding of the law to pursue further studies. Studying master of law (LLM) abroad would allow students a chance to sharpen their minds, strengthen their understanding and deepen their experience across a full range of humanities and social sciences. Law graduates acquire both breadth of understanding and depth in the areas that interest them the most.

Indian students who are planning to study abroad would be required to have an LLB degree to pursue LLM abroad. Once candidates have successfully graduated they would be able to find employment as LLM being a professional course is extremely sought after by major law firms who are always looking out to hire raw talent or budding lawyers.

Law Colleges Abroad


Cost of Studying Law

 Depends on your preferred country

Popular Specialization

 Legal studies, Law in Criminology, Administrative Law and Policy, Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, Corporate & Financial Law, Masters in Comparative Law


Bachelor's Degree + English Language Exam + LOR + SOP 

Pursuing LLM abroad has benefits such as learning about international legal processes and studying ethics and law enforcement abroad. The great rewards of a hard-earned degree is what studying LLM abroad can promise you today. Studying LLM abroad gives students the opportunity to be exposed to greater opportunities around the world, gain access to major universities or colleges, and study in an environment that enjoys a good student and teacher ratio. Students who choose to study abroad can further practice in the same country and settle down over time. Students studying LLM abroad have access to all of this and much more. 

Best LLM Colleges Abroad

In this section, we are going to be talking about the top universities and colleges for studying LLM Abroad. Candidates wanting to pursue an LLM abroad would want to know more about the top universities for pursuing Law. Given below is a list of the Best Colleges for LLM abroad for 2022.


QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022: Law & Legal Studies

Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2022 by subject: law

Harvard University
Cambridge, United States



University of Oxford
Oxford, United Kingdom



University of Cambridge
Cambridge, United Kingdom



Yale University
New Haven, United States



Stanford University
Stanford, United States



New York University (NYU)
New York City, United States



The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
London, United Kingdom



Columbia University
New York City, United States



University of California, Berkeley Campus (UCB)
Berkeley, United States



University of Chicago
Chicago, United States



LLM Specialization

LLM abroad is a great way to earn a specialization of your choice. LLM is a master's degree with a special focus on providing and training students in the field of legal studies by excelling in various subjects such as human rights, international law, environmental law, etc. Every university can allow LLM students abroad to choose between a variety of specializations.

Popular specializations in LLM abroad include:

Country-wise average fees for LLM Abroad

In this section, we have covered the cost o studying law abroad. 


Candidates wanting to study in Australia would be required to pay a total of INR 30 Lakhs for the first year. The average LLM Tuition fee is Rs. 27 Lakhs and the average living cost is INR 7.0 Lakhs a year in Australia.


Program Details

Tuition Fee (First Year)

The University of Melbourne

Master of Criminology

Rs 19.4 Lakhs

The University of Sydney

Juris Doctor

Rs 27.4 Lakhs

RMIT University

Master of Justice and Criminology

Rs 21.8 Lakhs

Curtin University - Australia

Master of Philosophy (Law)

Rs 20.0 Lakhs

Deakin University

Master of Laws

Rs 21.1 Lakhs


Candidates wanting to study in Canada would be required to pay a total of INR 35 Lakhs for the first year. The average LLM Tuition fee is Rs. 19.68 Lakhs and the average living cost is INR 6.0 Lakhs a year in Canada.


Programme Details

Tuition Fee (First Year)

University of Toronto

Master of Laws (LLM)

Rs 33.5 Lakhs

The University of British Columbia

LLM – Master of Law

Rs 16.4 Lakhs

University of Alberta

Master of Law

Rs 12.5 Lakhs

McGill University

Master of Laws (LLM)

Rs 25.0 Lakhs

York University

Professional LLM

Rs 25.9 Lakhs


Germany is one of the best study option destinations abroad due to the free educational programs they offer. LLM, a master's degree can be pursued free of charge with a small university fee of INR 8 lakhs for the first year. The average cost of living is INR 4.0 Lakhs per year in Germany.


Programme Details

Tuition Fee (First Year)

University of Hamburg

Masters in European and European Legal Studies

Rs 7.2 Lakhs

Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg


Rs 2.5 Lakhs

Dresden University of Technology

Master of Laws in International Studies in Intellectual Property Law (In German)

Rs 2.1 Lakhs

University of Augsburg

LLM in Intellectual Property and Competition Law (In German)

Rs 27.8 Lakhs

Universität Konstanz

LLM in Comparative Studies of German, European and Chinese Law (In German & English)

Rs 1.1 Lakhs


Candidates wanting to study in Ireland would be required to pay a total of INR 30 Lakhs for the first year. The average LLM Tuition fee is Rs. 20 Lakhs and the average cost of living in Ireland is around INR 4.75 lakhs per year.


Programme Details

Tuition Fee (First Year)

University College Dublin

MCL Common Law

Rs 16.8 Lakhs

Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law

Rs 17.6 Lakhs

National University of Ireland Galway

LLM (International & Comparative Business Law)

Rs 14.4 Lakhs

Griffith College

LLM in International Commercial Law

Rs 18.4 Lakhs

Dublin City University


Rs 12.7 Lakhs

LLM Abroad: Application Requirements

Since the application would be for pursuing LLM abroad, the requirements could vary depending on the university or college. We have provided general application requirements (but not limited to) for your LLM abroad application process.

 LLM Jobs and Career Opportunities

Candidates studying their LLM would be eager to know about the jobs and career opportunities. Here are a few career options after LLM abroad, a candidate can look to become a,

  1.     Compliance Director
  2.     Court Administrator
  3.     Federal Regulatory Agent
  4.     Legal Consultant
  5.     Private Investigator

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