MBA From India or Abroad: Which one is Better?


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MBA Colleges: India v/s Abroad

Master of Business Administration or MBA is a popular postgraduate degree pursued by students after completing the undergraduate degree in the related stream. It is ideal for students who wish to enhance their careers in top management positions in popular organizations. So many students are still confused about pursuing an MBA degree in India or Abroad. Going abroad for studying MBA is tough and a little expensive. So what to do? Which is the better choice India or Abroad? What is the cost of studying MBA Abroad? Many questions come to the mind of students. Here we will answer a few of them to help you select the best one.


GMAT and CAT are two exams required to get admission into an MBA program. GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is an entrance exam necessary for students who are aiming to study MBA from abroad universities. CAT or Common Admission Test is an entrance exam necessary for students who are aiming to study MBA from Business colleges in India. Both exams are standardized with a similar level of difficulty and have their pros and cons.

If we talk about the examination cost, then CAT is far cheaper as compared to the GMAT exam. Also, it opens up all the routes for Indian Universities while GMAT is acceptable only for the top schools in India. If you are looking to get into top B schools abroad, we suggest you pick the GMAT. It is costlier but opens up a more prominent option for you. You can apply for admission either at top MBA universities abroad or top MBA universities in India. In addition, if you are not aiming for the top universities, we suggest you read on.

MBA in India vs Abroad

Key Points

MBA in India

MBA Abroad

Program Duration

2 Years

1-2 Years

Study Type

Full Time

Full Time, Part Time, Online


Finance, Marketing, HR, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Supply Chain, Healthcare, etc.

Finance, Marketing, HR, Entrepreneurship, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Consulting, Information Systems, etc.



Theoretical and Practical both

Average Cost

Rs. 7-25 lakh

Rs. 20-75 lakh

Average Salary

Rs. 8-30 lakh

Rs. 25-70 lakh

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Top B-Schools Abroad vs Top B-Schools in India

Which are the best options B-Schools abroad or in India? The simple answer to the question is that you cannot compare them as they have their importance. While both sets of colleges offer excellent prospects, their admission process is varied and different. The most significant difference is in work experience. If you are looking to study the best management programs from abroad universities then you must have an excellent academic record and a great score, you also need to have relevant work experience. However, top universities in India do not require the same.

The difference is in the exposure offered by abroad universities is far better than that of Indian colleges. The study pattern and syllabus may be the same but the exposure is quite different. In the end, it depends on your choice and your budget. Most of the top Indian universities/colleges have exchange programs that allow you to get better opportunities abroad as well. If you wish to work in top management positions in globally famous organizations, then top universities abroad are the best choice to complete your management degree.

Other MBA Colleges in India vs Mid-level MBA Colleges Abroad

This is an entirely different assumption altogether and the answer is simple – if you can afford it, a mid-level university abroad is better than an MBA from a private institute in India. Simply put, the return on investment is better. Some abroad universities offer MBA programs at a much lower cost than expected. For instance, an MBA from Germany would cost you comparatively less and give you the added advantage of studying abroad. Similar is the case with many Western European nations. For instance, Estonia and other Baltic states offer you an MBA at almost the same cost. Perhaps a bit higher but the fact remains that you can find a place in the top university in Estonia. Similar is the case with many state universities in Germany.

Therefore, while deciding on whether or not to do an MBA is an important aspect, what is extremely important is to note that where to do your MBA is what would decide your future. Before applying for any of the exams, we urge you to look at the many universities abroad, compare them with what they offer against their Indian counterparts and, if you can, then aim for universities abroad.

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Q. Is it better to study MBA in India or abroad?

A. The answer to this question is depend on your budget, if you can afford MBA in Abroad then it is better than pursuing MBA in India. The return on investment of MBA universities abroad is better than that of MBA Colleges in India.

Q. Does a foreign MBA have value in India?

A. MBA graduates who have completed the MBA degree from top India's top B-schools get impressive job opportunities from top companies. The average package of MBA in India at IIMs and ISB will be around Rs. 19 lakhs. However, the international exposure you have gained while doing an MBA abroad will help you to negotiate the salary range here in India.

Q. Is it better to do MBA in India or UK?

A. It’s a good choice to study MBA in UK as compared with MBA in India. A student who has completed an MBA degree in the UK can earn up to Rs. 45 lakh per year, which is higher than that of India.

Q. Which country is better to study MBA program?

A. The United States, Canada, and France are the top three countries to study Masters in Business Administration program abroad. MBA graduates can earn an average of $100,000 per year.

Q. Is an Indian MBA valid in the UK?

A. Yes, an MBA degree from business schools in India is accepted worldwide. Acceptance depends on the criteria, whether you are applying for a job or further studies. Students have to make sure that a recognized university or school completes the degree.


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