SOP (Statement of Purpose) Format for MBA Programs

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Updated on Nov 28, 2022 16:53 IST

This format will help you prepare the initial draft for the SOP.

The general purpose of the MBA SOP is to indicate strong work experience, organisational ability, leadership skills, problem solving ability, analytical skills, team work and strong communication skills. So this document will have more technical information and work experience details. Some finer points can also be highlighted like – diligence, be result-oriented, work collaboratively, be a good planner, have focused execution skills and above all – a vision for the future. Always show impact and try and quantify it!

It will consist of your motivational story; education; projects: academic and professional (more important) - to show your expertise; why you want to pursue this course and why now; your short and long term goals (critical component of an MBA SOP); why this B-school/Univ, and lastly why you are a good fit for this B-school.

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Please follow the accepted SOP format given below.


Start the SOP with an anecdote (means an instance) on what inspired you to opt for MBA. Provide your source of motivation and whether there is a story or incident related to it. For this purpose, you have to think back to an important event in your life or other personal experiences that affected your academic or professional choices. Select an appropriate story which is relevant to the theme of your program.

Give a background of what all that you have learnt at college, and through projects till now show your proficiency in the subjects, and how it has motivated you to pursue advanced study.

Discuss your practical experiences (projects, research, seminars, conferences, publications, additional courses, workshops, industrial trainings, internships, etc)

Give details of all work experiences and/or internships you may have done.

The SOP should have details on why you want to pursue MBA and also why at this point in time? Write the names of any specialization of your interest (name them). What skills do you want to enhance through this program? What skills do you need?

How will this course help you to achieve your goals?

How does your background lead to a short term specific goal?? Means what you want to do just after completing MBA, what kind of a work profile? What kind of a company (name them)? What kind of work do you want to do? This can be industry jobs, research jobs or a combination of both. Also discuss what exactly you want to do in that job.

Specific long term goal? -- Leading from your short term goal, what do you want to do in the long term i.e. 10-15 years from now? where do you see yourself? How do you see yourself contributing to the industry or the world at large?  You have to be very specific.

Why this particular university? Some specific features of the university that suit your requirements. Add names of any faculty, clubs, activities, subjects in the curriculum/electives that you wish to pursue, and also the scope of these in enhancing your profile. For giving these details you need to visit the university and program website.

Write a paragraph about your extracurricular activities and volunteer work (optional). How have they helped you to evolve and whether you feel that based on your background you can contribute to any student organization/ program in the university?

Conclusion - End with 3-4 lines of conclusion to show your preparedness for the task at hand.

TRY TO MAKE THIS DRAFT WITH AROUND 800-1000 WORDS. strongly recommends that applicants use this format as a point of reference only.

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