Reasons for rejection of New Zealand Student Visa

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Apr 7, 2020 14:01 IST

New Zealand Student Visa Rejection - New Zealand is one of few preferred study abroad destinations that receive a large footfall of Indian students for the sole purpose of studying. However, students who wish to travel to New Zealand to study in one of their top universities are required to have with them a New Zealand Student Visa to be able to enter the country.

Students are required to apply for a student visa through the right channel and are required to provide visa issuing authorities with a number of documents that include your Statement of PurposeLetter of Recommendationadmission Essay and Student CV. Candidates who are confused about making the right choices can get in touch with our Shiksha study abroad counselors for the best solution. Students are also required to provide their English language proficiency test scores and university offer letters for the student visa. Candidates should be careful to see the university requirements and visa requirements and apply for their student visa. IELTS and TOEFL are common English language tests that candidates can opt for. After successfully applying for the student visa a lot of times the candidate may be denied the student visa due to reasons that are notified to him.

Candidates should not fret as every country has in its discretionary powers to either reject or grant visas. Candidates whose visa applications have been rejected should only take this as a hurdle and not the end of their application. As a visa refused does not mean the candidate cannot apply again. He should see where his faults lie with his visa application and apply again after the window period established by the New Zealand visa authorities. However, we are going to elucidate some of the common mistakes that are often the reason for a candidate's student visa being rejected and how to avoid them. These reasons include:

A lot of times mostly during the interview the authorities are given the impression that a candidate is only applying for a student visa as a disguise. His real motive includes starting to work or taking up employment in a foreign country illegally the moment he lands. This is a no-no for the authorities and your student visa is sure to get rejected. However, candidates are advised to present their best self during the interview. They should possess significant knowledge about the university they are planning to enroll in, the course structure and every other information that could be asked during the interview. He should also have significant information about the country he is planning to go to. This way the authorities would have confidence in the candidate and providing him the student visa should not be a problem.

Most universities abroad require students to provide proof of their English proficiency by appearing for one of the many competitive examinations available. They include IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. Candidates are required to check the English language proficiency requirement of their university and apply for the same. Authorities verifying your student visa application are very particular about your English language skills. Since the maximum of the communication, be it in the university or at the country level are done in English it is important that the student is comfortable with English. It would be a shame if the student is unable to keep up with fellow students in course curriculum and in view of this the student visa of candidates who are not proficient in English are often canceled.

As mentioned earlier during the student visa application process students are required to submit a number of documents.  Candidates should thoroughly check the official website of the New Zealand student visa page for all the documents the students are required to submit. Candidates should strictly provide all the documents mentioned and in-order. Students should be careful not to submit fraudulent documents as this would lead to the cancellation of his application.

The country has over the years witnessed a lot of students who travel to the country on a student visa and overstay their welcome. They exceed their stay period illegally and are often up to no good. This reflects a bad image of the new students who are entering the process. The repercussion includes the visa issuing authorities and the system as a whole have become much more stringent.

One of the major reasons for candidates to choose New Zealand is its favorable post-study period. This period allows students on a student visa to find employment and convert their student visa to an employment visa. This a very lucrative advantage and is favored by all. However, if the student visa issuing authority is under the impression that the candidate will not be able to fit into their workspace, provide international level work ethics and is not professionally sound in English the student visa is automatically denied as the candidate would not get maximum ROI out of it. Through the visa application process and the visa, interview candidates should be able to prove to the authorities that their sole purpose of entering the country is to study and be a rule-abiding person who would only be an asset to the country.

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