OET Preparation Plan for 4 weeks


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As you have one month or 4-weeks to the day of the Occupational English Test (OET) it is important that you plan your preparation accordingly. You got to understand that this is the most crucial period for your OET Preparation. Building a solid timetable is paramount for students who wish to study in an organized manner. Every timetable is going to be unique keeping in mind the study requirements of the student. While some students may prefer to tackle the tough subjects, in the beginning, others might want to keep the complex subjects closer to the exam day. Hence, the first rule of thumb is to prepare a robust time table in accordance with your study pattern. 

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Be honest to yourself

Candidates should be honest with themselves. 4-weeks is a limited period of time and mostly reserved for revision. Hence, candidates should not be delusional and feel that he can cover the entire syllabus in this limited time frame. Hence, candidates are advised to be honest and choose an OET exam date that is in tangent with their preparations. The student should note that it is important to prepare smartly and make the most of the 4 weeks that is available to him. 

Spot weak areas

Candidates wanting to do more in limited time should opt for smart study over hard work. Candidates should recognize their weak areas and put in the extra effort. Students should not overlook strong areas either. They should opt for a balanced study plan that allows students to focus on both their strong areas as well as weak subjects. Candidates can take a look at our preparation guidelines on our website for the same. Read: Exam day tips for OET

Books and Resources

A good way of preparing for the OET is by opting for the official Books and resources that are available on the official OET website. Candidates should only use material from reliable sources to study from the updated syllabus for the exam. Candidates who feel they need extra help should approach only certified OET Academic Tuition Centres, however, this should not be left for the last 4 weeks but included much before in the study plan. Read: Benefits of Coaching classes versus Self-study

Solve OET Practice Test Papers

A good way to end your 4-week preparation plan is by solving as many OET question papers as possible. Candidates looking to excel in their OET paper are required to solve as many OET Sample/ practice papers as possible. Candidates can check our website for the latest OET Sample Paper and also visit the official OET website for more. Still, got more doubts? Candidates can check out our FAQs for OET Exam 2020 page for more information. Got more questions, do write to us in the comments below. 

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