Part-Time Work Options in Italy

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part-time work options in italy

Since more and more students are heading to Italy to study for specialized programs in Italian universities, students look forward to gaining some work experience. Work experience in Italy is in the form of research, internships - paid or unpaid and on-campus University services. The most preferable among these is the paid internship, because it helps students in covering their study or living costs in Italy, plus gives them intended work experience.  

If the applicants are international students and are studying in Italy, they are eligible to work for up to 20 hours a week, but they must prove their identity through their residence permit. The average hourly pay for part-timers in Italy is €7, thus weekly earnings can go up to €140 and monthly, the international student can earn up to €560. Besides the skill shortage of occupations, there is a wide variety of part-time work options in Italy.  

Part-Time Work Options in Italy Highlights 

Total Part-time Hours Allowed 

20 hours per week 

University Services Working Hours 

200 hours allowed 

Highest Paid Part-time Jobs 

English Language Teaching  

Average Pay  

€7 per hour 

English Tutoring Average Pay 

€30 per hour 

Options for Master’s & PhD Students 

Research & Teaching Assistantships 

Average Monthly Earning 

€350 per month 

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Popular Part-Time Jobs in Italy for University Students 

A couple of part-time jobs are popular in Italy besides the skill shortage areas of occupations. International students who have an Italian language understanding or maybe the basics of the language can also think about opting for the following part-time work options in Italy: 

  • Students who are TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualified, can choose to tutor Italian-speaking children in the English language. This is a popular part-time job with good returns in Italy.
  • Students can work in restaurants, bars and even supermarkets if they have some Italian language basics. 
  • Working as a freelancer in writing, as a social media marketer, in web designing or in any other related profession can be a good option too. 
  • Since health professionals are in great demand, international students can also work part-time in hospitals to render their services and gain experience. 
  • A part-time tourist guide option can also be considered if the student has an interest in adventurous pursuits and knows about the area well. 
  • Also, a part-time ski or trekking instructor is also a fruitful option for international students to consider. 

Skill Shortage Areas in Italy 

In Italy, unlike other top countries in Europe, there is a skill shortage in certain areas of occupations. While there are also certain areas of skills and occupations which have brimming graduates. These occupations include - construction, tourism and manufacturing. Some of the skill shortage areas in Italy are as follows: 

  • Health Professionals  
  • ICT professionals 
  • Marketing, creative and design professionals 
  • STEM-related occupations 
  • Teaching professionals 

International students can target the above-given occupations as part of their part-time work options because they are popular and in high demand plus well paid. There are many other popular jobs that students can take up as part-time jobs, based on their skills and areas of interest. 

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Average Salary of Part-Time Work Options in Italy 

The average salaries in Italy vary for each of the part-time jobs that a student opts for. In some cases, the per-hour salary matters more than the monthly average and in some cases, its vice versa completely depends upon the work taken up. Following is a list of top part-time work options in Italy along with their average salaries: 

Top Part-time Work Options in Italy 

Average Pay 

Sales Advisor 

€1,100 per month 


€1 - €2 hourly

Package Handler 

€674 - €732 per month

White Collar Worker 

€666 - €719 per month


€13 - €14 hourly

Administrative Assistant 

€7 hourly 

Part-time Officer 

€9 hourly 

Customer Services 

€780 - €873 per month

Student Collaborator 

€13 - €15 hourly

Sales Clerk 

€43 - €47 per month

Delivery Guys 

€619 - €614 per month

Top Companies Offering Part-time Work Options in Italy 

There are various companies both Italy-based and MNCs which offer international students part-time work offer. Some of the top-rated companies along with the Italian Universities offering part-time work opportunities to international students are as follows: 

Top Companies Offering Part-time Work Options in Italy 




Nike H&M  Deloitte
Royal Enfield  Decathlon Piazza Italia 
Hugo Boss  University of Bologna  Tommy Hilfiger

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Where to Apply for Part-Time Work in Italy? 

International students looking for part-time jobs in Italy can first decide on their area of interest and then explore options to look for opportunities. If the student wishes to work within his/her University, can contact the respective officials and apply wherever necessary. However, those looking for opportunities besides University-related services can search for jobs online on job posting websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, AIESEC UK, or even IAESTE.  

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Part-time Work Options in Italy FAQs

Q. Can an applicant work over 20 hours on a part-time job in Italy?

A. No, an applicant cannot work beyond 20 hours of the designated part-time job in Italy while students are enrolled for a full-time course. However, if it's holidays at the University, students can stretch upto 40 hours at their part-time jobs. 

Q. Does student visa status matter while applying for a part-time job in Italy?

A. Yes, only if an international student is enrolled at an Italian University and is pursuing a full-time course, plus have a valid student visa, can apply for a part-time job in Italy.

Q. How much can an Italian company pay for a part-time job to an international student?

A. Based on the student’s skills and expertise, an Italian company can pay an intern upto €1,100 per month or maybe more than that also.

Q. What is TEFL and why is it a necessary requirement in Italy to offer tuition for English classes?

A. TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a mandatory qualification for an international student willing to offer English tuitions to Italian children. This qualification helps university students or people willing to teach English as not only a tutor but also authorise them to teach in schools or businesses which need English teachers as well. 

Q. Is it very difficult to look for a part-time job in Italy?

A. No, it's not difficult to look for a part-time job in Italy because there are a number of industries besides tourism and travel which can offer students an opportunity to work with them and gain some work experience. 

Q. Does the average salary vary with every city in Italy for part-time job roles?

A. There is no such rule that there may be a great difference in the average salary offered to part-timers in Italy. There are standard salaries offered and the average minimum cannot go less than €7 for an hour

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