Part Time Work Options in Sweden for Indian Students

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Mar 24, 2022 03:07 IST

Part Time Work Options in Sweden for Indian Students

If you are looking for quality education at an economical price, then surely you would have considered Sweden as your country of choice. With some of the oldest universities in the world ranked rather high for the many programs, a steady beam of start-ups in the IT sector and access to the European job market all add to the many positives of studying in Sweden.

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However, irrespective of the low exchange rate, the fact remains that the cost of studying and living is not that low. Furthermore, the many attractions of the country all add to the lure of that extra pocket money students wish to earn while studying. So what is it for Sweden? Can you work while you study? What are the rules pertaining to working while studying?

Let us start with the basic questions about permission to work while studying. The answer is simple…yes you can work and there are no limits to how many hours. A student may also take up full day jobs. The only condition, however, is, the student must spend a minimum of 40 hours a week on his studies.

Yes. You read that right. Often, many students take up evening lectures to work during the day and earn a little on the side. Also, universities and public libraries often list out many job openings in the area that international students can apply for. Students do not need a work permit to work during their course.

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So what kind of jobs are available for Indian students in Sweden? Well, not many! That is indeed a downside of studying in Sweden. The job markets are not that expansive. Furthermore, the language becomes a big barrier to finding good jobs and retaining them. Students with no Swedish Language Skills might find odd jobs at the local eateries for waiting tables, as a dog walker or a babysitter.

Some students might also find jobs at the many start-ups. With many IT-related start-ups in the country, students with good work experience in development might actually find some excellent internships which would add valuable experience to their resumes. These internships, however, do not pay (if at all)!

In honest opinion, students planning to Study in Sweden must remember that they would not be able to earn the living expenses in the country by means of part-time jobs. They are not absolutely absent but not all students would find them. Hence, you must keep in mind the cost of studying in Sweden and be ready to spend the money. The education would be worth the experience and the cost.

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