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We often come across aspirants who wish to pursue certain short-term courses in New Zealand, which could grant them permanent residency. However, no such courses in the entire international education system have yet been created to serve the dedicated purpose. The main reason behind this is the requirement of two different kinds of VISAs serving two different purposes, viz. Study Visa and Work Visa.

Study VISA: When an aspirant applies for a study permit in their visa, the approved visa is valid for the duration of the course they have applied to study. It does not allow you the time to find a job in the same country. A different visa is needed to work in a foreign land.

Work VISA: This kind of visa is approved on the basis of the visitor’s intent of visiting abroad for work or occupational purposes. In this case, the kind of visa approved is a work visa, which is also valid up to a certain time, depending upon your requirements.

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Permanent Residency Courses in New Zealand

Aspirants may encounter certain courses that promise them permanent residency in New Zealand or in the rest of the globe. It is important for them to note that no courses are designed to provide a residency option that would continue after the course ends. The tenure of your residency is as long as the course is. The best course to study in New Zealand for PR depends upon the applicant's areas of interest.

Nevertheless, there are always options to explore which courses are eligible for PR in New Zealand, by checking which courses promise you a job offer in the specialised sector of your choice. After the completion of that course, you may stay back in the country for some industrial exposure, which may later help you acquire a full-time regular job in New Zealand. In this case, you would need to apply for a Post-Study Work Visa, as a study visa cannot be extended more than the course duration.

How to apply for Courses offering Permanent Residency in New Zealand?

  1. The first step would be choosing the domain you wish to study and checking out the industrial options for getting trained there.
  2. The next step involves visa application to New Zealand, which includes Student Visa followed by Post-Study Work Visa.

Post-Study Work Visas

To attain a work visa post studies in New Zealand, first, you need to understand the different kinds of Post-Study Work Visas:

Post-Study Work Visa (Open):

This is the basic kind of visa you would need to stay in New Zealand until you find a job in your relevant sector after your studies are complete. The visa is valid for up to 1 year (12 months) after your study visa. Meanwhile, you may get employed part-time with any unrelated industry to support your living expenses. As soon as you receive the employment/offer letter from the industry you aspire to join, you may apply for an Employer Assisted Post-Study Work Visa.

Post-Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted):

This visa implies particular employment from a particular organization, which further allows you to gain work experience for the coming two years. For this, you need to have an Open Post-Study Work Visa. Please ensure that you apply for this visa within a span of three months from the end date of your study visa. In the case of a doctoral degree, the time duration is of six months for the same.

Skilled Migrant Visa in New Zealand for PR

Once you have received the employer-assisted post-study work visa, you may apply for Permanent Residency in New Zealand under the Skilled Migrant Category. There are ample opportunities for professionals from all around the world, whether undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, or doctorates that too irrespective of the place of education, whether from New Zealand or any part of the world. On the other hand, the chances of attaining a Skilled Migrant Permanent Residency in New Zealand improve if the nature of your profession, needs regular skill updating.

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Please note, whether you apply for a student visa, employment visa, or even a post-study work visa, you are required to clear the health and character tests/checks. Also, note that the eligibility for a visa is counted using a Point System, which constitutes elements like the applicant’s age, professional experience, academic qualification, and last but not the least, the job offer from an industry of skilled employment.

PR Points Calculation in New Zealand for Skilled Migrants

There are five broad areas that are marked based on the skilled migrant's details applying for a PR in New Zealand. Applicants have to have a minimum score of 100 in order to be eligible for getting a PR in New Zealand. These areas of marking are as follows:

Areas of Marking PR Points Awarded
Under 20 years 0 points
Between 20 - 39 years 30 points
Between 40 - 44 years 20 points
Between 45 - 49 years 10 points
Between 50 - 55 years 05 points
Skilled Employment
If skilled employment in New Zealand 50 points
If working in an area of absolute skill shortage  10 points
If working outside Auckland 30 points
Those who will have to pay a high threshold remuneration 20 points
Between Levels 3 to 6  40 points
Levels 7 or 8  50 points
Levels 9 or 10 70 points
NZ PG qualification of 2 years or more 15 points
NZ PG qualification of 1 year 10 points
NZ UG qualification of 2 years or more 10 points
Recognized Level 4 - 8 qualification completed before July 2011 05 points
Any recognized qualification started before 25 July 2011 05 points
Work Experience Level
10 years or more 50 points
8 years 40 points
6 years 30 points
4 years 20 points
2 years 10 points
At least 1 year of work experience in New Zealand 10 points
Applicant's partner is working within skilled employment or has been offered skilled employment in New Zealand 20 points
Partner's qualification falling within Levels 7 and 8 10 points
Partner's qualification falling within Levels 9 and 10 20 points

You might want to consult our professional counsellors. With their professional experience and guidance, you can explore a list of acclaimed New Zealand universities that offer certain courses which may help you get a PR in New Zealand.

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