Popular Job Sectors in France: Top Job Roles & Average Salaries

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Popular Job Sectors in France

France ranks seventh in the world in terms of national income and houses some of the top names in the Fortune 500 lists. Of those too, names like AXA, BNP Paribas, Airbus, Saint Gobain, Michelin, and L’Oréal are household names. Management sector as well as the hospitality industry stands promising for new graduates. When you add the extended post study work permits for Indian Students in France, the prospects of French Education has certainly improved in desirability. However, all economies have some primary sectors that attract maximum employment. This article sheds light on these popular job sectors and which courses hold better prospects for International Students.

France is one of the largest economies under the European Union (EU), so, average salaries in France are amongst the highest in the EU. Apart from this, most of the employees in France are part of the unions which protects their rights. According to Eurostat, France ranked seventh EU economy in terms of average salaries and comes just behind Belgium and Germany. In the last few years, the French economy has seen an upward trend in salaries. It is 1.2% for managers and 1.1% for other employees.

It is the third largest economy in Europe and the seventh largest worldwide. The rate of employment may have improved towards the end of 2019, but still 8.1% of the population is out of work. Mismatch of companies' needs and the skills available in the workforce is one of the major reasons for this situation. In particular, the information technology (IT), health and engineering sectors are experiencing a shortage of qualified workers to fill vacancies, whereas there is surplus labour available for the agricultural, manufacturing and mining sectors.

If you got the required skills and necessary qualifications that employers are looking for then finding a job in France is not that difficult with thousands of positions lying vacant. The following table shows a list of top job roles in France along with their average salaries:

Top Job Roles 

Average Salaries 









Allied Healthcare Professional 


Financial Analyst 


Computer Science & IT Professionals 


Research Scientist 






Before we move further, a word of advice. France primarily is a French Speaking country. Though many Universities are offering courses in English and the multinationals require English speaking professionals, learning the native language is always advisable. Be it part time jobs in France or full-time employment, knowing the language would always add immense value to your resume. So, whenever you think of France, then you should also consider learning the language to further augment your chances of getting a suitable job.

Popular Job Sectors in France

The following job sectors in France that are among the top tier in terms of both salary and growth: 

1. Engineering – Aerospace, Automobile, Mechanical, Metallurgy

France is an industrial nation and world leader in Aerospace (read Airbus), Automotive and Metallurgy. The recovering economy saw a spurt of jobs in the above-mentioned sector with a strong demand for professionals. With major players continuing to spend thousands of euro is relevant to research, the country keeps inviting talent from across the world.

Higher education in Engineering hence continues to be attractive options. Pure sciences (Masters in Physics/ Chemistry/ etc.) are also good options with a promise in a job in various R&D divisions of the top companies headquartered in the country.

2. Management – Consulting, Marketing and Service Sector

There is a strong demand for management professionals in the country. Be it business consulting or marketing professionals across the various sectors, the demand for professionals is steadily rising and is expected to reach the peak by 2025. An ageing population, strong multinationals all add up to the demand of management professionals. More so, the Consulting business also steadily requires Management professionals.

3. Energy Management

This has been separated from the rest for a specific reason – Energy is big in France. As one of the few countries which live on Nuclear energy for its domestic needs and the second-largest country for Energy Export, the Energy sector in France is in constant need for fresh talent and resource. As such, the sector continues to require engineers, scientist and even management consultants to handle its burgeoning industry and supply. For this domain, specialized courses are preferred and from Electrical Engineer to Nuclear Physicists and even Energy Management Consultants…all are in high demand and would continue to have a steady market in the years to come as well.

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4. Tourism/ Hospitality and Luxury

France is the travel destination of the world. Paris continues to be the most visited tourist destination. Paris is ranked as the most elegant city in the world. With at least 79 million foreign tourists per year, France is the most visited destination in the world and generates the third largest income from tourism globally. Furthermore, the country is synonymous with a completely different sector – the sector of Luxury goods. Be it fashion jewellery, fancy perfumes or even toiletries, the French have a way of adding luxury to the mundane. The sector continues to defy the odds of recession and continue on a steady trajectory of growth, making it one of the few sectors which are always in demand for fresh talent. If it inspires you, excites you and you can talk the talk, you are sure to find a job in the country.

Courses like Hospitality, Fashion, and Gourmet as well as Luxury Management are all in high demand and would help you find suitable employment.

5. Teaching Jobs

Demand for English teachers is quite high in France, as the country engages with the English-speaking jobs market. One can seek for a teaching job in private as well as state schools, language colleges, town halls, universities or within a company, teaching business English to its employees. Even if you are in a job where you are required to speak English, such as teaching English as a foreign language, you will still need to learn the native language .i.e. French.

The official French proficiency certificates, DELF and DALF, are awarded by the French Ministry of Education and you may be required to take them to prove your ability to a required standard.

So, if you want to Study in France, then there is a wide array of subjects you can choose from.

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For Masters in Finance which is the best country I studied France is the best one is this true?

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Kushal Vaykole

2 years ago

for operation managment and supply chain managment which country is better France or UK

Reply to Kushal Vaykole


Gopi Pacha

3 years ago

I have 63% in my engineering now i am working in sales field and i am interested to do management cources and i have aroiund 15 backlogs in my ngineering.can i go for france for managent

Reply to Gopi Pacha

Swameeka Medhi

3 years ago

Hi Gopi, number of backlogs do affect admission chances but the criteria differs from university to university. Apply to different universities, prepare a good application package, strong SOP, LOR etc. Take the IELTS or TOEFL as well. Some universities also might require GRE or the GMAT.

4 years ago

hlo,,i got 65% in my graduation,can i apply for france?

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Kiran Kumar

6 years ago

Is France better than Germany for the students who pursue masters in mechanical engineering?

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Kanika Khurana

6 years ago

Hi Kiran,
Between France and Germany, Germany is better option. France is better than Germany for Management.

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