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Updated on Jan 14, 2020 11:09 IST

Disclaimer: The following conversation transpired in April 2018.

In conversation with Verena Lohner – International Student Recruiter and Michaela Krieger – Program Advisor, Master's in International Business, Munich Business School, Germany; Shiksha.com discussed the prospects of pursuing Masters in International Business or MBA International Management program from Munich Business School, Germany. The faculty members of the college spoke at length about the college ranking and accreditation, the admission process, eligibility criteria, course and fee structure and job opportunities post-program completion were discussed with the candidates in the session.

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The excerpts of the conversation are as follows.

Q. Why Munich Business School?

A. Munich Business School (MBS) is a private university of applied sciences and one of the best business schools in Germany. The school provides students with an array of courses for them to choose from.

Q. What is the admission intake every year?

A. The college offers 90 spots and divides the students into three groups over one intake per year. Indian students are encouraged to apply by May at the latest. The student visa process can take several months. Both programs start in September and candidates are eligible to apply up to one year in advance.

Q. What are the eligibility requirements for popular courses at Munich Business School, Germany?

A. There are two very popular courses, i.e. Master of Arts in International Business (MIB) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) General Management enjoyed by students studying at Munich Business School. More details on the same can be found below.

Pursuing MIB from Munich Business School, Germany

Master of Arts in International Business is a very demanding full-time program and students need a bachelor degree (Distance Learning Degrees are accepted) from an accredited university, a good GPA, TOEFL scores (90 and above) or IELTS scores (6.5 and above) to be eligible for this program. The Master of Arts in International Business has a tuition fee of 24,000 Euros paid over three installments. The duration for the entire course is set at 18 months.

The PRE-Master program is for 6,500 Euros and includes a total of three extra months to undertake this course. Candidates are required to provide either IELTS or TOEFL scores as part of admission criteria but GMAT is not compulsory. Candidates do not require to possess any work experience to apply for this course. Candidates opting for this course usually opt to work part-time for a maximum of 10hrs/week due to the challenging program and can expect to be earning 450 Euros for the same. Candidates are advised to know the German language to further their chances of getting part-time work.

Pursuing MBA from Munich Business School, Germany

For the MBA program, students need a bachelor's degree from an accredited university, a good GPA, TOEFL scores (90 and above) or IELTS scores (6.5 and above) and two years of work experience after their graduation. There is no maximum age for the MBA, the average age at the moment is 29 and which includes two years of work experience as a compulsory requirement for the MBA program. The tuition fee for the MBA International Management is 28,500 Euros for the full program payable over three installments and is for a total duration of 15 months. Students require either a GMAT score (600 and above) or GRE scores as part of the eligibility requirements.

Q. What is the application process for students looking to apply to the popular courses at Munich Business School?

A. Students possessing the necessary academic business background are encouraged to apply. Students are advised to send their transcripts and CV by email for a pre-check on mba@munich-business-school.de / master@munich-business-school.de. Students are advised to apply by May and application form can be found online on the official website of Munich Business School.

Q. What is the living cost in Germany?

A. Living expenses are 1,350 Euros minimum per month. Once students are accepted to the Munich Business School they would receive an off-campus housing guide which includes information about private student dorms and shared apartments etc.

Q. Does Munich Business School provide financial aid or assist with education loans to international students?

A. Munich Business School offers partial scholarships to outstanding candidates which includes up to 20% for MA and up to 25% for an MBA. As per law, non-European Union (EU) students do not get loans in the EU, unfortunately. So the college is unable to assist students with any sort of education loan.

Q. What is the stay back period for international students pursuing their education in Munich Business School?

A. Non-EU students are allowed to stay in Germany for 18 months after graduation to look for a job.

Q. What are the placements opportunities for international students after graduating from Munich Business School?

A. Munich Business School offers students networking and recruiting events to benefit from. The school does provide application training and job lists and also hosts career events in school for students to network early with company officials. Munich Business School is also equipped with a career center. The concept of placement does not exist in Germany. Students are required to undertake internships and apply to companies. Former students graduating from Munich Business School mainly work in consulting, automotive, banking, logistics, Media/Entertainment industries to name a few. The salary ranges from 40,000 to more than 80,000 EUR.

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