Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) for MS in Biotechnology

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This Sample has been prepared from actual essays submitted to Universities abroad for the course of Biotechnology. Names and instances have been modified to suit the intent of this content. Shiksha strongly recommend that you refer to this document only as a Sample Statement of Purpose and do not copy any part of this in your essay.

Statement of Purpose


The subject of Biology intrigued me the day it was introduced as a part of our curriculum in middle school. The living things, human body, animals, plants and of course the microorganisms captured my imagination and motivated me to study about them in depth. The practical application of theoretical concepts like pollen germination, identification of common disease causing organisms like Ascaris, Entamoeba, through permanent slides or specimens, etc. were the ones I enjoyed the most.


I stood amongst the top three scorers in our branch for three consecutive years. In my final year, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) and National Science and Technology Development Board (NSTEDB), New Delhi sponsored my project titled, ‘Design and Fabrication of Solid State Fermenter for the Production of Value Added Product’. In this project, I, along with my project partners, designed our own solid-state bioreactor for the production of protease. Liquid fermentation is a wide area of research but solid-state fermentation needs attention and many new technologies to scale up the process need to be developed. This challenge motivated me to design our own solid-state fermenter, which today is used by our department for the students.


During my third year of engineering, I pursued my training at Institute of Biotechnology, Hyderabad on ‘Mammalian Cell Culture and Protein Purification’. I also took part in various paper and poster presentations like, ‘Recent Advances in Food & Fermentation Technology’ by UICT, North Maharashtra University; ‘Biotechnology Advances’ by SSBT COET Bambhori and ‘Entrepreneurship Development Camp’ organized by Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC). I have also attended a 3-day workshop on Fermentation Technology, organized by SSBT COET, Jalgaon. Watching the innovative inventions in the field of food technology captivated my mind and made me love my chosen career path even more. After completing my under graduation, I underwent a six-month internship program in Bangalore Biotech Labs Pvt. Ltd., which is a biopharmaceutical company, known for the production of MABs, vaccines, insulin, plasma, API and enzymes and also manufacturing and marketing of industrial fermenters. I was selected for this internship program through an all India exam conducted by Biotech Consortium India Ltd., New Delhi. In this, I received hands on experience on cleaning and sterilization of 40 L fermenter, animal cell culture, downstream processing and microbial fermentation. The Govt. of India also provided me with a stipend of INR 10,000/- ($161.29) per month.


As an undergraduate in Biotechnology Engineering, I look forward to refine my knowledge and skills in my areas of interest through graduate study, which will provide me a platform to engage in intensive and innovative research and development in India, in future. I believe, my M.S study will serve to give direction to my goal of a career as a food scientist/technologist at a commercial organization. Looking at the rate at which world population is growing and challenges being faced in storage and food processing specially in India, in spite of excellent food production in agriculture, I want to work upon different food processes and try to make them more efficient and economic. India has a great potential for food production in different sectors, however, due to insufficient infrastructure for storage capacity and transportation facilities from farm to end user, high percentage of the produce is lost due to spoilage. I firmly believe that efficient and rapid processing technologies will greatly reduce these losses and make efficient use of the produce to feed the hungry millions.

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I, therefore, want to acquaint myself with various technologies in the food processing industries and widen my knowledge base by pursuing MS in your esteemed college. The research interest of Research Associate Professor ABC in the Food Safety Microbiology and Evaluation of Interventions for the Reduction of Pathogens in Various Foods has increased my curiosity and thus, tempted me to choose this University for my further studies. The outstanding research facilities at your institute combined with the relish of learning from excellent research professionals like Dr. ABC, has bewitched me to join this institution. With my theoretical knowledge, practical skills coupled with my dedication and sincerity for achieving my targets, I am well equipped to meet your expectations. I am confident that, if admitted, I would surely satisfy your expectations and fulfill my ambition.

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