Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) for MS in Business Analytics

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Submitting a Statement of Purpose or SOP is a crucial part of your admission process. It is as important as your transcripts and financial documents. Through an SOP, the admissions committee can discern your complete profile, and know you better as a person. An SOP is especially useful if you have life achievements or any gap year to explain as these things are not covered in LORs or Resumes. Depending on the programme and course, you can include a variety of points in your SOP. Check out these programme-specific SOP samples:

An SOP for a Master’s degree in Business Analytics (MS-BA) should highlight similar aspects of a person, as given in an MBA SOP, namely, analytical skills, leadership ability, team skills, and ability to take initiatives should be discussed. A brief history of your academic and professional background should be covered, along with the most important part of an SOP, which is future goals, and how and why this course will help you to achieve them. You can gain more clarity by referring to the sample given below

NOTE: This sample SOP for MS in Business Analytics was submitted at a reputed university in USA. The content has been published after suitable modifications. strictly advises students against copying the content.

Sample SOP for MS in Business Analytics

(**Write an introductory paragraph on what motivated you to pursue this stream/course**) This experience led me to pursue this field as a career choice.

Though I have been working in client management and business development, and I already have a Master’s degree in Business Administration (with a major in marketing), at all steps of my career, I have found my Bachelor’s in IT come out to assist my success on the professional front. The analytical thought process, cultivated over the four years of my under-graduation has been instrumental in only my academic success but also in my professional achievements. More so, the logical thinking methodology, analytical reasoning, and decision making have ensured that I create a niche for myself. It has definitely given me an edge and also brought to light the fact that, in a business, what matters is not how well you can sell it, but rather, how well can you analyse the various parameters, and find a way to sell it.

(**Write a paragraph about your professional experience, mentioning where you worked, in what role/s you were employed, and what you learnt from the same**).

Working in multi-dimensional geographies of South East Asia and the Americas, I have come to also understand that it is not a domestic phenomenon, but rather, a global determinant, and hence, I have decided to pursue a Master’s in Business Analytics. Moving forth, I now wish to transition into the role of a Strategist, and I believe that in order to be able to effectively utilize my skills and find a position in the top management of a leading multi-national, I must further incorporate into my training, the effective understanding of business analytics. My education and experience have so far introduced me to the various possibilities, tools and methods, but to be at the top job, I must master the same, and embellish my skill set further (**Mention specific skills you hope to gain from this course**).

My under-graduation and post-graduation, followed by extensive career exposure, working with multiple clients, has helped me to assess and understand my own strengths. Throughout the same, I have come to appreciate business analytics as to the backbone of success for any business. In future, I envision myself finding a position within the same sphere of decision-makers, who determine the tide of businesses across the globe. (**Write your short term and long term career goals in detail – this is the most important part of an SOP**).

In order to achieve the same, I must now add to my foundational knowledge the understanding of a global economy and the various influencers and also hone my intellect by finer and more complex techniques of business analytics. The Master’s in Business Analytics program at XYZ University, City, State, is best suited for me for a host of reasons. (**Discuss the core curriculum, specific faculty members, and other facilities that interest you at this university**). Interacting with a diverse set, I would not merely learn about business analytics, but also get the opportunity to practice it in a live scenario, to prepare me for my career goals.

In time to come, Business Analytics would see a marked rise in professionals from every stream, with a variety of experience delving into the pure science of analytics and relating their respective experience in the sector. This course offers me a comprehensive platform that would help me review my learning of the years gone by, teach me the winning techniques and also help me develop a holistic perspective of businesses. With more diversity and a wider perspective, the sector would invite tenured and seasoned professionals, to look at the way they conduct businesses in the changing scenario.  And when that happens, I wish to be ready for the challenge

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