Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships Programme- UG

Awarded by : Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

Updated on Apr 22, 2022
Amrita Kaur

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Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships Programme- UG

  • Applicable for

    Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin in Ireland

  • Max scholarship per student

    Rs 8,44,900/-

  • No. of students to be awarded


  • Course Level

    Bachelors & Masters

  • Intake year

    Sep 2022

  • Type of scholarships


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Scholarship Overview

  • Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships Programme are awarded to high calibre students from non-EEA countries to study in Ireland for a period of one year. 

Applicable course, university and country

This scholarship is applicable for Masters Degree, Bachelors Degree, Masters Diploma, Bachelors Diploma, Masters Certificate

This scholarship is applicable for the following courses in Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin in Ireland

Scholarship amount details

Max scholarship per student: Euro 10,000 => Rs 8,44,900

Conversion rate used: 1 Euro = Rs. 83.37 (last updated 8th June 2022)

Scholarship amount will be given: One Time

Scholarship amount can be used for

Type of Expense Indicates if scholarship can be used for this type of expense
Tuition & Fees ×Not covered in scholarship
Living Expense Scholarship amount can be used for this
Accommodation ×Not covered in scholarship
Air Fare/Travel Expenses ×Not covered in scholarship
Spouse/Child Care ×Not covered in scholarship
Health Cover ×Not covered in scholarship
Application ×Not covered in scholarship
Others Scholarship amount can be used for this

  • The HEA will award a scholarship fund to the student amounting to €10,000 for one study year. This fund is directed at supporting student costs and living expenses
  • Trinity would provide a full tuition fee waiver to successful students for the specified scholarship year (i.e. tuition fee and registration charge are waived).

Student Awards

Number of students to be awarded: 60

 Total of 60 scholarships will be funded by the Government of Ireland International Education

Scholarship Eligibility

No specific eligibility requirement mentioned on the Scholarship site, student profile will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Special Restrictions

  • No Special Restriction applicable


  • Applicants are required to be in possession of a conditional or final offer for admission to Trinity at the time of application for the scholarship and will be required to submit a copy of the same.
  • Possess excellence (academically, personally, professionally, creatively);
  • Excellent communication skills; 
  • Extra curriculum activities (for example: humanitarian work; politicslocal, national, international; arts; sports);
  • Possess strong rationale for pursuing their study in Ireland that indicates how a GOI-IES fits into their longer-term goals.
  • The scholarship may be for:
  • the final year of an undergraduate programme;
  • one year of a taught masters degree programme or;
  • one year of a research programme (i.e. one year of a 2-year research masters or a 3-4 year PhD programme).

Eligible student nationality

This scholarship is applicable for students from India +189 more

Application Process for this scholarship

  • Application process- The application should be submitted via this link.
  • Successful Scholars are to commence studies in September/October 2022. Late enrolments will only be considered in relation to PhD awardees.

The applications must cover the following, as requested in the online application tool: 

  • Academic qualifications, achievements and/or work experience (40 marks)
  • Personal Statement (refer to the Candidate profile). Applicants will be required to demonstrate: o the benefit of becoming a GOI-IES Scholar; to themselves (personally and professionally), to Ireland, as well as their country of origin. (15 marks); o how they will extend themselves beyond their project/studies to become actively involved in Irish society in order to maximize their academic/cultural exchange experience and to raise awareness of the GOI-IES scheme in Ireland and beyond (15 marks); o the extent to which they have a long-term interest in Ireland and how they will promote links with Ireland during their time as Scholars and also after as Alumni (15 marks). 
  • Two references uploaded via the online application portal (please note that the HEA is not able to accept references submitted via email or other sources outside of the online application portal) (15 marks)
  • Scholarship application form
  • Copy of offer letter 

Scholarship Application

This scholarship needs a separate external application.

Important Dates

Date Additional Details
Application final end date Not Available
  • Applications are closed now 

Please note that these dates could be in local country times and may not be IST (Indian standard time).

Additional Information

Assessment process:

  • The top twelve ranked applications will be automatically funded on the basis of excellence, as they represent the top 20% of the 60 awards to be funded. 
  • In addition to the ranked position of the applications, the remaining 48 awards will be allocated with consideration to: 
  • Institutional (university, technological university, institute of technology etc.), field of study, level of study and geographical spread; 
  • potential social/development benefit that might accrue to the country of origin in areas like education, social work, health promotion, and infrastructural development; 
  • the under-representation of women and men in certain disciplines in which they are traditionally under-represented. 
  • Only applications that meet a minimum threshold can be considered for the awarding of a scholarship (60 of 100 marks).

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