Vic Di Criscio Scholarship

Awarded by : Vic Di Criscio

Updated on Nov 22, 2022
Akanksha Sharma

University Research Analyst

Vic Di Criscio Scholarship

  • Applicable for

    All universities in USA

  • Max scholarship per student

    Rs 82,460/-

  • No. of students to be awarded


  • Course Level


  • Intake year

    Sep 2022

  • Final application deadline

    15 Mar 2022

  • Type of scholarships


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Scholarship Overview

  • Vic Di Criscio has come with the idea of providing monetary aid to underprivileged students in the form of an annual scholarship
  • Made incredible gains as a pioneer of web design in the 2000s and has since worked tirelessly to invest in promising businesses and also promising people
  • He has expended a great deal of effort to form the Vic Di Criscio Scholarship and also build a committee of experts who find a pool of the most talented and driven candidates and also then put them through a rigorous selection process to find the most deserving candidate

Applicable course, university and country

This scholarship is applicable for Bachelors Degree

This scholarship is applicable for all universities in USA

  • This scholarship is applicable to UG programs in the USA

Scholarship amount details

Max scholarship per student: USD 1,000 => Rs 82,460

Conversion rate used: 1 USD = Rs. 82.69 (last updated 16th March 2023)

Scholarship amount will be given: One Time

Scholarship amount can be used for

Type of Expense Indicates if scholarship can be used for this type of expense
Tuition & Fees ×Not covered in scholarship
Living Expense ×Not covered in scholarship
Accommodation ×Not covered in scholarship
Air Fare/Travel Expenses ×Not covered in scholarship
Spouse/Child Care ×Not covered in scholarship
Health Cover ×Not covered in scholarship
Application ×Not covered in scholarship
Others ×Not covered in scholarship

  • It is one-time reward money of $1,000

Student Awards

Number of students to be awarded: Varies

Scholarship Eligibility

No specific eligibility requirement mentioned on the Scholarship site, student profile will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Special Restrictions

  • No Special Restriction applicable


An applicant has to meet the following eligibility requirements to qualify for the selection of the winner of the Vic Di Criscio Scholarship 2022:

  • A senior student at high school can apply for this scholarship. He or she should be studying in a recognized and also affiliated college or university
  • A sophomore or someone junior or even freshman can apply. For the Scholarship provided he or she is registered with an accredited university or college

Preference will be given to following candidates:

  • The Vic Di Criscio Scholarship is 100% merit-based, awarded to students who have a bright future but are in need of financial assistance
  • The Scholarship will be given to the most deserving applicant. In terms of parameters like academic track record and also the originality and quality of the essay submitted

Eligible student nationality

This scholarship is applicable for students from India +239 more

Application Process for this scholarship

  • This scholarship requires students to write an original essay on the topic ‘Choose your favorite brand and analyze its marketing and communications strategy.’

Application process:

  • Students need to submit the essay along with their Scholarship application via an official email at
  • Please furnish accurate information and also fill in the following with the relevant details:
    • First Name/Last Name
    • Contact Number
    • Mailing Address
    • Email Address
    • In the event an applicant is still very much in high school, he may kindly provide precise information:
    • Date of Graduation
    • The university/college he has applied to or wishes to apply to, or is by now a student
    • In case the applicant is a freshman/sophomore/junior, kindly provide the following mandatory information
    • The accredited institute or university or college the applicant is at present enrolled
    • Applicant's Current GPA

Scholarship Application

This scholarship needs a separate external application.

Important Dates

Date Additional Details
Application final end date March 15, 2022 Not Available
Winner Notification March 31, 2022
  • Winner Announcement Date – 31st-Mar-2022

Please note that these dates could be in local country times and may not be IST (Indian standard time).

Contact email

Additional Information

  • The winner of the Scholarship will be chosen on parameters like performance and also merit
  • He or she will be intimated via a formal email from the office of Vic Di Criscio
  • Upon receipt of confirmation from the applicant, all assets will accordingly be transferred to the winner’s legal or official bank account
  • The winner may then use the scholarship amount with complete freedom and without any worries of returning the amount

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