Reasons for Rejection of Singapore Student Visa

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Apr 7, 2020 11:01 IST

Singapore Student Visa Rejection – one of the major study abroad countries, Singapore records a large number of Indian students visiting the country for the sole purpose of education. Students wanting to study in the top universities in Singapore and who have acquired admission into the same are required to have with them a student pass or a Singapore Student Visa to be legally allowed to enter into the country. A lot of times, the Student Visa Application of the candidates are rejected due to reasons known to the visa official and the candidate. However, during such times the student should not be discouraged as a visa refused does not mean the end of the road for the student. Candidates can apply for multiple times for a student visa. However, students are required to understand the reason for the rejection and avoid similar mistakes in their subsequent student visa trials.

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Refusing a student visa is a discretionary power that solely belongs to the authorities of the country. A lot of times due to the common errors in the application process of the candidate or during the visa interview, the officials feel the student is not up to the mark and reject the student visa. Today we are going to identify those mistakes and tackle the problem of Student Visas, once and for all.

Applying for a Singapore Student Visa is a lengthy task and requires candidates to get a lot of documents in place. It is imperative for candidates to bring all the documents required by the official for the successful processing of the candidate's students visa. Candidates can check the official website to get the list of documents mandatory during the visa application process. Candidates should be careful to submit the documents in order and not provide any counterfeit information. Candidates are required to have with them supporting documents such as a Statement of PurposeLetter of Recommendationadmission Essay and Student CV. Candidates who are confused about making the right choices can get in touch with our Shiksha study abroad counselors for the best solution.

It is important for candidates to meet the country educational and lifestyle standards to be able to comfortably fit in. Candidates are required to have proficiency in the English language and are often required to take the English language proficiency test to prove the same. IELTS and TOEFL are common English language tests that candidates can opt for.

Along with necessary education backgrounds, the candidate should also be financially stable. The student should be able to prove that he has the required funds to sustain himself for his entire stay in the foreign land. If not there are high chances of the student visa being canceled. Hence, it is important for candidates to show the requisite funds in their accounts.

The student visa application form is important and equally important is the student Visa interview that is conducted between the students and the authorities. It is important for the candidate to exude confidence that he would be an asset to the country he is visiting and his sole purpose of the visit is education. He should have studied about the university he is applying to, he should thoroughly know about the courses and above all about the country he is planning to visit. The authorities in no way should get the impression that the candidate is only visiting for purposes other than studying.

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